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The Book Collector.

(intro) "Hi there..." -knocking at the room door of her friend. "Fuck you!" -from inside the room. "I have got something you need" -she knows what other girl wants. "...Come in...". The preliminary talks went before an exchange of pills & thrills among the border line personality, her roommate and the weird chick -from the James Mangold's movie 'Girl, Interrupted' (1999). It's a screenplay based on a real story of a mental de-elevator trying to bring the girl down... but in that adversity she was able to get wild!

The summer menu is inspired by a mix of computer job and good reading as an unfailing drug against insomnia. Instead of consuming a lot of Tavor, enter the Internet library and browse the rich endowment of online resources leading to your marketing related books. I have selected web sites which include few surprises and some online links as a must. There you'll find many books I was inspired by in the collecting the material you can read on DMLR. Risk a click on the Top*Ten hit-parade and hit the books!

#1 in spotlighting the marketing of Italian design, []: the trendly objects collection such as 'La fabbrica estetica'.

#1 in computer books for beginners, []: the company publishing the famous books series For Dummies(tm) from IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.

#1 in web marketing, []: the U.S. leading online consultancy of Internet marketing resources.

#1 in Italian publishing []: a traditional location to find the right book from computer science to new economy.

#1 in scholarly publishing []: special bookstore from the M.IT.; browse the 'economics and finance' category.

#1 in worldwide online selling []: all you need online is ... book!

#1 in marketing management []: the Italian publisher of the Philip Kotler's classic.

#1 in marketing for SME []: a guidebook to the Internet for the small business, online sale too.

#1 in university press []: the Harvard university library.

#1 in New York City []: an actual book collector and publisher; 223 records on marketing!

To directly enter the Top*Four selected web sites, press on the link in the short list above on the left. To visit the other web locations simply copy and past the provided www address onto your browser and find the search engine of books by category. To search by means of online services, key words consist of: library, book, bookseller, bestseller, reading, edition, print, cover, consult, title, and/or the marketing lingo.

(outro) A book for the summer? Boo, a marketing book is often boring, so I'm reading again -and you would try- the old 'Duluth' (1983) by Gore Vidal. I had not read it for four years. Why should you read it? Maybe, just like the critics said, because it's hysterically funny or a masterpiece of hyper-novel... More simply it's my favorite travel book, interrupted.
Roberto Dondi - word processing, html programming and the ropes.
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