What can we learn from the people that are managing professional and corporate websites?
This is a simple list of data I have asked them for. Some did answer, some didn't.
Website outline ::: description as brief as used to do for search engine or directory when you add the url!
Official name ::: maybe it is the same of the web domain, often is something different and longer...
Type of website ::: corporate, brand or product line, non-profit, personal or what else?
Type of content ::: online topics/media that are building the main structure of that venture!
Date website began ::: long time ago or right now, a date is important to perceive the web life cycle...
Audience profile ::: who is your prime visitor, customer? what kind of audience are you thinking of?
Language ::: one or many to speak locally or globally to the right Net users...
Size ::: number of pages and/or bytes because anything in this world has its own space!
Web Agency ::: an interactive one or a traditional one... or maybe it's an in-house website...

Web Site Files

Courtesy of Web managers

Selected as for Primo Award 2000

Web Site Title / Release date Type of Content / Audience Total Pages / Kb Size Visitors per Month Languages
Louvre museum (Jul. 95) Culture, Art, Tourism about 8000 (exc. jp)/ 170,000 18,500 En, Fr, Es, Jp
Vegetarian Society UK (Oct. 94) Everything for vegetarians or prospective veggies about 1000 / 13 Mb (page views) 240,000 En
IP Top Awards (Sep. 99) General company information / Top executives in the field of Internet publishing about 25 / 10 Mb 25,000 En (Feb. 00) Detailed South African travel information 470+ / 10 Mb+ 15,000 En, Fr, De, It, Nl
Guru, Inc. (May 99) Resource for independent professionals and the clients who hire them n/a 408,709 En

Selected as for Primo Award 2001

Web Site Title / Release date Type of Content / Audience Total Pages / Kb Size Visitors per Month News / Languages
Hong Kong Government Information Centre (Dec 95) 24-hours government news and information, press releases, government notices and tenders, business information, job vacancies / open to all 40 GB see online for visitor breakdown no / En, Ch
This Is London (Dec 97) Online city guide / People living in or visiting London (age 63% 25-44, 26% 15-24, 11% 44+) n/a 325,000 individual users no / En
Emergency (Dec 95) Association for civil war victims / People wanting to support or aid the organization 44000 Kb 1,000 visitors yes 10,000 subscribers / It, partly En
No Peace Without Justice (97, domain registered in 2000) Updates on NPWJ activities, and documents on the International Criminal Court 70 Mb n/a yes / En; updates in Fr, Es, It Ethnic community and online contents for black people / Male 52%, Female 48%; mean age: 18-24 44%, 25-34 29%, under 17 12% n/a Total visits 15.9 million, total members 3.9 million Membership required to join the community/ En
bkaro dot net (Apr 01) Platform for artists to show their works to friends and visitors / People who like to create and share their works (all ages) it varies heavely n/a no / En

Selected as for COME:ITALY and/or GUIDE

Web Site Title | Release date Type of Content Size | Audience News | Languages Webmaster | Agency
Dolce Vita | Mar 96 travel information on Italy, cuisine regional receipts, trends of Italian fashion and design n/a DV monthly news | En Alchera Group, Milan
Associazione per la difesa del diritto d'autore | 99 portal for legal informative contents over 70Mb | Advocates, publishers, authors, students daily to members, monthly to all | It Nyberg Srl | 98 daily new media, mobile, telecoms, and IT news from around the Europe n/a | decision makers, industry executives daily and weekly (8,000 subscribers) | En
TV meets the Web | 98 daily news on media convergence, new media formats, interactivity, digital broadcasting etc n/a | decision makers, industry executives weekly (6,000 subscribers) | En
Federazione Italiana Fitness | Jan. 02 (new edition) information on fitness venues, courses, and promotional events 50Mb | over 32,000 page views on Feb. 02 no | It Luca Sartoni | Alu Networks snc

PRIMO AWARD 2001 is an example of website scoring.

COME:ITALY is a selection of 100 Italian websites to visit.

GUIDE is a 10-category list of online marketing tools.

Data were sent from web masters or managers to Roberto Dondi.
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