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The online promotion: advertising banner.

The purpose of the reciprocal links exchange is to obtain a wider audience - number of visitors - for both sites, offering to frequently web surfers the opportunity to know about a new location on the Internet right now. The proposal is as more effective as the partnership is more respectful of the partner's interest. The banner is the main advertising tool over the WWW: a graphic image (static or animated) which opens the door to another Web, because of the linking to its own site to achieve trade, promotional and/or informative purposes. One-click access to the world's most popular E-commerce website is possible by a 120(w) x 60(h) pixel banner as follows, that is the graphic image served by Amazon.com and defined as 'Banner Link':

The banner placed onto a Web site makes a privileged link particularly when associated with an affiliate program. In this case, the linked graphics are operational tools of a contract by means of that an affiliate lets at disposal a space for advertising the affiliating Web site. The banner is creating a direct link to that! Right now you'll find a "search box" (120x90 px) used on sites joining the associates program offered by Amazon.com, that is allowing to get direct information on the avilable books that have got contents about, for example, marketing.

Amazon.com are rotating the banners or promos above, so that every day or week you can see different graphics and messages aiming to the seasonal sales and best offerings. One of the banners "served" by this Internet giant within their marketing programs (Amazon.com Associates) may be viewed by up to 2-3 million users per month, according to Nielsen//NetRatings reports!

By the way many banners are and have been rotating since 1997 on DMLR. They have been linking to different sites from portals on marketing to several software providers... Let's start visiting some banners I have displayed to connect my website to other online resources very useful for any professional working daily with a computer connected to the Internet,
Bannerology Vol.I
Greatest DMLR hits have been broadcast by banner ads. Now some of the best DMLR campaigns are collected here
Bannerology Vol.II
Finally I resume for old and young readers of DMLR the external campaigns that have been supported through banners placed on this site,
Bannerology Vol.III.
...But the best works have been absolutely those created in short order, i.e. 2004/05,
Bannerology Vol.IV.

Banner exchange program.
DMLR.ORG provides areas for free banner ads on its main pages [in English or Italian]:
Banner square-format 60x60 or 100x100 pixel (WxH)
Banner rectangular-format 234x60 or 468x60 pixel (WxH)
To exchange banners, email to m e.

Importing the DMLR banner

M1 Banner DMLR News/ Text: EN/ Pixel: 468x60.
Add it into your site by putting down the following HTML code:
<P><A HREF="http://www.dmlr.org/square1.htm">
<IMG SRC="http://www.dmlr.org/GIF/exp468.gif" ALT="dmlr.org" HEIGHT=60 WIDTH=468 BORDER=0></A></P>

M3 Banner DMLR Web/ Text: EN/ Pixel: 234x60.
Add it into your site by putting down the following HTML code:
<P><A HREF="http://www.dmlr.org/square1.htm">
<IMG SRC="http://www.dmlr.org/GIF/exp234.gif" ALT="dmlr.org" HEIGHT=60 WIDTH=234 BORDER=0></A></P>

Link exchange program.
DMLR.ORG provides some areas of free link exchange for websites related to marketing.
To exchange links put the main DMLR's url (http://www.dmlr.org/square1.htm) on your web pages. Meanwhile email to m e the address of the website to be listed on the WWW Guide by dmlr.org.

Link Popularity.

"Link popularity is the total number of web sites that link to your site", as from LinkPopularity.com.

PS. Among many marketing experts who have encouraged the DMLR project and allowed me to hold onto www.dmlr.org some original articles and excerpts from their bestselling books, I would remember here --with special thanks to:

  • Larry Chase,
  • Jim Novo,
  • Jim Sterne,
  • Stefan Eyram,
  • Vinay Bhagat,
  • Clint Kaiser,
  • Kristie Tamsevicius,
  • Chee Wee,
  • Kevin Nunley,
  • Kevin Roberts,
  • Michael Markette,
  • Eric Ward,
  • Seth Godin.
Find links to their personal web sites on DMLR's 13!

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