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"How to meet very stars via the Internet"

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Roberto Dondi
Word processing, html programming and the ropes 
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Archive 2000::01

Hollywood Party
or Primo Internet Marketing Prize (P.I.M.P.)

(INTRO) I like to think even a multi-talented artist like Peter Sellers (1925-1980) --musician, speaker, actor-- would have got today his personal website to reflect the changes recently occurred in the show business. Sellers spent many years of his career greatly performing the dangereux inspector Clouseau and other extravagant roles... one for all the Indian shy extra in "The Party", 1968. With this page I would pass my virtual sympathies on to his family and friends, especially director Blake Edwards. Sob!
In a planet where almost three-fourth of stars are off-line, improving access to the Internet is urgent. Studies show that an on-line star is more likely to provide her or his fans with adequate information and entertainment. Support the P.I.M.P. campaign, and give celebrities and their web sites the best chance to survive and thrive.

Who is your personal icon? Ever thought about actors or popstars but never taken the next step? This stars special issue tells you how to meet very important people via the Internet...
It's amazing how often the official website --not the fan zone!-- offers tracks reflecting the star's deeper and closer qualities that have allowed a great celebrity to rise to fame and iconic status. One's website is the primary source to find out and answer to the essential question what do celebrities really do for the ordinary people on the Web? This is only a short range of possibilities
  • Caring About Fans
  • Counselling Health and/or Beauty
  • Promoting Charities
  • Providing News
  • Teaching Lifestyle
  • Delivering Photos
Maybe you thought you couldn't afford to contact them or that you didn't have the right broadband connection to? Think again...
BEWITCHED. Invited by Unicef to become a national ambassador, she had already built "a successful Internet company that stands alone as the only celebrity network remaining and has an extremely strong presence on the web. Her website is the most popular within the network, garnering an average of 120,000 hits per month. (...)She was also profiled in the April 2002 issue of Emmy Magazine as a tribute to the power of branding and marketing between Hollywood celebrities and corporate America". About www.alyssa.com (an icon also seen on "Charmed", TV series).
STATUS SYMBOL. Expensive furs have been banned from the celebrities lifestyle many decades ago. Some pictures or textures of that status symbol survive in the virtual world only. Don't be afraid she's all but a monster! C@ www.charlizetheron.com (an icon also seen on "The Curse of the Jade Scorpion", movie).
STYLISH GENTLEMAN. He is providing banners with the actor's photo to promote his official website and fashion line, Mrs. Mudd, that he advertises on-line only. Ten per cent of revenues are going to finance indipendent theatre projects. This way I hipped you to what's being John Malkovich... C@ www.johnmalkovich.com (an icon also seen on "The Player", movie).
FUNKY THANG. Planning an Hollywood-style party? This will turn out to be a real bash if you hire a couple of great artists as special guests. Playing soul and funky classics, they will be able to keep everyone on the dancefloor once the celebrations have died down. Contact their agents via the Internet and save! Just ask www.candydulfer.com and www.rosiegaines.com (both icons also seen at invitation-only parties).
ACE. Probably the best website starring an ace actor is JCO. Started in June 1996, it contains 400 pages, offers 16 areas of contents, about 80 video clips, 650 sound clips and 1000 pictures! The JCO crew has been organized like a real news team. JCO stands for www.jimcarreyonline.com (an icon also seen on "The Truman Show", movie).
ILLUSION "Thank you for writing to Tyra Banks. This address is for photo requests ONLY. If you were requesting a free photo and did not include your postal mailing address, please e-mail us again and include the address. If you already did, please disregard this automatically generated message. Allow at least 4-6 weeks for your request to be processed. Pictures will be sent by postal mail, not e-mail. Due to high volumes of mail being handled, we cannot reply personally to your questions or comments. One autograph request per e-mail, please". Auto-responder sample by www.tyrabanks.com (an icon also seen along catwalks).
COMA. Beppe who? The great audience jumps off the deep uncosciousness. Formerly known as TV comician, his latest role is outside the little screen, as opinion leader. His new medium is the website where he's hosting a forum on the daily happenings that ordinary people are caring about. C@ www.beppegrillo.it (an icon also seen on www.sparatilafaccia.org --shooting face to control arms, campaign).
LAMB. Right there you are invited to buy the first work of her forthcoming solo career... The curiosity is the Web site shows handsome handwriting by the artist. C@ www.gwenstefani.com (an icon, No Doubt...).
CIRCUMSTANCE. "Thank you for your e-mail! John is always interested in his fans and welcomes your letter. Unfortunately, because of his demanding schedule, John is not always able to respond personally, but all comments are read". Auto-responder sample by www.travolta.com (an icon also seen on "Saturday Night Fever", movie).


This year Primo Award by DMLR is gonna rock the on-line community of the show biz!
We get a load of those Web sites owned by or officially given to a gross player, a popstar, a celebrity. They usually sell a performance, not a product. So why should they personally go online? That's a good point but the answer is easy too. They are an actual business and as many businesses already know more and more clients are using their Internet access to search for opportunity before even picking up the phone... Or they don't have to be special guests at talk shows in order to plug their latest cd, book or movie... Maximum the fans can get through to them... no sweat!
Since they have launched their own site these stars don't seem as far as they did yesterday!
For reading the whole series of Web nominees, go to the starting grid, details on score and criteria at 2005 Primo Award.
Primo Internet Marketing Prize
And The Winner Is...

I'm happy to inform you that www.carmenelectra.com is the Primo-award winner for the year 2005!
Motive? Her site is so prominent because thru the biography area it glowed the truth, i.e. her name was S. but someone called her Carmen Electra. Her Pink Panther-like signature reassures the visitors of the official location. And she has spent her money so well, probably just two thousand dollars, and maxed on return on investment since she launched her own 6-area Web site in 2003. That one is now a perfect prototype for other celebs came later! She knew which Web strategy to use in order to allow the fans hook her up coast to coast, and show everybody the color of her hair, eyes and lips. Carmen might talk from the Web but what does she say? "Stop staring, buy the magazine"!

(OUTRO) To present 2005 Primo Award I could have invited the best presentatrice of MTV ever seen, but she ritired... Or I ought to have signed Kermit the Frog from the www.muppets.com, but he was really too busy to appear here... Or I should have booked a limousine to entertain the winner, but the no-budget prize doesn't allow to go out with a bang...
Because DMLR.ORG(sm) is a non-profit web site, I'm used to award the winner simply thru one virtual prize, the wrong-way-rotating-globe that has been for years the official logo of the Primo Award. But this time I have designed a special banner to celebrate the Primo Internet Marketing Prize! Download it from here above, and show it if you want. Permission is not required but the link to this page would be much appreciated. 

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