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JANUARYHaiku #1My name is Donro
This nick is meaning for some
Sure not Donald Rose
FEBRUARYHaiku #2Nineteenfiftynine
Then baby-boomers grew up
What is your age babe?
MARCHHaiku #3Time to market runs
Quick bar of steele melt with style
Made in Fabrica
APRILHaiku #4Street life all along
First shake your money maker
The boss makes ends meet
MAYHaiku #5My muse is driving
Down to Alphabet Avenue
She helps me make words
JUNEHaiku #6In no women's land
Every heart is ready for
Collapsing alone
JULYHaiku #7Short message service
Somebody connecting fast
Dream is always on
AUGUSTHaiku #8They keep on jumping
Over my shoulders rappers
Breaking down like mad
SEPTEMBERHaiku #9Cut your hair zero
No way skinheads even could tell:
Too clever by half!
OCTOBERHaiku #10Turn me into fish
Nothing I will talk over
Lost at Moluccas
NOVEMBERHaiku #11No global tombstone:
Undermine this tech cruel world
Ethnics rest in peace
DECEMBERHaiku #12In a situation
On that you have no control
Ask the crystal ball...