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This GOLD edition is dedicated to Mr. Kumar who suggested me on Nov.11, 1998 the writing of this newsletter in English too.

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  1. East is East. 

  2. - 200,000 people will count the brain drain from India, Pakistan and Far East to Ireland within next 7 years. Irish businesses have to fulfil the lack of computer technicians in facing up to the New Economy. (Source: Web Society,
    - 1 million US$ is the price paid by Siegesoft Internet Solution to Rishi Bhat, 15-year-old, the creator of a new software protecting the privacy of Web surfers. The kid is native of an Indian family based in Chicago and the press is talking about Rishi as the new tycoon of 21º century. Good luck!
    - 1 (one) virus emailed probably from Manila (Philippinas) across Europe and North-America on May 4th, kept warning some major companies of the planet on computers' disaster. (Source: everywhere the day after).
    - 1,050 days ago Hong Kong ceased to be a British colony becoming a Chinese zone.
    - 38,000 US$ is the highest per capita income of the world and it belongs to Singapore inhabitants.
  3. Olds & News. 

  4. Let's take the Old Economy and the New Economy as two macro sectors of the worldwide economic system. They are not insulated compartments. On the contrary they are comparing with or fighting each other, and more often melting down. Let's blend olds and news and we obtain 4 business categories (market/product): OLD-OLD, OLD-NEW, NEW-OLD, NEW-NEW.
    -> Old-old is the business whose products don't depend on the growth of the WWW (really). Don't forget all that goes from major consumer and households brands (cf. to the entertainment and, no kidding, pornography industries. They are old-old and invest on web sites greatly because as big businesses have to be there.
    -> Old-new compartment consists of products and services which are gaining benefits from the Internet as new either global or local market. The communication media revamp themselves by an integration with the Net as alternative medium (cf. Newspapers and news agencies lead the information online, so adding a channel where they woo old and new readers.
    -> New-old is the Internet-based businesses group, that is the traditional star of the new economy. Many early movers in Internet commerce have established their brands in this category. Do you buy somewhere online? The auctions for the consumer goods are the kind you know as new-old (cf.
    -> New-new means the core business of the new economy. The Net created new businesses, whose products are strictly related to the cyberspace. Much of the software and hardware supply is becoming an Internet affair. Furthermore the delivering of cutting-edge technology to a rapidly expanding marketplace is a new-new business (cf. They are the blue chips of the future.
    Which category do you put your business into?
  5. Pit stop. 

  6. How do we measure the effectiveness of a Web page? Similar to racing cars the Web pages need to conform to skills like speed and versatility. The mechanics are the utilities, professional tools for webmasters. Visiting the Website Garage I checked the performance of the DMLR main page. The resulting check is as follows: BROWSER COMPATIBILITY = excellent; READINESS = good; LOAD TIME = good; DEAD LINK = excellent; LINK POPULARITY = poor; SPELLING = excellent; HTML DESIGN = poor; OVERALL PAGE RATING = fair.
    (Cf. load time and P-control method as described on DMLR*News no.19 -see Archive). Press on the GOLD SELECTION to check your web at Website Garage!
  7. Direct marketing. 

  8. This portal fits to the SMEs wanting to contact Chinese suppliers or prospects:
    Services provided to registered firms are: posting business messages to the members network; consulting the BBS on buying or selling opportunities; searching by product or company; receiving a free weekly newsletter on the business in China.
    Registering you can choose among 24 trades of your interest. Press on the GOLD SELECTION to enter this portal!
  9. Linked resources. 

  10. They are linking onto DMLR:
    - Global Reach presenting an article written by me on the 'Web marketing process'.
    - Marketing expert and author (i.e. Power Direct Marketing) 'Rocket' Ray Jutkins exchanging links with DMLR.
    - C2S linking text to this site.
    - AltaVista has reported DMLR pages as first and fourth resulted Url when has been finding by the key word 'dmlr'. As tested on May 10.
    - is hosting a DMLR link since May 11.
    Press on the GOLD SELECTION to enter the websites above.
  11. DMLR upgrades. 

  12. DMLR has moved to this Web server many of its pages published during the year 1999. The official Url is now referring to as start page of Direct Marketing Linked Resources. The former Url is a dead link right now.
    The WWW guide has been recently renewed on the web sites list offering a regular monthly turnover and introducing new linked sites.
    DMLR*News is becoming a quarterly e-newsletter, published online here or posted via email. See details below (VII).
    I set up some Dhtml pages, whose best view you'll get with Netscape Navigator 4.6.
  13. Email version. 

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    - The Italian-language copy is also available via email. Send a blank email to
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