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Inter 110 (Intro)
nel 1959 H.H. non era ancora allenatore dell'Inter
a 5-6 anni io ero già interista
per avere ammirato Sandro Mazzola,
numero 8 della Grande Inter,
nato come me a Torino, dove nel '67/68 con mio padre
andai a vedere la partita Torino-Inter!

dopo altri 10 anni, 8 dalla stagione perfetta
ten years later, eight after that perfect season

un nuovo magazine Internazionale-sociale
a brand new magazine International-social

  • #Brothers of the world
    text messaging the core concept from the founding act of our football club!
  • #ForgeTheFuture
    merchandising is when the fans visit the Inter store at "G. Meazza" stadium
    then a FCIM-logo appears even on one's coffee mug, pyjamas, yarmulke...
  • #FCIM
    starting from FCIM, a wide range of hashtags for Inter in the time of twitter
  • #HallOfFame
    now under construction... meanwhile join my favorite all-time team here!
  • #InterYouth
    Mister Vecchi is leading the Under19 gals formerly known as Primavera team
  • #InterForever
    Ex-Inter players reunited under the same 110-old club history, among them
    @ToldoFrancesco goalkeeper of ITA
    @ivanramiroc defender of COL
    @LMatthaeus10 midfielder of GER
    @javierzanetti defender of ARG
    @Chino_Recoba20 forward of URU
    @iomatrix23 defender of ITA
    @youridjorkaeff midfielder of FRA
    @Chivu_Official defender of ROM
    @LuisFigo forward of POR
    @beppebaresi58 defender of ITA
    @Ronaldo forward of BRA
  • #Inter110
    black and blue waves from the pitch to fond memories of millions of fans...
    Happy Birthday Internazionale Football Club Milano!

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Inter Power!
to be continued... 2017/18

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