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    DMLR*Newsletter — GOLD Edition no.44
    I. Diary.

    Since this newsletter has become more and more a kind of personal diary to future memory, I would like to begin the 12th year as on-line contents provider from some lines I have written on my pocket notbook during the last 100-day period. Between the lines there is always a great marketing case history because my diary is basically a mine of evidences about marketing as the most vital attitude of the mankind today...
    (Here in order of handwriting.)
    1. I was much impressed by the vision of 'Kung-Fu Panda', a Dreamworks animation. A new generation of cartoon movies is born, I suppose... Many other Italians have liked that picture since the takings went up to 17m euro and over. Recently we have been informing on the imminent merging between Dreamworks and Disney to set up the greatest company specialized in filmed products for children and teen-agers. This is not good nor bad news, but you know the future is a little bit frightening... I keep on believing the anti-trust commission don't work as well as Dreamworks work in its field!
    2. The most important business men and women on this planet are not simply entrepreneurs but CEO. This English-American acronym is finally appearing even on a very traditional medium like the Italian financial press. In a hurry CEO will be used even for the most influencing Italian managers to replace old titles like Vice-President, Managing Director and so on. Plain to see, the resulting translation for Chief Executive Officer in Italian seems nonsense!
    3. DotCom of the year was Facebook for sure. In Italy the subscribers to this social network sky-rocketed to 11m in just a year according to Nielsen measurement. Meanwhile Facebook's founder will thank all the community if they will bear up when his free network stoops down before the ongoing censorship rules...
    4. I salute 2009! There is no doubt as for the ideal person symbolizing the new year. The entertainment society has unanimously chosen Barbie because 2009 is the 50th year of her plastic life. Best Italian companies are competing with one another in paying tribute to the doll through exclusive presents. As for me I'm a bit proud --and a bit disturbed-- to share my fair age with such an icon of the Western beauty...
    5. The plan is nothing without planning. These months we have got information about plans launched by major governments in order to manage almost everything. Now we have to hope there is serious strategy behind those plans and think on everything else coming soon after tens of plans to save bankers, financers, builders and a long assortment of business groups on edge. Meanwhile in Italy the real futuristic plan is that of dismantling the Constitution a.k.a. the fundamental laws of the state.
    6. Twenty years later.... March, 1989 is commonly considered the official date the World Wide Web started as an information management project. But only 1993 it became a real mass communication standard when the first browser was finished (Mosaic). Now the times of the dot-com bubble have been never so much forgotten because the Internet has proved to be all but a fleeting fad. It seems to me the Internet is the one place offering the consumer all the benefits coming from high levels of competition and trasparency inside the markets. Plus adding value and opportunities to the companies: no global brand could survive the current economic downfall without being a strong merchant on-line.
    7. TV is really getting into reality programming. I guess the TV system is so reacting to the Internet menace! The main channels directors are filling the domestic TV sets with a neverending series of programs all crowded with people trying to get fame by singing, dancing or playing. I just comprehend that well trained telecommunications managers act according to the one who wrote somewhat early: 'in dark times it's advisable to sing'... Real TV hype wants just YOU because there is no charge for awesomeness!
    Moral of the story?
    A. Lesson in marketing. If you want to play the game, try to combine the actual genius in disguise with each case history. I help you by listing the Furious Five as follows: a marketer like Ruth Handler; a dreamer like Steven Spielberg; a physicist like Tim Berners-Lee; a playwright like Bertold Brecht; a CEO, who can't be missing, like Mark Zuckerberg.
    B. Lesson in living. "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mistery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present" --Master Oogway.
    PS. To preserve your own handwriting every day, visit

    II. Marketing (Dictionary of).

    Marketing is a ubiquitous part of modern life. From the food we eat to the way we work, and from how we travel to the ways we socialize and relax, marketing often affects and reflects the choices we make. (From: The Penguin Dictionary of Marketing by Phil Harris, 2009, Penguin Reference Library).
    I've bought that book for several reasons. a) I usually love Penguin books; b) I like to read (and write) in English, yes!; c) I need something relevant to review about on this marketing-based newsletter... Let's go into these motives in detail!
    Published by Penguin Books, the Dictionary of Marketing is made from paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council ( That is a product group from well-managed forest and other controlled sources. And this is a plus for the green consumer who is in everyone of us.
    I had collected another dicionary of marketing, written in Italian, but there is no competition between the two works. Surely because of one main reason: marketing is a English-born term and there is no effectiveness when someone is going to translate the marketing stuff in another language. Furthermore this book includes approximately 2,000 entries and offers a wide range of definitions, acronyms, leading pioneers in the field. The Internet-related terms have got a large importance on this ultimate guide for marketers everywhere (book's headline). Even such a popular term as 'web browser' is punctually defined among the marketing terms to know by now.
    While I was reading it, I posted an email to the author, academic Professor Phil Harris, who courtesy answer to me and pointed out the existence of an Italian pioneer in his listing of marketing: Nicolò Machiavelli. Far from taking in that name among the real fathers of a modern business matter, I comprehend the mission of the author have been centred like he has been writing on the introduction: my goal has been to produce a Dictionary that can be consulted, used as a basic text or dipped into, yet that should take the reader engaged and interested in exploring the topic of marketing.
    Let's jet the discord, Phil!
    Author's website,
    On, the The Penguin Dictionary of Marketing.

    III. Lobby.

    Lobbying is the activity of information or pressure exerted on governments or parliament bodies in order to promote private or corporative interests... This definition moves in books of more or less essential reading on Marketing Management. Then has lobbying to live naturally together with marketing?
    Prologue. The prototype to the lobbyist is a business chief who wants to obtain advantages through favorable laws. To get the most from the political system there are two ways: a) the market where special consultants are doing the work of promoting the new laws and rules that are worth advantages to entreprise or business association; b) the own organization with corporate person in charge of managing the public affairs and powers.
    Why lobbying? There's come a time in every great manager's life to do profits without sweating too much. The turning point occurs if a business turn into a pression group or, even better, if a tycoon becomes a politician leader in order to place the right people at the right offices of the government locally or nationally.
    The process ends when the business is a brand new political party (diversification). Then the lobby has gone into the system and reach the maximum of control over the institutions. If you have some clue about an existing business-party, you ought to compare its core product and the laws it promotes by means of law-makers. The result is always a short cut to pofits and in exceptional cases a disgrace for the market.
    What has lobbying to do with a marketer? In Europe the newest projection on the job market are saying that financial managers will be mostly researched and rewarded to respond the credit crisis, while the marketing managers will have to expect very tough times. The cost reduction on overheads is going to downsize both marketing organization and customer services. So a road to recovery for a marketing executive is that of becoming a lobbying professional in three simple steps:
    - Register to on-line seminar on 'How to Use Social Media to Engage Bloggers, Journalists and Politicians'.
    - Buy a domain name like or or for starting her own website!
    - Open a well named consultancy office (e.g. 'The Pool of Secret Tears') in Bruxelles, Belgium and start lobbying for a sustainable life in turbulent economic times.
    I wish you all... inner peace!

    IV. Revolution.

    April, 2009 will probably sign a historical date for the publishing industry. In America some old-dated newspapers of prestige are going to abandon the print edition and will concentrate onto the on-line issue. Their publishers will sell the newspapers as pdf-format to subscribers only!
    Furthermore former bloggers are going to success as publisher and their website become on-line daily news.
    Even a brand new political era is today mostly founded on the activists present on the Net... Just call this trend the media revolution!
    To know more about that, just read
    Extra Large, the marketing magazine news. Coming soon in April!

    V. Direct Marketing.

    The DIRECT MARKETING glossary is available on DMLR in a 3-document edition (PDF) you can browse here or easily download onto your desktop. It consists of 19 pages as a whole, 311 paragraphs/terms, 236 Kb, 7450 words, 44772 types!
    Select and print the three parts of the glossary in English from PDF::Menu.
    Sure the Internet has been changing the traditional snail-mail based direct marketing. And yet the Internet marketing is a consequence of the old direct marketing somehow. Many terms you'll find inside the DM glossary are suiting for the e-mail marketing too...

    VI. Linked Resources.

    The pages on this website --more than 500 for 6.3 million bytes and almost 600,000 words-- are regularly indexed. To get a quick selection of topics the reader is interested in, put the wanted word or phrase into the search box here!

    VII. MyQuiz.

    The Internet users are estimated to be about 1.5-1.6 billion worldwide out of 6.7 billion of population totally. What about computing the general Internet penetration?
    Precise result on
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