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    Dear Reader,
    since 1997 I've been publishing Direct Marketing Linked Resources, aka DMLR, originally intended to identify both an e-newsletter (see DMLR*News) and a Web magazine.
    2011 DMLR Magazine broke out with the new series, conceived as a dynamic container that hosts reflections linking the era of modern marketing with literature, history and society. So here you are going to access it by means of the original banner gone with the flow of magazines marked as next generation!

    To answer a simple question: Is Gold A Commodity Or Love-Sign?
    Gold's tempting people look at one product differently from the ordinary range of merchandise. When we buy we're obsessed by objects as gold as color, packaging, name, symbol. Gold is our 'agent provocateur' adding value to consumer goods --they have to have sex appeal too!
    The golden products let buyers feel the price is worth paying because they get premium quality from... integrity, accuracy, fidelity, or respect. Read the magazine!


    A journey into Sur as a journey into the past of a country.
    But this country has become a perfect model used to explain the present or foresee the future of many other countries belonging to a different continent, say Europe. Moreover, we couldn't say anything about Argentina but nothing compares to you.
    ¡Ya basta, vamos al restaurante económico El Gaucho! Read the mag#1


    Album is a short essay on German picture cards, which were marketing incentives and signs of history.
    1891 Hermann Bahlsen had launched some brand new cookies and started marketing them. Since it was generally good practice to give food products the name of a well known personality, for those butter biscuits our man chose "leibniz" from the most important person living in Hannover, the composer Gottfried W. Leibniz!
    This story is not like a fantastic "once upon a time" by Brothers Grimm, but everybody has to know that the life of the German consumers was changing just since then... Read the mag#2


    S.O.S. is an international code signal sent by folk living an extreme distress (eg. the refugees).
    This story was originally conceived as "Diary from Underground"... Many have been living underground because of a bad propaganda. This occurred when someone would like to incorporate the Ballkans. Today some new seismic pressure are threatening the Europe, SOS! Read the mag#3


    Now for something completely different: Casa Colombina awaits you all 'cuz these are the days of wild...
    Banana Republic is a small nation dependent on one crop or the influx of foreign capital. For marketers this term could be reduced to a today global brand.
    ¡Aquí y ahora puede ser un estado de locura! (Read the mag#4)


    TLV represents the "second chance" achieved by the power of "return"...
    Stories happen only to those who are able to tell them, someone once said. Israelites knew how to do it since the Old Testament whose primary language is in Hebrew. No matter how low we have fallen, if we have been able to make amends, and to begin again.
    It's never too late to visit TLV! (Read the mag#5)


    Chuan is a quick excursion across the Chinese mainland from North to South, from East to West, but also sensitive to old epoch stories until present day issues (literally).
    China's great jump ahead of the 21st century has been originated far back in the history, far away from Europe and the Western culture. All that history escapes us now because it was infinitely complex...
    Chung-kuo! (Read the mag#6)


    What sets the LOVEMARKS apart from other brands? Are they focusing simply on consumer nostalgia?
    A brand represents the teasing image of a business: according to the pop culture it's meaning to the customers well-being or at least freedom of choice... the subject of marketing!
    Some Brands I ♥ (Read the mag#7)


    The Canadian diary is telling the dawn of the World Wide Web.
    Twenty-five years ago I left and flew off to Canada. There I began to get ideas about starting a website on direct marketing!
    Oh Canada! (Read the mag#8)


    My Olympic games!
    The list of the sports I have been training for is far long: football, swimming, cycling, skiing, volleyball, handball, tennis, and (possibly) pentathlon.
    Olympics (Read the mag#9)

    My Olympis Games

    La historia inédita...
    I could not vividly recall Cuba (I flew there in April 1993). But many popular aspects of the daily living come out of the pictures I had taken by means of a low-cost easy-to-use camera. Being photograph all at once.
    Cuba Libre (Read the mag#10)

    Cuba Libre

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