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Roberto Dondi
Word processing, html programming and the ropes 
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the nicknames


Green Marketing.

(intro) 'Mr. Ikea' ought to call Marla Singer to exchange each other the support programs for the next week. Unfortunately he dials Tyler's number. Since then he fights with himself discovering his human nature. But his troubles are only mountains and the sea, so he finally turns over a new leaf ("Fight Club" movie, 1999).

The monthly menu is inspired by the 'Mother Earth'. I have selected the choicest ingredients from nature's pantry. In Chinese religious beliefs, the 5 elements of Nature -Water, Metal, Wood, Fire and Earth- are a wonderful source of
refreshment, []
nourishment, []
comfort, []
and pleasure [].
With nature ruling the balance of rain and sun, our dependence on the earth is also a dependence on our own nature to fulfill our dreams. Blend the best aspects of yin and yang!
Green marketing is a kind of marketing focused on the condition of the earth and the human life too. So it teaches us to manage the marketing process for satisfying the needs, wants and demands of customers and society in a both profitable and environmentally sustainable way.
Do you get a green product? Fine, the Net is your marketplace and the e-prefix stands for ethical or ecological. DMLR.ORG is a green website, for example, because it would contribute to the greening of the Internet. DMLR-Web code of ethics set the following objectives:
  1. Long life website
  2. 100% original and/or recycled articles
  3. Concentrated, space-saving pages
  4. Natural colors and easy-to-read lettering
  5. Promotion thru not paid banner plus reciprocal link exchange
  6. Free membership
  7. Respect of subscribers' time and privacy
  8. Working computer is Apple
  9. Attention to animals
  10. Symbol of earth as annual Primo award logo

Search keys on the Internet: environment, ecology, green, movement, nature, values, ecosystem, safety, sustainability, consumerism, or a combination of the 'green' word with the marketing lingo.

(outro) As symbol of the century the American sport press chose the person of Cassius Clay -aka Muhammad Ali. Before his most famous fighting in Kinshasa, he said to his entourage: "Tonight I'm gonna dance". And he won against the world champion and the bookmakers at the rhythm of 'Ali, boma ye'. So he teaches us on to fight by dancing.


Roberto Dondi - word processing, html programming and the ropes.
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