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It's silly that a tire-maker brand has promoted a yearly guide listing the best Italian restaurants. This year just 10 joints deserve its 3/3-star rating—one of them is located in Modena where I'm writing this web blog. Thru the DMLR Guide I'm doing something similar to the websites worth visiting. This month's edition has been listing three new entries to point out here as 3-star websites!
Nicolekrauss.com simply affects the professional profile of Nicole Krauss focusing on the handworks of this American writer—by the way I've recently read her last novel finding thereby some details linking to my TLV travel diary...
Wumingfoundation.com is related to writing authors again but it's far different from the previous one. First WuMing ain't a single author, it's a group of writers using one same pseudonym plus a progressive digit actually in this order WuMing1, WuMing2, WuMing4. Since they are activists beyond writers, their web location looks like an open-minded space to host articles and comments that cover all aspects of social and political life. So the wide audience and community involved in this multifaceted website encompass some contributes from other artists experiencing on other fields.
Euroscreen.eu completes this short reviewing note. It belongs to the European cooperation projects as a matter of fact. Multimedial contents come from all over Europe have been collected on this archive where the search functionality allows the user to extract material of historical events or dayliving mpments which are telling us Europeans how we were and where we came from. The resulting immense webcast of audio-video files includes many languages of the 27 countries forming the European Union—of course I had to consider a Brexit.

P.S. The complete list of websiyes is available at DMLR Guide!

 [since 1918]

Quota 100

With 'Quota 100' I don't mean to recall here some brands established from a century—say Citizen or Panasonic among those best known to the modern consumer. And yet a hundred years ago the WWI ceased. After a whole day fiiled up with historical documentaries on this 100-year event, two main pictures have lodged in my mind from that world-wide drama. The first image comes from a video filmed at the Western front where a never-ending sequence of ambulances —from the French 'hôspital ambulant'—had been going from the hospitals forth and back. Red Cross stil operating, those years an American volunteer ambulance group was risen up to bring aid and relief to the victims of the greatest disaster ever caused by the mankind. The archive at today AFS.org (American Field Service, Intercultural Program) gives evidence of that humanitarian function by a non-governmental organization, mother of all NGOs. The second picture takes a symbol in, the little rampant horse sticked on the side of a top fighter airplane, Francesco Baracca its owner. After WWI the emblem was donated by the family of the Italian aviator to a racing car-maker whose name was Enzo Ferrari. The legend of that rampant horse has grown up till now... as a brand's logo.
P.S. Quota 100 is an altitude (not a share)!



I like to revamp some very old pages or slices of my own website {www.dmlr.org. This time I come up with the archive or index first published in 2002 and newly muted just now. To keep anyone updated or interested in visiting dmlr.org—even though I can't ignore its life cycle—I have set up the index sorting out the original articles I wrote since 2009 and till nowaday. Ten years restored in a scarce space. One more thought on the archive: it consists of a doulble list going into Italian and English text as option for the reader. It's worth reading Donro18 to recover articles, magazines and posts, with or without translation.


D for Denim

Autumn starts on September 23rd but more commonly in October, a month used to discover the abrasive life (again). Before it will be wild out there, we prepare ourselves by wearing blue-jeans (again). Someone has computed over 5,000 possible nuances of blue-jeans! No doubt that denim is the best invention fashion could have ever come up with. A blue wave invade our work places, supermarkets, restaurants and other venues of pleasure. Unconcerned with the American culture, denim has emancipated through an over-national concept as timeless garment of practical seduction: is not denim the first fabric that has recalimed the gender fairness? From the old guard (Levi's /Lee /Wrangler ) to the tailor-made jeans, now there are incredible denim clothes everywhere as shirts, jackets, pants, dungarees, shorts, skirts, jumpsuits, caps... We like indigo—a small flower pistil from which you extract a dye that you soak the denim pieces in—whose hexadecimal code for HTML reads #4B0082. And what about the favorite color on the Western countries? It's truly blue!

 [banner ad]

Bannerology V

"You're advertising where, on the Internet?" Shortly, the banner ad consists of a space on the web page, usually a rectangle, where a text message or graphics gets attention from a visitor who is thus solicited to click on the banner linked to another page or site. The concept of a banner, I had once summarized on this model here (to left), M1 inspires the creatives in order to give the users "a good reason" to leave a web page and address themselves to another website; The move just occurrs if the message delivered by that banner results almost irresistable. And since the web user is insatiable during an Internet session, she will navigate forward from site to site in a random mode when she has no a plan at all or follow the easy path to a precise objective when she has a fair plan. Bannerology contains many historical banners viewed during the golden age of the Internet. As web designer I had set up 468x60 pixel banners to add impact to brand new projects published on Dmlr.org—we're living in such a visually oriented society! The most recent works, never collected on one page until now, have been displayed at DMLR banner hits (2009-2017). Click here!


Web Marketers

Websites have lost most of their appeal since social networks and apps have been offering a more direct way to reach the prospects and receive feedbacks from the customers. Meanwhile websites survive as official communication channel toward media and investors as well as points of sale (eg. online catalog, e-store). The WWW Guide on Dmlr.org keeps on selecting websites by category and this time I would like to consider remarkable these four new entries.
  1. Hitachi.com , institutional website of many agglomerated businesses whose slogan "Inspire the Next" would try to explain the complex concept of oraganizational culture beyond every single branch of activity—heavy industries, consumer goods, robotics...
  2. Elementbrand.com , that is a California-based young business which does international marketing of goods thought first for skateboardist and then for people active into the nature as a whole
  3. Hbr.org , among the dot-orgs this one is managed by a leading publisher which focuses on the business field (acronym for Harvard Business Review) so a learn-subscribe model basically prevails on such a content site
  4. Muellergroup.com , where one finds out the history of the building of an European group, year by year all the acquisitions made as a way of expanding the mother company's activities and its brands market presence.

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 [football club]

Inter Is Here!

Since 2000 Inter_Power on Dmlr.org is a statistical package made from data managed by a spreadsheet in my own computer. I set up a method where cooperating football players are compared for five attibutes, then applied to my favorite team—Football Club Internazionale Milano, best known as Inter, whose social hashtag this year recites "InterIsHere"... back at the Champions League! FCIM Neither official statistics for experts nor sponsored game for would-be trainers, Inter_Power comparative analysis appears beside the original logo (see left), a direct way to stay alive and kicking along with the football club. That monthly data flow delivers quantitative information condensed in a rank ordered by an outcome of percentages of minutes and matches played, of goals delivered and assists served, and so on. Nothing personal or subjective (I'm not journalist). Take into accont and Inter_Power will tell how the season works out for every single team mate. It doesn't matter if the players are in the starting XI or are starting from the bench, everyone could be the key player of the match at the end. But one heads Inter_Power for real.
P.S. Click here to scroll the starting grid of INTER_POWER!

 [direct mail]


Exactly every year in August an Ikea catalog gets into my snail mail box. It's a free copy, a direct mail that gives evidence to Ikea's sales effort toward the marketplace on a regular basis. This time the apparently squared catalog shows on its left-bottom corner a small Ikea75 flash inviting to "celebrate the brand anniversary". While the catalog is out of sale, the prices printed on it are available until July 2019, one of them as usual previewed on the front page reads €14,95 for a small tray-table nobody would give attention to even though one would watch the opening picture a day and a night long. But that detail would be representing the brand's communication strategy that works out so fine. The catalog's mission statement gets off from page 3, seven homes for seven life styles! From the Oasis home to the No-limit home by passing trough the not-to-be-ignored 16-square meter home, maybe Ikea most notorious strength. Inside the catalog the illustrated products are always depicted by a name, a function, a price (for example NORRÅKER → chair → €64,95). Noteworthy: the price formats respect the power marketing rule at the most, usually being €109,90 or €69,95 or €279... while it's highly difficult finding out a price ending with a even figure! Inside the picture frames, prices apart, some non-chalant people pop up now and then.. Sooner or later I should be telling you what Ikea represents to me too!
P.S. Often quoted inside Dmlr.org as a global brand, 1998 Ikea appeared for the very first, most recently in DMLR*News GOLD no.18.


Big Data!

There is an ongoing interest in data processing (DP) as we know it since many businesses have been sending some informative prospects on their privacy policies—for instance DPO stands for Data Protection Officer, if you think of a new position! All these companies provide services and products for sure, but they have been also collecting our names, addresses, ages, marital status, religions, professions, or just preferences on almost everything we are asked about online during our daily interactions with a computer. A collection of similar data from thousands or millions of consumers, stored into a computer program and processed—even as sets of records previously collected and stored separately—builds a database available to several users including marketing departments. Database Marekting was already commonly used in direct mail promotion and advertising. When the Internet Protocol (IP) has affirmed as the fastest way to exchange data and provide information, DB marketing has easily evolved into a computer-driven thus automatic system of addressing messages and packages to the most accurate target groups (and as soon as possible)! Dmlr.org has been out there to report on this evolution of marketing over twenty-one years of... collecting big data from everywhere.
P.S. 311 terms of direct marketing to know! Download and read the complete glossary made of PART I + PART II + PART III


Search Engine Optimization

Every year I keep you updated on the new contents added to Dmlr.org. This week the directory has counted 540 pages as a whole indexed by the search engine. I'm using FreeFind web services to provide a user-friendly tool for searching a given subject! A young visitor could search for 'mass marketing' thinking it was an old-fashioned term forgotten yet since today 'micromarketing' rules... Another could pretend to know everything about 'mobile marketing' just because he's receiving offers onto the smart phone display while originally the term would identify some advertising messages mediated by a car, bus, or taxi—thus a different meaning for the same definition of marketing.
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Shalom! (Pt.II)

Akhuzat Bayit (1906-1909) was the fundraising association that gave origin to the foundation of Tel Aviv. As tourist I had to remember it along with a sentence that did predict the birth of a Jewish city from sand dunes by some words sounding like these
"Again will I build thee, and thou shall be built, O virgin of Israel"... #Jeremiah (31,4).
Said that, I started from the Founders Monument installed in 1949 on the site of the offices of the neighbourhood committee—and the first water tower! And I left Tel Aviv 6 days and 5 nights after my arrival in Israel, last hours passed on at the pier where the docks have become an ideal place to relocate many fashion brands flagship stores. I was widely breathing in and out the air coming from the Mediterranean sea while I ate tuna fish sandwich and fresh salad at #Landwer's . So far so pleased—if you are likely to read more about that journey just click on #TLV.

PS. A few personal pictures also available on Twitter.com/donro59.
Shabbat Shalom!


Shalom! (Pt.I)

It was four o'clock in the morning, nearly the dawn, and I went out of the #EL-AL Boeing 737 where I had slept just a little in some aisle seat during that dark, crowded flight from Italy. Young and slim hostesses prepared the late-night dinner in order to distract rather than feed the passengers. It seemed a bit strange to me speaking English after several years, and I had warmed up my tongue at the check-in before the man in charge of the air company security. But later talking to female personnel on the airplane was more relaxing even at 42 thousand feet above the sea... This trip had a special meaning for me—being leftist I can't travel so far without a political, almost historical reason. Truth to say it could concern more a moral pathway traced by the birth of a city so much strangely founded in a recent past, the presence of Bauhaus-styled buildings along with the fact I was going to visit that country this much particular year. All these motives have been converging on and pushing me to Tel Aviv, the white city! Finally I got out of "Ben Gurion" airport asking for a cab to the city center. At 6am the taxi driver welcomed the cash and I could breathe in the air of Dizengoff square that now got my attention.
PS. Shalom! (To be continued...)

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