DMLR 1997:2002
October 2002
Table of Contents
  • Domains by Numbers 
  • 4Ps of Email Marketing 
  • 3.5 Mb! 
  • Direct Marketing 
  • Linked Resources 
  • Year6 
  • Review: Eurostat 

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Italian text
    DMLR*Newsletter — GOLD Edition n.11
    I. Domains by Numbers.
    It has been announced that European Union is going to assign the EU web domain! So the .eu will placed side by side to the other top level domains, TLD. I would grasp this news to remember how the country domains come in handy to measure the Internet market penetration. This is the People/Host ratio by country code TLD (source RIPE, Nov. 2001):

     1st to 7th positions
      .is (Iceland = 5)
      .nl (the Netherlands = 6)
      .fi (Finland = 6)
      .dk (Danemark = 10)
      .se (Sweden = 12)
      .ch (Switzerland = 14)
      .no (Norway = 14)
     28th to 30th positions
      .it (Italy = 69)
      .fr (France = 72)
      .es (Spain = 74)

    The People/Host ratio highlights the host penetration per TLD. For example, .is has a ratio 5 and .es a ratio 74, that indicates a lower (.is) or higher (.es) number of people per host. QUIZ: how much is the same ratio for the ccTLD as for .de (Germany) and .uk (United Kingdom) --two of the most densely popoulated countries of Europe? Answer and more details on the statistics on DMLR*News Brief coming November.

    II. 4Ps of Email Marketing.
    1998 I started --and finished-- releasing a series of issues related to the 4Ps of the classic marketing but viewed from a Web new stand. The Ps are always been used as a light formula to remember how to co-ordinate the strategy and tactics for a successful product management. So since I was called to operate as product manager in the mid 80s I had to learn the 4Ps list. In the case of the articles I published on Top4, the selection of Web sites --say in the first 2-year period of DMLR-- I chose the following augmented list of Ps:
    a) Product, Promotion, Place, Price: the Marketing-mix;
    b) Product, brand, or project?;
    c) P.O.P. or point of purchase;
    d) P.R. - public relations.
    (I have to say that I was continuing that series up to three extra issues with forced Ps on the queue: Positioning, Patchwork and Pizza Bros., because the Ps are a mine of ideas for a former marketer...)
    When I recently read the Stefan Eyram's article titled "Using the 4 Ps of Email Marketing" as soon as possible I asked him to let me copy and translate it onto my Web site. He kindly agreed, so I have now the pleasure to introduce his useful article explaining the down-to-earth 4Ps a marketer has to match when he or she is going to use the email as a direct marketing technique.
    The tools a marketer has at disposal are called here Permission, Privacy, Profiling and Personalization.
    To read the entire article go to Eyram's 4Ps!

    III. 3.5 Mb!
    It has been written that "the world generates about 250 megabytes of information per person each year. That's the equivalent of 250 books a person" (
    A pure drop of all that useful, or dull, reading is generated by me and published since 2000 on My Web publishing is sized at 3.5 megabytes (about 3500 kilobytes) until now. It's an everage production of 1.75 Mb per year. Or the 0.7% of information for only one person. Just a drop!
    DMLR has statistically exceeded this amount of digital space according to the information a Web server is capable to send when one is uploading the files building the Internet site.
    By counting the bytes a site is made up an author could think which way, the right or the wrong, his writing is useful to someone, yet what if this someone were only one person? Statistic comparison as above would say it's really possible or rather very actual.
    For me as author of this drop of reading, the difference between a vain task and a useful project is reported by the messages some readers have shortly sent to encourage me don't give up. Email messages that are building the so called customer relationship that any writer would like to receive as many as possible. Here I have selected the most recent emails from readers and subscribers. (Original text).
    1) Caro Dondi, colgo l'occasione per manifestarti il pieno apprezzamento per la tua iniziativa e ricambio i graditi auguri, cordialmente (P. P., Italy).
    2) Sig. Roberto, sono una laureanda in Scienza della Comunicazione a Bologna e sto redigendo una tesina su "Marketing editoriale per il settore giornalistico". Sto navigando tra i numerosi indirizzi citati nel suo ricco sito. Se ha qualche informazione o indirizzo più mirato al mio argomento, sarò ben lieta di riceverlo. La ringrazio in anticipo di quanto potrà fare. Cordiali auguri di buon anno. (F. N., Italy)
    3) Roberto, With such small volume and at the same time such specialised traffic, I would advise you not to go for banners. You should seek a sponsor that can benefit from association with your website and close contact with your users. Try and sell them a spot on the front page "This site is sponsored by"... Good luck. (L.S., USA).
    4) Roberto, I am currently working on my website which I would like to launch sometime next year..... I would like to keep you posted... sincerely (S.D., USA)
    5) Salve. Abbiamo letto il Vostro sito orientato al marketing, che riteniamo molto ben fatto ed interessante. Ho ricevuto pertanto il gradito incarico di proporre lo scambio del logo nella sezione del Vostro sito che riterrete più opportuna. Suggeriamo: lavoro/consulenza aziendale/marketing... In attesa di una Vostra cortese conferma, porgo cordiali saluti. (A.S., Italy)
    6) Egregio Dondi, Abbiamo letto il suo Essai du cinéma en ligne "The Big Picture" e volevamo dirLe che lo abbiamo trovato molto interessante. Studiamo Scienze della Comunicazione all' "Università della Svizzera italiana" a Lugano. Per il nostro corso "Metodologia della ricerca sociale" stiamo facendo una ricerca... (I.G.-C. and friends, Switzerland)
    7) Egr. Sig.Dondi, Vorrei sapere se esistono corsi di direct marketing e a chi bisogna rivolgersi. Grazie (M.S., Italy)
    8) I would be pleased to let you use this article in both English and Italian, hosting it on your site. DM News online is publishing 3 more of my articles... Thank you. (S.E., Canada)

    To send your feedback too, even if not positive as the messages recalled here, you may now enter your opinion onto the DMLR Guestbook from the front page. Each comment will remain for reading by present and future visitors and so you will contribute to enhance the size of this Web venture! Thank you in advance.

    IV. Direct Marketing.
    The DIRECT MARKETING glossary is available since July on DMLR, as English text, in a 3-document edition (PDF) you can browse here or easily download onto your desktop. It consists of 19 pages as a whole, 311 paragraphs/terms, 236 Kb, 7450 words, 44772 types!
    - PART I (A to D),
    - PART II (E to N),
    - PART III (O to W),
    Sure the Internet has been changing the traditional snail-mail based direct marketing. And yet the Internet marketing is a consequence of the old direct marketing somehow. Many terms you'll find inside the DM glossary are suiting for the e-marketing too (see GOLD n.10). Let's consider another example:
    F) FRIEND-GET-A-FRIEND (also called MEMBER-GET-A-MEMBER) is "a special promotion designed to get current customers to sell the company's product or service to their friends".
    So the glossary says! Probably you know this kind of promotion because it's an old technique largely practised by sales people especially at the onset. Fine, there is the same promotion on the Web market. I would here remember the promotion by Telecom Italia ClubNet in the first years of the Internet diffusion. Or today's Premium Program promoted by Tiscali. It says "invite a friend and get a discount" or "bonus points". Another real example is offered right here, on this issue, at point VI.

    V. Linked Resources.
    Persons and Gurus is the new sub-category I have created to collect Web sites affecting the personal activity of Web consultants, economists, gurus, writers... It appears on the WWW Guide page and will be updated every month to make you aware of the personal sites, the same kind you might have interest to develop for yourself like I did through DMLR. This gathering is at present day very much USA-oriented --see at because I have been constantly informed on these sites by marketing books or personal emails. Not as widespread as there is the use of the Internet to develop the peronal business in Europe, but I promise to report on it in the future. Additionally we know the cultures are far away from each other when you put an ocean between two communities, and the Europeans are probably still too skeptical to consider an online settler as a serious business man!
    Related article, Smoke, No Smoke!

    VI. Year6.
    Year 6 of DMLR online has been celebrated by the 468x60 banner on the top and the issue of September --see Data o'Dates plus Memorabilia. For anyone who want to subscribe DMLR*News for a friend, I set up a possibility to register for her or him. Enter the News Gold page and fill out the blank box with your friend's full name and email address. She or he will be notified immediately and requested to accept or not the subscribing. If not, it will be emailed only a one time message. Better you too inform the friend by email or voice that the newsletter is free. For example, copy and paste the Year6 text. More: among respondents confirming the subscrption between October first and four (Tue. thru Fri.), one surprise will be delivered randomly. Friend get a friend!

    VII. Review: Eurostat.
    This new service allows you to find out one or more web sites at a time I have personally visited/tested.
    On this issue let's look at: "Eurostat".
    - Web location is, the media centre within the European Commission.
    - Type of site: "media centre especially created for journalists" --that is offering several services for the media. The contents are particularly focused on statistical themes. It deserves your attention when you initiate yourself into the secrets of statistics!
    - Means: Eurostat provides a staggering range of data and a rich archive of documents and reports. The delivery of any item can suit the preference of the Web user because there are options for consulting data, searching for topics, receiving email news, downloading free documents, ordering priced items, contacting the press office or the info-desk. Thus a complete portal and guide to the EU published statistics.
    - Web site: Eurostat belongs to the wider European Union's Web site ( According to the general site it offers a 3-language structure, you can visit and read it by English, French or German. The impact is not easy for the first time visitor because of the very massive information gathered on the main page of Eurostat. The deep control on the navigation system will be allowed only after three or more visits. Not by case the menu of the site is prepared to inform the newt by special sections such as "First Visit" and "Site Map" --see bottom left. You ought to work it out from there!
    The "Browse By" and "Quick Search" modes are useful to get the right page and document in a hurry! They both are placed on the top of the page. The expert can enter the request, then consult the list of found contacts, items, publications. A detailed search tool is available too offering a selection among 13 items as topic and 7 items as type of detail. A very large number of combinations! As Eurostat is essentially a mine of statistical sources, indicators and trends the best use of that comes from the consulting of the publications. These are deliverd in part as free download, if one has already registered at Eurostat --see the "Personal Account" section; in part they are products on sale Eurostat provides on the "How To Buy" and "My Order" sections driving the e-commercing. Essential products are often displayed during the consulting online while you are searching for or browsing through a specific theme.
    - Demo: I registered at Eurostat about two years ago. User name and password are the keys to access the services online every time one goes back to this site. The system acknowledging the log-in welcomes you by full name on the screen. From now on the navigation is allowed everywhere in the site to access all the sections. Not registered users can browse only a limited area.
    My visits are irregular and focused on contacting persons or searching for statistics. Ultimately I have been seeking for the International Organisation list (19) that is a contact information page about several institutions operating in Europe. Contacts are provided by name, email address, country, and the Web site location is directly linked.
    Another area I want to explain is the print catalog(ue), or the items one may buy by ordering on the site. Title, support, short description and price are doing the information displayed, for example the Eurostat Yearbook 2002 is a package including both the paper and the CD-Rom versions and its price fixed at 50 Euro. Besides the catalog the "Datashop" section is ordering all listings about the new releases, that are linking to other services as the "Eurostat Alert" which advises by email everytime new publications are being loaded onto the site, or the "Main Keys Indicators" which explains the statistical terms that are used on a document you are reading of.
    Finally a note on the documents archive. Each product is provided with a catalog information reporting its code, format (mostly PDF file), issue date, topic and collection. The download is alerted by size (Kb) and mode (on-line and/or email).
    When online support is not satisfactory you may contact the call centers and even the Eurostat shop in your country.
    I would express dislike for the limited languages, the general appearance not much endearing, and the email newsletter they were not willing to send me once. (Am I not qualified for?)
    - Rating: 11 out of 15. Last visited September 10. (Evaluated following DMLR Primo-award criteria, see
Copyright 2002 - All rights reserved (except where indicated). Issued: 30.Sep.02
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