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Roberto Dondi
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 DMLR*Newsletter - English text since 1999  
GOLD IV edition - January '01   
  • DMLR 2000 Report
  • Figures and charts
  • Repositioning DMLR
  • Direct marketing
  • Linked resources
  • Radical click!
  • Editorial schedule 2001

  1. DMLR 2000 Report. 

  2. Traditionally I report for you the facts and figures that summarize the activity of DMLR during the past period. This time I refer to the year 2000, except where indicated.
    a) Production.
    - 4 issues of DMLR*News, 3 of which were issued as Gold edition (May, July, October), 1 as the ultimate issue of the prior edition 1999 (January).
    - 4 DMLR*News Brief, as monthly newsletter informing the subscribers of new articles, pages, services on DMLR.ORG.
    - 6 Top4 reviews, published online as marketing magazine.
    - 89 new web pages published since July 1st, when I got the domain dmlr.org and relocated, rebuilt, relaunched it as website on Direct Marketing Linked Resources.
    - 112 web pages updated in the same period (Jul-Dec).
    - 25 new images supporting the DMLR logo and graphics.
    - 10 images updated to revamp the old ones.
    b) Subscribers.
    - New subscribers were being 79 from mid May to the end of the past year. One new member every 2.9 days!
    - Only 1 of 79 used the simple email request; all other 78 did subscribe via the autoresponder, which results more evident on the web pages and easier to be emailed.
    - The pages where subscribers decided their registration from are mostly the home page (25%) and the news gold page (15%).
    - Respect to the period 1997-2000, yearly subscribers are less numerous this time because of repeated changes occurred on DMLR web site from January to June included, due firstly to technical hitch and two time web relocation.
    - The most important results of the DMLR metamorphosis are an actual repositioning in the e-newsletter scenario and a new category of readers and subscribers for both the newsletter and the online articles --see further.
    - The double version of DMLR*News has found this year a fully predominant Italian audience (97.5%) and a limited international readership through English version (2.5%).
    - The table on point II is offering you other figures about the new composition of the 2000 audience. You can compare this new shape with the statistics 1997-1999 at http://www.dmlr.org/dmlruser.html
  3. Figures and charts. 

  4. - New subscribers (percent):
     Jan-Mar (0.0)
     Apr-Jun (35.9)
     Jul-Sep (24.4)
     Oct-Dec (39.7)

     Female (24.0)
     Male (76.0)

    - Email domains (percent):
     TIN.IT (16.5)
     LIBERO.IT (6.3)
     IOL.IT (3.8)
     TISCALI.NET (2.5)
     FREEMAIL.IT (2.5)
     NETTUNO.IT (2.5)
  5. Repositioning DMLR. 

  6. - DMLR finished the year on a positive note thanks to a well completed reposition which derived from the previous rebuilding and relaunching the website. At the end of December new subscribers to DMLR*News were grown during the last 7 months at the rate of one every three days.
    - DMLR started 2000 at space.tin.it, continued at infinito.it and finished at www.dmlr.org! The problems that plagued DMLR's web location in final 1999 and early 2000 were largely solved in May but completely in July. And recovery took time. When you have a stop like I had, it takes months to rebuild confidence and flow to a website. While the first half was a time where DMLR was licking its wounds, in the second half DMLR regains that confidence.
    - Despite several main locations --three in scarcely six months-- the year went like gangbusters according to the subscriber counter. The single most important factor driving new readers to DMLR in much of 2000 was the email marketing (yes!). That was really a critique means to bypass the less important use of search engines in a period of frequent Url changes.
    - With a ever more competitive market --2000 is considered the key of the Internet boom in Italy-- Web users seemed to favor the narrowly positioned email publications. Thanks to improved contents and a more varied publishing policy (the quarterly GOLD edition issued both as email and online page, plus the monthly BRIEF edition issued as email only for subscribers), I tried to make DMLR*News more interesting for the current members at first. As a result subscribers still grew in 2000, unless probably DMLR in the broader newsletter online market is undervalued because of its particular concept, as Internet marketing review from a critique stand.
    - Despite lousy returns in December, I would like to underline you again the importance of the "One-Q?-For-You" campaign. The online surveys are still the best way to know more about the Net users that stumbled on DMLR.ORG... So visit the survey page if you are newly here!
    - Forecast for 2001: I don't see a return to the kind of results I have seen in 1998-99 with three-figure growth rate of member basis. Rather I predict about 100-120 new subscribers in the next 12 months. This optimism (a) as result of a restart of search engines functionality in highlighting and driving new visitors to DMLR.ORG, so that the normal flow to the site will be restored; (b) as consequence of a new jump ahead on the Internet population in Italy.
  7. Direct marketing. 

  8. The newsletter is a common means of direct marketing, used by big businesses to develop a closer relationship with their own customers. Not common among the small- or medium- sized enterprises, the newsletter should be very important for an Internet based activity, from the dot-coms to the web presence of traditional businesses and brands. In fact it doesn't exist a unique kind of newsletter and I'm going to list and describe the several alternatives by a marketing point of view. This serves you for better placing the newsletter you are reading now and to eventually find a market for your own present or future email news. This term --email newsletter-- is referring to a periodical publication distributed via an e-mail list. How to form or consolidate a list I have written about in past issues of DMLR*News (15 to 17). Now I'm focusing on the type of email newsletter by contents and marketing objectives.
    A) Journalist approach. You may consider this type of news similar to DMLR, which contains original reports, reviews, editorials and articles. The style is that of "the firm is informing about..." with indirect fall-out on the range of offered products, if they exist besides the publication itself.
    B) Promotion approach. The contents are formally fulfilled by news, promotions, updates on products and services for an audience of current or potential clients. They are the most common type of news aimed to a continuous relationship with people wanting to know what is important and new about a product category they are probably present heavy consumer.
    C) News Briefs. This time the publication is made by short blurbs or ads, whose function is to forward the readers to some other informative source somewhere, usually an online web based complete publication. Similar to type on D) but more oriented to introduce an informative content rather than a promotional one.
    D) "Teasers". They are related to in-depth articles available on a web site, in print or other distribution forms. See and compare to the kind of newsletter on C).
    E) "Reminders". The contents are an array of information and elements to remember receiver the events, appointments, venues important for an organization or business or association. An on-line community is constantly informed on events and facts so that members stay connected with one another and gather at the most interesting virtual or physical happenings.
    F) F.A.Q. approach. In fact they are Q&A style interviews or part of a "frequently asked questions" web section, allowing the reader to know the basics of a product or service, whitout wasting time and concentrating of the core of matters. Sometimes this form of news is an "one time" issue for keeping new reader aware of a further and more interesting step or the online service functioning.
    G) Sales approach. Offering a package (product features, price, promotion) for a limited time, the news becomes a real system of "call to action", such as software upgrades or seasonal sale or extra discount. The reader is requested --on the basis of the current offer-- to make a decision and eventually a purchase within a pre-selection of products in a due time and manner.
  9. Linked resources. 

  10. And these are some resources you may read to grasp the strategies that are commonly used by e-mail publishers:
    - Gartner Insight, IT consultancy group. Monthly news, free registration as user through opt in box on website at www.gartner.com. Type: B/D.
    - IndustryScoop, on Internet news, events and networking. Registration at www.industryscoop.com for getting the biweekly news published since 4/1998. Type: A/E.
    - Nielsen//Netratings, support for technology aimed to measure both Internet use and advertising. For subscribing visit www.nielsen-netratings.com (weekly). Type: B/C.
    - Content Summit (yearly) linked to the IP Top awards and other events managed by Interactive Publishing, CH. An example of news promoting one time events and online in-depth information at www.contentsummit.com. Type: E.
    - They all archive the past issues online. You can visit each of them to make an opinion on different ways to manage an e-newsletter.
    Press on GOLD SELECTION to enter the selected websites NOW!
  11. Radical click! 

  12. "Daddy, do you know whom did the men learn to speak from?". An astonished small town sheriff --Gregory Peck-- is quiet. "From the parrots!" explains her daughter. (As from movie 'I walk the line', 1970, by J. Frankenheimer).
    The marketing of politics is possible on the road only or the online community is mature and important for the new general election of the next spring? Who is the master of e-marketing among politicians today? Who are the parrots? My basic New Year's message is simple: be Radical while you are surfing the Net! Www.radicali.it is a clear example of interactive center built on a website to participate on the politics with or without a liking to the radical party. But with a link to a website like that you can easily stay informed on new political issues, topics and scandals.
    More: it's an actual lab for all who are interested in a community where are functioning the new modes of communication such as e-mail, e-forums, e-survey and the melting down of old and new means to deliver text, audio and video information in real time. All information speaks to you about the likes and dislikes of the big players of the Italian scenario. And it's also a Web provocation against who thinks the Left and Right are really specular or the game is already over!
  13. Editorial schedule 2001. 

  14. - DMLR newsletter schedule is as follows:
    Today = DMLR Gold IV; February and March = DMLR Brief; April = DMLR Gold V; May and June = DMLR Brief; July = DMLR Gold VI; August and September = DMLR Brief; October = DMLR Gold VII; November and December = DMLR Brief. Email newsletter will be sent to you on the first Friday of each month. Gold issues will be published online too.
    - DMLR*News is always emailed to registered subscribers. If you are interested in, please send a blank email to dmlr_int@sendfree.com.
    To leave the DMLR email list send a blank email to quit_dmlr@sendfree.com.
Copyright 2001 - All rights reserved (except where indicated). 
Roberto Dondi - marketing consultant and author. 
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