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The DMLR Guide has been updated as usual. The list is now hosting a renewed group of websites according to the importance of some viral trends.
First the crypto-currency precisely represented by Socios.com, the Fan Token distributor. In the second place, to balance that not tangible business, SadiePlant.com a long-time researcher of the cyberspace has entered the People/Gurus/Stars catalogue.
Beside her I would like to introduce another person who is deeply engaged in the new media environment: Neïl Beloufa, artist. He's not included in the new entry list because of a formal motive—he doesn't get a personal website but you might visit one of his projects at www.screen-talk.com.
Screen-Talk is a mini-series of films, games, quiz shows, and other great surprises the user interacts directly with. Enjoy production and contents!

P.S. The complete review of websites is available at DMLR Guide.


Cuba Libre (pt.II)

I have not been a photographer at all. Just one time I bought a cardboard camera with a ready-to-use spool, in order to take pictures on my own. I was leaving to Cuba for an all alone journey. Cuba? That country, largely forgotten, was undoubtedly on my mind that time. I was acting like a typical tourist when he wants to bring home the evidences of getting along in a remote place. Now I'm going to browse through these 10x15 photos, collected on the printer's free album, that are not shots of Elliott Erwitt but are essential to look back on Cuba. My photos deliver anonymous uncultivated landscapes, palms and pink flamingos, sky and sea of intense colors exposed to the Gulf (1st week); old houses devoured by the age, groups of students met in the street, tired promenade of the capital, sedans from another epoch (2nd week). On a single picture I had taken a rare advertising billboard that reads
#HAVANA CLUB - EL RON DE CUBA  (havana-club.com).
Another reproduces a socialist message: Los Azucareros Cumplirán.
Beyond the images I recall the U.S. trade blockage that was normally active. From the shop windows everything was more than in short supply. And the slight possibility to give up with all the rest of a life and become a defender of the Cuban revolution...

PS. Segunda reflexión sobre un nuevo magazín. El titulo? Cuba Libre.


We The 15

People with a disability are 15% of our world. They are part of human diversity. And inside the willpower of every paralympian there are right tips for mental training to all people doing sport.
Today at #Paralympics , Mr. Luca Pancalli (www.comitatoparalimpico.it) has proudly awarded Monica, Marina and Ambra by the three medals on the all-Italian women's 100m podium. For a while hearing Volare, oh oh... and dressing EA7 track suits to kill.
Before them it was medalled Zakariae of Morocco as winner of men's shot put. Because—it's useful to remember—even muslims (or chinese) have their own paralympic athletes.

P.S. My small diversity consists in seeing from one eye: so I have become a diversely able cyclist and swimmer.


Cuba Libre (pt.I)

A few days ago the #HurricaneIda  was approaching western Cuba.
Cuba? That country, largely forgotten, was surprisingly on the radars of the (social) media. I landed in Cuba when I was thirty-four-old and, being born in 1959, I share with Cuba the year of that revolution!
I have never told about the trip by now. Many consider Cuba a joke of geopolitics, a classless society wittingly standing before the coasts of the capitalism, a reminiscence of earlier nuclear threats. The moment I got off the plane and inspired from the Cuban air, I was hit by a smell of tropical fruits mixed to Carribean breeze and human sweat: for the very first time I had arrived to the Americas! After two weeks on the island my back flight would have taken off with a long delay due to a hurricane moving around Cuba. But that time nobody frightened it.

PS. This is a spoiler about an upcoming magazine. Maybe not.


Green Pass

What is actually most familiar than a digital certificate today? And what is really written up on the so-called #GreenPass ? First and last it is a vaccination certificate. In Italy that digital certificate is issued by the Ministry of Health. It contains some personal information, as yet... i) Disease or agent targeted: Covis-19. ii) Vaccine product: Comirnaty (in my case). iii) Vaccine marketing authorization holder: Biontech Manufacturing GmbH. iv) Number in a series of vaccination/doses: 2/2. v) Data of vaccination: 2021-01-25. vi) Member state of vaccination: IT.
This certificate is not a travel document. Relevant information can be found here: reopen.europa.eu/en. Folding instructions follow.

PS. How long valid? For 270 days from the first vaccination!
Where? Inside the European Union (EU)!


To be continued...

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