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Roberto Dondi
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 Web Marketing — Authors Catalogue
Web Site:
Section: Reader's Digest.
Launch: August 2001; last addition: March 2005.
Catalog: list of files featuring marketing articles or book excerpts (items)
Product: Web contents made of original articles now translated in Italian. All articles are published on courtesy of the authors.

URL KB Hits Updated Main Topic Source Go / link />> > > >>
chase.htm134 DEC-02 Direct Marketing book
novo.htm154 DEC-02 RFM Model book
sterne.htm154 DEC-02 E-mail Marketing book
eyram.htm194 DEC-02 E-mail Marketing article
bhagat.htm244 JAN-03 E-mail / Nonprofits article
kaiser1.htm163 JAN-03 E-mail Program article
kaiser2.htm193 JAN-03 E-mail Marketing article
tamsevicius.htm263 SEP-03 E-book for marketing article
wee.htm163 OCT-03 Banner Advertising article
nunley.htm133 DEC-03 Sales letters article
roberts.htm143 JUL-04 Branding book
markette.htm233 DEC-04 Customer service article
ward.htm143 MAR-05 Web Linking article
ward2.htm153 APR-06 Press Release article
godin.htm144 DEC-07 Business Strategy/Tactics book
frankel.htm254 JAN-08 Branding book

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