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DMLR stands for Direct Marketing Linked Resources. You may consider dmlr.org as your online seminar on marketing by visiting the site in a sequence as follows:

dmlr.org1. Question-marks
All about DMLR: from A to Z.
General, technical and promotional questions on how to build your own web site. A detailed path to control every stage of Web building and maintaining.

dmlr.org2. Linked Resources
Marketing over the Internet: the guide on marketing offers you a selection of web sites classified by topics. Click here to find the right resource in a few seconds.
Frequently updated guide of the best marketing resources, from the associations to most celebrated brands, from the Web marketing tools to direct marketing experts.

dmlr.org3. Web marketing
Exchange links or banners with DMLR... join the exposure program aimed to marketing related sites. Promotional tools and examples of advertising on-line. How to link to www.dmlr.org, it's easy and FREE!

dmlr.org4. Newsletter
From the 10-year Gold-series let's celebrate the 50th issue with the DOUBLE-SPECIAL, DMLR*News GOLD no.50 and DMLR*News GOLD n.50+!
Now DMLR*News Gold is a 51-issue vintage collection, so this year we are going to remember it by means of the most original banners gone through the newsletter at the top of every page: BANNEROLOGY.

dmlr.org5. Magazine
Much more than marketing! 2011 DMLR Magazine broke out with the new series, conceived as a Web sites review that hosts reflections on the era of modern marketing carried out by literacy, history and society.... Read it on LIMITED EDITION!

dmlr.org6. DM Glossary
311 terms of direct marketing to know!. Download the complete glossary made of PART I + PART II + PART III.

dmlr.org7. Blog
A sign o' the times, B-SIDE is the capsule collection of past & present posts to ponder, excogitate, reply on the art of marketing.

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