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"since gold is our agent provocateur... many surprises await you!"

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or "Is Gold A Commodity Or Love-Sign?"

(INTRO) Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this golden page. Tremendous web sites are in store & many surprises await you. It is a lovely sight & a golden opportunity. If you feel a jolt of savage pleasure before an object made of gold (Love Sign?), or you feel rejected by the high society because you don't know what drives the price of gold (Commodity?), please read attentively this web magazine. It will help win the gold!

G is for Guarantee.

Here we go! A beat of news opens this catalog focusing on the meaning of gold as marketing medium...
A new high for the gold price is expected in 2011, more precisely a further 20 per cent jump on this upward trending market. Discover how one opens doors to the world of the most preciously marketed products, since gold is our agent provocateur... a guarantee of quality and excellence inside a premium product or service that is coming to your table, room, car, body, life.


    What if you wake up and your money is just a piece of paper? Go to gold vending machine! Find the ATM next to you in order to invest in something real. Hurry before it's too late...

    This globe coated with gold goes to such great actor as Jeff Gold·blum and Whoopi Gold·berg (born Johnson).

    A sheet of pure gold?

    Gold is a term very similar to GOOD...

    Monetary gold: advancing the role of gold and silver as money. Read how to convert goldgrams into physical gold bars for insured mailing or collection.

    The origin of gold: a raw material comes from mine thanks to miners. Perhaps a mine reminds an explosion because the gold is something dangerous?

    Gold in a circle: the golden point is part of a brand name logo.

    Just imagine! This domain is for sale: it is worth 535 US$ payable by credit card only.

    Goldbar is even a trademark to a precious Swiss chocolate maker: the company can offer all customers a personalized chocolate box with optimum quality at affordable price just like a private bank.

    Gold associated to excellent beverage and food menu: happy hour.

    Eva took the first... then came the apple cider: goldly delicious!

    There is a promise of unsurpassed dining to beat a lack of appetite. If one's got to like it then the sensual experience continues at the sexy lounge...

O is for ORO (that is the italian and spanish word for gold, maybe even an African divinity or the mount in Greek).

Gold is a yellow precious metal, the chemical element no.79, valued especially in jewelry and decoration (symbol: Au). Economical extraction is only possible from deposits of the native metal or sulfide ores. Despite the use of the metal in coins is very limited, gold is considered money in a large sums. So marketers have been able to represent or use it as imaginary reward to strongly involved customers to a specific product brand. I.e. Gold card is a credit card issued to people with a high credit rating and giving benefits not available with the standard card.
Other lucky numbers for pure gold are 19.3 (weight) and 2.5 (hardness).

XL Magazine

No Mas ORO Sucio
Gold mining is one of the dirtiest business in the world. The production of one gold ring generates 20 tons of mine waste. (from

L is for LUXURY

This is a collection of real quotes witnessing how much gold is loved as symbol of high product and service performance. Talking about IT, folks have suddenly become even more excited as usual and anyone shows that this is the thing they love best of all. [From an accurate survey by Metro Gold·wyn Marketing --the report has just twitted!]
[GOLDNUTRITION] "A golden health is completely absurd? But it has been projected and all your tiredness fall away from your weak body and you become as excited as a young boy... a golden boy."
[GOLD-FILTERED] "Now it's possible to drink more than water, gold-filtered mineral water from spa springs. Each bottle a jewel!"
[GOLDEN-FOOD] "Marketers have been creating the golden food for people who are earning very little money. You will spend some coins that give precious meal back. I mean golden rice for example".
[GOLDKENN] "I was sitting at home watching television and suddenly a commercial did FLASH on to the screen with a voice saying, EAT THE BEST CHOCOLATE IN THE WORLD. And they send goldbars to the four corners of Switzerland, sorry of the earth".
[GOLDEN AGE] "The Golden Globe is the prize of a lifetime! Thanks to producers, my mom... and the fans, a golden horde".
[GOLD LABEL] "You buy this gold-labelled coffee and wait something astonishing happens. I wish you heaven..."
[GOLDMONEY] "What a thrill it will be for you to visit this website where you can sell your fine gold-topped walking cane. Or get your free gold money report".
[GOLDMEMBER] "All you will do, it will go gold. Before I was a golden member, I got only the gold filling in the back tooth... then a lucky time followed".
[GOLDFINGER] "You cannot make dreamed jewels without a gold leaf. It's filed, easy, antiquated, loved. I myself use billions of leaves in this factory".
[GOLDMINE] "Gold is going to finish? Nonsense, even the sea contains gold!".
[GOLD-VITE] "The vitamin G has been searched for years to make people look younger and happier. This golden therapy allows an old fellow of ninety-six to jump and start doing a dance of victory even in his pyjamas".
[GOLDPEN] "It's about 50 times as fluent and lasting as any other ballpen. Hurry, it's a limited edition".
[GOLDCASH] "House are no longer the gold-plated investment they were".
[GOLDCASTER] "These guitars with solid 18 K gold tops... emit amazing tones coupled with unmatched luxury".
[GOLDEN RULE] "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".


D is for DURABLE

The mankind's history is full of colonized minds because of the gold rush. The major gold rushes took place in the U.S.A. --first to California (1848), Australia, South Africa, and Canada. Now people look like mad to find their gold source, from fully grown women acting as gold diggers, to clever rappers achieving a gold disk... Except of you! {3x
The states are gold addicted too, since a very large quantity of gold held by a central bank supports the issue of currency.
How many are the colors of this durable good? Please check your favorite color according to your main dream or need, here:
Brown as Deposit
Black as Duty
Pink as Dream
Yellow as Donation

Thanks to your independence you sure gonna find the right golden piece at
♥ GOLD ALERT ♥ Jewelry represents the equivalent of 90 percent of mine production of gold!
But does woman love dirty gold? That general firm belief has been denied by Elisabetta Canalis, formerly testimonial for DonnaOro brand, while she is starring in an edgy hot video for PETA that is showing how dangerous can be to leave your dog in a car on even a mildly warm summer day... Golden heart!

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PS. Gold reserve.

To seriously learn about gold mining, what factors move prices, and how gold trading works, at they have published a comprehensive guide to gold and gold markets.
(DMLR*News GOLD is the richest series of this marketing-oriented website... The main reef is now shut by 3 chains of gold!)

(OUTRO) Basically inspired by the most amazing and fabulous and sensational ore in the world. You mean people are actually going to be allowed to go inside the G.O.L.D. machine? Today the gold market has been disclosed to you'll according to the World Gold Council ( 

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