Shalom! (Pt.II)

Akhuzat Bayit (1906-1909) was the fundraising association that gave origin to the foudation of Tel Aviv. As tourist I had to remember it along with a sentence that did predict the birth of a city from sand dunes with some words sounding like these
"Again will I build thee, and thou shall be built, O virgin of Israel"... #Jeremiah (31,4).
Said that, I started from the Founders Monument installed in 1949 on the site of the offices of the neighborhood committee—and the first water tower! And I left Tel Aviv 6 days and 5 nights after my arrive in Israel, last hours passed on at the pier where the docks have become an ideal place to many fashion brands flagship stores. I was breathing in the air coming from the Mediterranean sea while I ate tuna sandwich and fresh salad at #Landwer's . So far so pleased—if you are likely to read more about that journey just click on #TLV.

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Shabbat Shalom!


Shalom! (Pt.I)

It was four o'clock in the morning, nearly the dawn, and I went out of the #EL-AL Boeing 737 where I had slept just a little in some aisle seat during that dark, crowded flight from Italy. Young and slim hostesses prepared the late-night dinner in order to distract rather than feed the passengers. It seemed a bit strange to me speaking English after several years, and I had warmed up my tongue at the check-in before the man in charge of the air company security. But later talking to female personnel on the airplane was more relaxing even at 42 thousand feet above the sea... This trip had a special meaning for me—being leftist I can't travel so far without a political, almost historical reason. Truth to say it could concern more a moral pathway traced by the birth of a city so much strangely founded in a recent past, the presence of Bauhaus-styled buildings along with the fact I was going to visit that country this much particular year. All these motives have been converging on and pushing me to Tel Aviv, the white city! Finally I got out of "Ben Gurion" airport asking for a cab to the city center. At 6am the taxi driver welcomed the cash and I could breathe in the air of Dizengoff square that now got my attention.
PS. Shalom! (To be continued...)

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