The Question of U...

Everyone has been a job-seeker not that much, not for a while. Sure the interviewer was fine, professionally curious, and friendly. Maybe you already knew, or now clearly know, that she won't guarantee continued employment because the company won't hesitate to fire you when the Market and its damn rules will be demanding it! Even experienced executives have discovered the "management à la carte" that is when the company hires a high-level "temp" for the duration of a limited project. No more permanent employment and career security? No way! The '90s have taught us something like that, back before smoking was outlawed. So keep the learning curve high-pitched for being responsible for your career—its planning, direction, and progress. The self-examination is considered the best process one should put in practise in order to get continuous career breakthroughs. To learn how to examine your own performance continually, start considering this first question: "Do you know what the company expects of you?" By reflex is that too pragmatic or paranoid for U...?
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Read Only Memory (ROM)

... Some people think the Internet has taken our soul ... The system has no use for the memory ... It's only finding stuff out that somebody else didn't think you were interesting to ... It's all data, 1's and 0's, all recordable. Eternally present ... The Net isn't so bad then considering its robotic origins ...
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Random Access Memory (RAM)

A short sequence of frames on a cheap black-and-white TV set... A couple of Polaroid pictures... Emotions aside, I'm looking at the memory—actually my own memory works out more like those flashbacks from "All That Jazz" (1980), just without a heart attack. Well, of all things to mention in the limited space of a blog post, I have chosen those small fleeting things that engage happiness or regret. It's a painful subject, isn't it? The memory is everywhere and nowhere. At home you turn on your 500GB-hard disk PC and going out you are already connected through the newest 4GB-smart phone. Copying your personal stuff from your old to your new phone is easy—they promise. No one on these terms & conditions should run out of memory, not even be in short supply! From the mobile devices we can manage and explore almost everything in the smallest piece of time by means of shortcuts, widegts, personal settings and preferences. Our custom-made path to memory has been organized and conceptualized, almost materialized to the point we can control it on a status bar. There is an amount of memory and storage capability never known before. Meantime one wonders why we all as individuals and as society are so painfully worried about the memory loss? There has to be a memory (and a history) off the machines and even a real world maybe stuffed with machine guns—what a weird coincidence that some Nazi groups are used to loose their memory during these Memorial days. Pretending life is hitch to normal, I'll take a rapid tour of the past. To avoid ending up onto the virtual knowledge made as a set of invisible links to click on, I'm willing to find my way and trust just my own memories. Starting from some 3M-floppy disks with 'DMLR' on the label, quite common in fact back in 1999 when the low resolution blurred both the screen and the memory...
P.S. To prevent the memory loss I keep on writing down weekly notes on my blog edited as old-school HTML pages. Kind of a sentimental attachment to my computer!


Made in Italy

2017 registered the return of the "Made in Italy". It was never disappearing but it seems to come back as a winning formula for marketers to sell products to the Italian consumers as well as across the border, where"Made in Italy" usually means "I've got good taste for design, fashion, and fast cars"—properly not a straight marketing definition rather a shortcut to a wider concept of fine living. So far the Italian marketers had been beating persistently and focusing on the concept for luxury and top-range items, but now they are redirecting IT as never seen before to the consumers of daily shopping goods. Just to say milk, eggs, all kinds of flesh and fish, apples, or beans. I wouldn't like to criticize such a successful practice since it promotes both GNP and proudness, before it happen to disappear all the Italian breeds and coltures... I mean the bio-diversity not the regional characters! The opening of the permanent Italian Food Fair in Bologna (FICo, www.eatalyworld.it) before the new year's eve shows off the importance of this consumer trend and growing attention put onto local origins and traditions. The extreme search for authenticity brings inside the germs to knock over even the "Made in Italy" labeled marketing. Some food-makers are really restricting out the field when it does matter to be sensisitve to the differences—one Tetra-pack reads "100% Milch aus SüdTirol". O bella ciao!?

Made in Italy 2018

PS. This Web site is made in Italy too. I'm typing the text or HTML pages from a house tucked somewhere close to the Via Emilia. Even though I'm using my computer thanks to the hardware built far distant from Italy and some sofware under license by a foreign company usually U.S.-based whose Apple logo shows up a fruit far different from our local types since we've got some very good apples but not the kind so peacefully colored like those growing up in Calfornia.


Content is (always) King

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New Year's Resolutions

One night— it was after the Christmas Holidays—I was in the mood of putting an extra blog in this Web site. So I started writing the New Year's Resolutions a.k.a. I solemnly vowed to improve myself, follow the tips and tutorials on the social media and become a better, smarter, healtier guy!
  1. Subscribe Wired.com in order to "Don't let the future leave you behind".
  2. Avoid any post or comment on the 1968 after fifty years from the protesting young movement since I was just nine and I haven't a clue about that—by the way, "Less hate and more books" according to Taschen.com!
  3. And above all, take a stand to usually minor considered animals such as elephants and rhinos, bears and wolves, and so on, giving support to non-profit organizations willing and able to rescue and protect many of them, e.g. AnimalAvengers.com<:u>!

PS. Wishing U Happy 2018! XO

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