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February 07
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    DMLR*Newsletter — GOLD Edition n.32
    I. DMLR Club.

    DMLR Club is the most anticipated experience of 2007 --see DMLR*News no.31! The following instructions for use are just some examples of what you and everyone can get out of DMLR Club contents. Knock on the door of the club... or don't you wanna come?
    The list below contains a range of topics you can easily study in depth on direct marketing thanks to the books selection available at DMLR Club.
    1. Terminology. Direct marketing is a trillion-dollar industry and a marketing discipline that produces the bottom-line results most companies want to achieve. Many businesses are becoming more aware of the potential direct marketing offers, and as new technologies and opportunities emerge, more marketers are including this discipline in their marketing mix. (From 'The Complete Guide to Direct Marketing: Creating Breakthrough Programs That Really Work' by Chet Meisner).
    2. Description. Business-to-business marketing is the fastest growing segment of direct marketing and online commerce. This practical yet forward-thinking blueprint for success goes a step further than other Internet marketing books by focusing on how to enhance the business-to-business segment of direct marketing through the Internet. Internet marketers will learn proven strategies for increasing profits such as generating leads with e-mail, using Internet events for marketing, and building customer relationships. This new edition has been updated with the latest case studies, Web site references, and Internet use statistics. (From 'Business To Business Internet Marketing: Seven Proven Strategies for Increasing Profits Through Internet Direct Marketing' by Barry Silverstein).
    3. Authors. Edward L. Nash heads up Team Nash Inc., direct marketing consulting and creative firm based in New York City handling Internet, direct marketing and database clients in the U.S. and five other countries. He also teaches direct marketing at New York University and Virginia Commonwealth University. Prior to forming Team Nash, he was Executive Vice President of Bozell Worldwide, Inc., where he oversaw the strategic development of U.S. global direct marketing programs. (source: 'Direct Marketing: Strategy, Planning, Execution' by Edward L. Nash).
      PS. Consider also the opportunity of searching for the web location of the authors, usually a personal or corporate site, and the possibility to contact them via email...
    4. Details. Marketers do not usually develop products and other marketing mix strategies in the absence of strategic planning. Occasionally someone has a great idea at the right time and gets lucky, but usually marketing success requires homework before investment. There are lots of questions about how to use the Internet and other electronic technologies to increase business profitability. Many e-commerce firms are growing wildly and a few are profitable, but others are still dedicating huge amounts of money in hope of future profits. Innovative new services on the Web are attracting very large audiences, but most are not yet profitable. Chapter 1 begins an exploration of e-marketing strategies by outlining many new e-business rules and by introducing lots of new terminology defining and putting it in context. Also in this chapter are explanations of current business models on which firms are banking to provide customer value and thus increase profits now and down the road. (source: 'E-Marketing (4th edition)' by Judy Strauss, Adel I. En-Ansary, Raymond D. Frost).
    Like inside each comfortable club, even DMLR Club offers many other benefits to members... not only titles and authors, terms and details. Moreover you will find chapters or back cover excerpts, customer and editorial reviews, and a lot of remarkable marketing news... All this is free of charge and do not require to place the order for any of the products delivered by that kind of bookstore you browse at DMLR Club. If the club will deliver the goods to you, then tell it like it's do-it-yourself DM!

    II. Magalog.

    Magalog stands for magazine plus catalog.
    It consists of the official list of all newsletters issued as DMLR*News Gold since 2005 and a collection of the best international marketing magazine selected in association with
    The resulting magalog is available for browsing by date and as fast as possible the complete series of this newsletter if you are (were) not a regular subscriber to DMLR*News in the last 24-month period. Magalog is at
    If you wants to subscribe DMLR*News for free just open the subscription page for adding your email address to the list of people able to receive it every two months directly into the personal in-box. DMLR*News will be delivered as HTML format issue or text alert depending of the capabilities of one's email program.
    The mode to leave the list is even simpler than enter it! Just manage the personal note at the bottom of every DMLR*News sent as email newsletter. This note allows everyone to enter the user profile interface. So you can easily access your personal information and turn your former subscription into a temporary or definitive removal. If the personal data have been correctly managed one will be leaving the list at any time without sending other email to unsubscribe.
    As DMLR*News started 10 years ago to reach people over the Internet, some pages may contain different procedures in order to subscribe or unsubscribe. Some work some don't... In any case the best to do for all new readers and/or website visitors is following the instructions contained on the most recent pages issued at, i.e. from the English menu page updated monthly.
    Finally the 2007 series of DMLR*News Gold will be issued in the even months (Feb., Apr., Jun., Aug., Oct. and Dec.) both in English and Italian.
    If you're not already a subscriber, make sure you get the next issue as soon as it's out. It's free and the delivery is assured straight to your computer by IntelliContact email list software management.

    III. Listmania!

    Get up, come on, let's cruise the Net back to DMLR Club, the real key-word of this issue...
    The hard-core marketer will be able to get satisfaction from each item displayed there by visiting the section titled Listmania!
    Through the gates of Listmania! you will access very wider contents starting from a topic well defined by the item you are visiting, as you are spinning a sticky web around what you are searching for. For example, one visitor coming to the book 'The New Direct Marketing (3rd edition)' is already made aware of what this title can offer to him as it 'shows you how to combine database technology with innovative direct marketing methods to first identify, and then profit from your customers' all-important needs, desires, likes, and dislikes'.
    But this new exploration/exhibition is not ended here, on the contrary there is a good reason to continue because, thanks to Listmania!, you will discover the Basic Direct Marketing Library or such Similar Items as 'Successful Direct Marketing Methods' by Bob Stone. Incidentally, I should invite to start your direct marketing experience just from Bob Stone's book because it's a stonehenge in DM!
    Too much power by Listmania? At DMLR Club you gonna get satisfied real soon...

    IV. Revenge.

    TOP4 is a selection of websites and a marketing review by a critique stand.
    The first series covered the period from 1999 to 2002, and for your knowledge you may visit the complete archive here.
    But ultimately --say the brand new series-- Top4 has a thing about ranking websites... In order to make order onto the recent sequel of six magazines released by DMLR and get all Top4 needed numbers, I would like to put you all wise to the contents of the new chapters in order to appearance at
    • Eye (Jul. 2005) opens the trilogy called Nuntereggae Collection featuring the most important brands with regards to the Italian households scenario. The revenge of Top4 magazine three years later...
    • P.I.M.P. (Sep. 2005). This acronym is introducing the Primo Internet Marketing Prize, a virtual contest for sites owned by or related to stars from the show-business. Among these celebs find primo actors, popstars and comedians with their official web locations...
    • Family Follows Fiction (Jan. 2006). FFF belongs to the project started 2005 when Centromarca launched a wide advertising campaign to support the consuming of branded products. They asked Italian consumers to write about their personal relationship with a famous brand...
    • Saudade (Apr.2006) contains 10 commonplaces stories about Brazil that are focusing on that country as an interesting entertainment marketing arena, from traditional music and soccer to the new media driven by the Internet...
    • La Grande Boucle(Jul. 2006). Name it the Tour de France or as you want, but behind the racing bicycles there are epos, myths, and a challenge of great branded teams...
    • F L A S H V I L L E (Dec. 2006). Creative people can not be qualified really creative if they don't use Macromedia Flash as medium to customize their own presence on the Net. In short, "I Flash Therefore I Am"...
    PS. Top4 magazine is not regularly scheduled. All pages as always best viewed with screen resolution at 1024x768 px!

    V. Direct Marketing.

    The DIRECT MARKETING glossary is available on DMLR in a 3-document edition (PDF) you can browse here or easily download onto your desktop. It consists of 19 pages as a whole, 311 paragraphs/terms, 236 Kb, 7450 words, 44772 types!
    Select and print the three parts of the glossary in English from PDF::Menu.
    Sure the Internet has been changing the traditional snail-mail based direct marketing. And yet the Internet marketing is a consequence of the old direct marketing somehow. Many terms you'll find inside the DM glossary are suiting for the e-mail marketing too...
    What you don't find on the glossary are such Internet born terms as 'Guestbook', strictly related to the new medium... Well, 'guestbook' is a forum for your site visitors to leave you ideas, viewpoints, or just praise. For more suggestions on this Website feature visit!

    VI. Linked Resources.

    On the Internet, e-mail discussion lists help build relationship and meet people within an industry.
    The most important Italian list looking after the Web marketing is for sure Mlist at
    6,000 list members, many savvy-Internet regular partecipants, and 1,000 business cards promoting Italian websites are the figures making of Mlist a prime network for marketers willing to get indirect promotion to their products and services.
    Mlist has been mantaining over the years a good reputation thanks to the high level of the discussion contents and a constant presence of the list moderator, Internet expert Elena Antognazza.
    What are the topics discussed by partecipants to Mlist during the latest weeks? Blog and journalism, email/CRM software, SEO, online payment systems, keyword ranking, virtual economy. Thus you all are invited to join the list if you are looking for experiences, ideas and visions about the marketing via Internet...

    VII. MyQuiz.

    Fellas, how bad is so much SPAM (unsolicited commercial e-mail)? Are really 20 billion e-mails bombarding the Net customers every day?
    Find answer on
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