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1961 my family lived in Turin, more precisely in Borgo San Paolo, and I was two-year-old. So I don't remember the #Italia'61 Expo, officially the International Labour Exhibition held that year just in Turin. But I remember my mother citing Italia '61 as a great event she had been testimony somehow. Then Turin was the capital of the Italian car industry, it had been reaching 1 million residents, one out of ten were employed at FIAT as low-cost workers coming from other regions of Italy (among them my father at Mirafiori foundry).
Going back to her—today it's Morher Day!—she was delighted to stroll with me at the Valentino Park where sometimes we went together to pass some hours at the end of a working week. The rock garden in the park was built up as piece of the Expo '61. Maybe some pictures of me and Mom had been taken during those hours. I ought to search for those photos!

PS. 7 million visitors have been counted into the Italia '61 Expo.


To be continued...

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