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I was born at 314.81 ppm CO².
It is now 419.05 ppm.
Since I was born, the atmosphere CO² has increased by 33%.
350 ppm is the 'safe level' of carbon dioxide.
The debate wich ensued from the F.F.F. movement is in its scope an epitome of the safeguard of life on this planet. The theme—there's not a planet B!—the activists are engaged on the loftiest and most vital.
Global pressure group. Direct actions and peaceful protests. Trying to hamper environmentally damaging activities and laws that businesses and governments are selling as social responsibility but are just patterns of their marketing communications and public greenwash.

P.S. What does F.F.F. stand for? FridaysForFuture.org



Champions of Sport (pt.IV)

Early in the Seventies I began swimming regularly. I didn't really like all that moving through the lane backward and forward without a break, the demanding trainer's voice coming down from the pool borders.
So I was learning that I could be a good swimmer. I had a preference for the backstroke. My subject was a champion of this style of swimming I had seen during the 1972 Olympic games: Roland Matthes.
Then middle-school boy I started the study of German as foreign language. Stark Verben... schwimmen - schwam - geschwommen. At the Olympics Matthes won four gold medals for D.D.R., acronym for Deutsche Demokratische Republik. Fläche: 108,000 qkm, Wohnbevölkerung: 17 Mio, Haupstadt: Berlin (Ost).
Geography matters. Oder-Neiße is a line formed by rivers. Borders. Here and there. The Wall of Berlin was firmly in effect and I knew well enough the difference between West- and East-Germany.
I owed a DDR-pin, received by a middelman selling tractors onto eastern Europe. Hammer, Zirkel und Ährenkranz. I wear it when I'm going to enjoy summer weather in open-air swimming pool. To pay tribute to Matthes!

PS. Vom Wasser haben wir's gelernt, vom Wasser.


Bookmark (pt.V)

My vademecum to Venice ain't just a guidebook. But an urbanist essay.
From its title, il problema di Venezia, the book caught something problematic of Venice: its chances of survival besides industrial and residential centres like Marghera and Mestre. Written by Pietro Zambetti, published by Sansoni Scuola aperta (1976), ITL 4,000.
That miracle called Venice until the 1973 special law. Venetian doge. A power struggle between state, region and local government. The most remarkable urbanization fact on this planet became a problem! Multiple voices against the modernization of Venice and its lagoon, including the letter by Le Corbousier on the historical centre safeguard. Forgotten. No fear of big cruise liners coming up here. Brown waters, seabirds screaming. Looking the channel from Molino Stucky. Venetian red.
Inside the book I preserve a precious city plan highlighting all the lagoon navigation services. A personal find of my 1983 long stay in Venice.




How many times did I return here? Venice is a kind of reassuring. First brief journey with my parents. Nine months during the military service period, at the main every evening leave. Some times with the fiancée: Orpheus to the underworld. The Phoenix theater before burning itself. Life, love, voyage around your own little world... Bevies of Spanish tourists prevail this round. For I have come back, it's June. Nothing new under the sun. Maybe I'm changed. Stop to that habitual pilgrimage to a noisy place of San Marco, please! Turning to the Fondamenta Nuove. Take the steamer, line no. 13, for leaving Venice but remaining inside its complex lagoon: final destination #Sant'Erasmo. Enjoy nature now. Towards S. Michele, the cemetery: people afraid of the death. Me too? The body feels the atmosphere, perhaps it would like to be relocated here. I shall leave my anticipated dispositions. But do they respect that? Meanwhile see Murano lighthouse from the platform: people afraid of the dark. Going on by water through stripes of plain land. Barene they call. Rising and falling tide. Every six hours. Salt in the Venetian damp. After steamer walk of five miles. Best spot to grow the plants, Orto di Venezia.
P.S. Venice is unique, www.veneziaunica.it.



I have been regular blood donor for twenty years (1980-2000).
Giving about 15,000cc of A+ blood at the local voluntary association, nationally known as #A.V.I.S. . Today is the World Blood Donor Day—the Telegram.org official channel of the Ministry of Health reports—and I wanted to remember that commitment by just a telegram.

PS. Because loss of blood bag is a gain!


To be continued...

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