The ball the ball is round, it is played by means of flat or edge...

"A shy boy plays table football all day long. Until when he shall see the wood players magically take life. They help him save his old village and beliefs from the evolution of playstation-like football".
#A film by Juan José Campanella
Playing table football was one of the favourite pastimes by a whole generation of kids ––say during '60s-'70s. Ten balls for every match, usually two versus two boys or girls, at the gaming room or at the bar (saloon). The little figures of the teams were appearing all identical, all blue one team all red another. The player could score by rotating the wrist to throw the ball from each line formed with a fixed number of figures ––1,2,5,3. Included the goalkeeper standing alone before the hole where the ball fell off in case of... goool!
The game was over!
(Last updated: 06/30/2014)

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 The football is simple

I have been a street child...

I have been a street footballer... not a professional player.
But I have been playing football as if it was a real occupation, my prime commitment.
#Yo he sido un fútbalista de calle. Yo he jugado unos partidos por 4-5 horas. Y sin hacer un papel. Sobre todos los campos: el cemento, la arena, la nieve, a campo raso de medida pequeña y grande, sobre los campos de otros deportes, hasta el prado verde y perfecto en un estadio de primera divisioón...
Yo sé que este año serán campeónes los fútbalistas de calle, como soy yo!

(Last updated: 06/12/2014)

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 Zero zero zero


  • Highway explosion
    which state did they threaten on?
    Citizen newborns.
  • Rap of P-control
    move that dope from fucking up
    billionaire girls club.
  • Zero in on coke
    cash had crush on baby gang
    zero out by crack.

(Last updated: 06/06/2014)
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 100-year Anniversary

Back to marketing...

What a coincidence! This year signs the century of two brands as global as Samsonite and Maserati
I know so much about the Maserati history since I'm living in the middle of the so called "Land of Motors". My father did work at Maserati in his youth as blue collar. I'm driving alongside the Maserati new factory every day by personal mobility. And I'm living just between Modena and Bologna... The Maserati founders were five brothers who lived in Bologna, but later their factory went to Modena by a primitive industrial delocalization. The summit of this century celebration will take place in MOtown just come September.
Many fast cars lovers and connoisseurs will be gathering at full speed and bring their travel suitcases as strong and creative as Samsonite have used to produce A great co-marketing opportunity...
(Last updated: 06/05/2014)

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 Medicine & Human Rights


It was a 20-year experience of humanity, pure and simple. What is it significant? The little big answer to some wars that don't matter to anybody... Indeed Emergency is projecting, building and managing surgical centers for civilian war victims in remote countries. Why to do it over? Because it's righteous. #war surgery
From the campaign against the anti-man mines (100 million of land mines did rest unexploded in 70 countries!) to the campaign called "A rag of peace" and furthermore, one message to send: "the war could only be banished!"
NOW support Emergency by regular donations of 15, 70, or 90 euro. Why? Because it's righteous.
(Last updated: 05/12/2014)
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 Education vs. Slavery

Does anybody care?

A Twitter hashtag #BringBackOurGirls focuses world's eyes on Nigeria mass kidnapping.
This Mother's Day make us think of the 270 mothers whose daughters are still held in captivity...
A whole generation urges the Nigerian government to do his task... even if it should be a task force.
(Last updated: 05/11/2014)

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 Expo 2015
(under construction) 

The Veneranda Fabbrica...

365 days to the universal exposition that will be held in Milan. The action plan #Mafia-free is ready in order to accomplish the goal. The national antimafia direction #Dna watch over the works in progress. And 20 million attendees are expected to visit the Expo the next year.
Meanwhile... Live an unforgettable experience from the Duomo Terraces. The Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano is the institution that by 1387 designed and built that cathedral. Today, as in the past, it maintains the commitment to preserve and enhance the symbol of the city. Now the V.F. invites you to "Adopt a Spire" and to tie your name, the name of your family or company to each spire of the historical building.
Who knows if the V.F. would be today registered into the #white-list of the authorized operators for setting up the Expo?
As the governor Ferrer once had said: "Adelante, presto, si puedes."
(Last updated: 04/22/2014)
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 Milk Way

If I was...

... your best friend I will take care of you doing all the things that only a best friend can do. But if I was your one and only #guru I shoud talk to you frankly, as mighty as a preacher in #counting stars
"Lately I've been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby, I've been praying hard
Said no more counting dollars
Well'be counting stars".

Surely you can see...

P.S. Or would you like to meet only marketing gurus?
(Last updated: 04/05/2014)

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 Dark room

Si no puedes cambiar de horizonte, puedes cambiar de prospectiva!

«¿Quien es esa muchacha que parece sonreír nos; bajo un complicado tocado azul, con una perla come único adorno?
#Griet La joven de la perla tiene una manera particular, llena de devoción, de mirar lo que la rodea...»
Well, the original painting (cm. 46.4x40) by #Vermeer gets on in Bologna. For seeing her the ticket costs 12 euro.
Or you can remake it by 1000 pieces you find inside #Ravensburger premium puzzle.
(Last updated: 03/29/2014)
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¿Que planes tienes para el futuro?

Voy a seguir leyendo y escribiendo en castellano...
#Sagitario Para ti, todo tiene un principio y un final así que empezar algo nuevo en la vida no te da miedo. Puede costarte pero lo haces.
Bajo el signo de Sagitario!
(Last updated: 03/24/2014)

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 8 de marzo

Dia de la Mujer

Cuando estás cansada
De veras aquella condición
Aumenta tu aire de belleza
Te amo corazón.
#limpia #incoherente #descarada #infatigable #atractiva
(Last updated: 03/08/2014)
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 Music Therapy


Sunday intended as the time of family reinforcement? The answer should be #Gospel. Who has been able to do that work in MOtown?
For sure #Bazil Meade and Annette Bowen from the London Community Gospel Choir (website at did it very well. Then a group of 40 people singing 2gether for the very first time. With me in the choir's tenor section...
IF YOU WANT TO HELP YOUR BELOVED, better you sing with us: "the storm is passing over... halleluja". After such a full immersion how to feel? "I feel like praisin' praisin' HIM"!
(Last updated: 03/02/2014)

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 Very Veneziano

Follow the mask...

There are many carnival events, then there is the Carnival of Venice. I have gone back to Venice for all that jazz #Tour_de_Scherxi and theme dedicated to the fantastic nature.
#FontegoDeiTurchi#Campiello DelPiovan#CampoS.GiacomoDeL'Orto Fritela venexiana e... galani at Mejer (shop online, Gondole #PonteDelMegio --> al vaporetto ( Candle light #ChiesaS.Cassiano. Calle sotoportego riva. "Rialto no se toca." #CampoDeLaPescheria Canoce vive e piene, seppie senza sabbia, granchi, moscardini, rombi, sante. Seagulls fly fat. #RugaDeiSpezieri #SotoportegoDelBancoGiro Classic masks all around + Anonymous. Beba at S.Polo is one of the oldest studios, each mask is completely hand made... Make up for everyone. Sunglasses and feet almost into the green water #RivaDelVin. From #CampoS.Bortolomio the global brands area starts on. We are connected #dieselreboot. Carnival's opera arias, "and fragrance thrill earth, wind, and waters all". Best animal masks at 5756 #CalleDelParadiso. #PonteDelleBande #MarzariaDeL'Orologio We Jazz @ Gran Teatro by Zigan Cafè Busker Band + Isabelle Seleskovitch: "don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing" #cover. A world heritage site #PiazzaS.Marco. Stop feeding the pigeons!
PS. Promo: Desigual loves Carnival.
(Last updated: 02/28/2014)
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 Golden Thread

The caterpillar and the butterfly.

"A little caterpillar was walking toward a big mountain..." (to be continued).
How could you say to a little deaf-and-blind that you love him infinitely? #LegaDelFilodOro. You can change the life of so many children who don't see and don't hear anything.
Fundraising at or donate by sending sms to #45505 until Feb. 16th!
(Last updated: 02/03/2014)

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 The Great Beauty


  • To the real jade
    since I don't mean to be rude
    yet thought beauty nude.
  • Brand ambassador
    plus angel for animal
    beauty all in all.
  • Under Ur next breath
    no new thing upon the earth
    beauty turnin' heads.

(Last updated: 02/01/2014)
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 January 27th

Memorial Day!

This blog revamps to honour the memory of the more than 6 million lives lost during the Holocaust. Today is internationally dedicated to that remembrance...
And 69 years after the WWII, this is a guided visit to the time when too many people had to drink the dark milk, KEEP IN MIND!
(Last updated: 01/27/2014)

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Happy Old Year!

$ didn't matter on the Web #GoogleTax.
How much is the digital money worth #BitCoin? 93 euro.
Media mainstream likes the social media #Tv/Tw.
#ZeroZeroZero released.
Asyl to Snowden #datagate or get used to it #NSA!
Other data got by the submerged economy, #17.6% of the Italian GDP.
Rome got the sacre all around #GRA and the Pope inside, saying "Internet is a gift of god above". And brother computer is going to heaven #cloud computing.
Pollution is closer than you think #LandOfFires.
The World Bank predictions: public debts to the maximum, but inflation to the minimum. Translation: what doesn't kill us, make us stronger...
(Last updated: 01/04/2014)
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A 113-euro annual subscription!

60 years of radio and television programs diffusion in Italy #rai are worth at least paying the annual subscription to the so called Public Service. Many protagonists of that history have been banned, soon or later, by the power trip of the politics acting behind Radiotelevisione Italiana.
Then, soon or later, the same politics were removed as thieves in the temple.
As marketing media the public radio-tv have been important to promote remotely the consumer goods during the industrial development in Italy. And of this connection I've already written somewhere...
Ladies & gentlemen, GOOD NIGHT!
(Last updated: 01/03/2014)

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