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GLOBAL ZOO WEB - part 1 / 2

(INTRO) ...A doctor prescribes milk and whiskey as medicine for a old ill woman. He teaches the son how to succeed in the treatment: "Add a little more whiskey every day and serve the milk before sleeping". After some days the mother is appearing so much happy of the undisclosed beverage, that she calls the young close to her bed saying: "Son, do whatever you want but don't sell a cow!". After telling the joke to his kid brother, a man is now grinning happily. The other lets him know it was a good dude. Often brothers are just odd or their thoughts are fast running onto different ways. These are a young bandit in deep with the armed companion and his mild middle-aged brother addressed to a peaceful live with a squawking wife. Both have the same trouble to make ends meet. Maybe they better would split to pursue everyone's dreams. Maybe together they are feeling stronger --it's a dog-eat-dog world-- in coming to easy wealth. Instead they are dead ducks not going anywhere but with the undertaker. From the filmed "Gangster Story (Bonnie and Clyde)" by Arthur Penn, 1967 -Gene Hackman and Warren Beatty as respectively the older and younger brother.

Global Zoo Web

Milk as much as you can from cows -so have the consultants taught to many surges of marketers. You know that 'cows' -in the lingo of the shtarkers- are those products generating cash flow. And give up the dogs -they added. And you even know that 'dogs' are the old-fashioned products degenerating in losses. To turn a dog into a cow search by 'portfolio analysis' on the Boston Consulting Group web site, C@ The pets are yet the best man's mirror and the Internet is like a Zoo rich on apes, bugs, cows, mouses. Pets are living in or appearing on web sites as frequent guests of pictures, logos, animated banners. So far their familiar shapes have been employed in warming up the cool online world. There are marketing purposes too.
The horned ones - Finally I found the black elk in Italy, not yet reindeer and caribou! Strange but true, C@ Alce nero (tr. black elk) is selling bio food. The brand tries to transfer an idea of incontaminated land & natural food processing. Nothing to do with the Sun Country's fauna, but alternative products like bio need symbolism out of hand. So Alce Nero -probably an Injun- is alike to black sheep among the Italian pasta-factories' brands.
The flying ones - Microsoft has butterflies, natch. The new MS-Network logo standing out on web pages is a colorful butterfly, C@ Is her life too short, isn't it? If the worst comes to the worst another symbol will appear soon, you bet!
The pet shop - The wonderland for pets... a web location The Lion King would even be jealous of! C@
The risks - Puma is an example of product name, brand and animal becoming an item... In the '70s the sport players were seeming to split into two groups sporting solely brands owned by siblings of Mr. Dassler --a German business tycoon. Then in a flurry of competitors the Puma ran the risk of disappearing. As yet --fortunately-- the history of trade marks is less cruel than the extinction of animal species...
Free and wild - To market a country in wooing worldwide tourism nothing better than the extraordinary range of animals people can watch at going there. The brochure of South Africa plays this sound bite: ' the Big Five of the savanna has it added the giant of ocean: the whale. No one country on this world has a so great assortment of animal species... South Africa. The world in one country!' (Information phone number for Italy, 0339-3619527; online C@
Frogs - Jumpy is a frog. And it's a new Internet based brand, since it has been chosen to identify a new generic portal, C@ TV and print media are launching the jumpy frog in a blaze of publicity. Jump in!
Italian pop music band Lunapop has got a flashy toad as symbol on promotional material -that guy is really on air. Lunapop hit's videoclip is about a tight relationship on which the animal instinct (pheromone?) is influencing the emotions of the boy. At story's end the girl eats crow. Good point! C@
Cows - Cows are always good for marketing products. Not only milk and cheese, but also the computer's software you can download online to enhance your endowment (I mean LISA is another cow grazing over the Internet: she is featuring as logo on the European web sites IP Top Award voted by the professional multimedia community. [C@].
The lovely one - The meanings of "strength", "passion", "goodwill", "roots" in sport world are often delivered by animals' values or images. Pro sports have been always aware of the symbolism drawn out by the animal reign. Merchandising and promotion vehicles are far more distinct thru a mix of team colors and animal-like logo as a predominant young target requires. Also a fierce dinosaur --C@ went positive as a medium in marketing a NBA basketball team!

Global Zoo Web

(OUTRO) Joel and Ethan Coen are two brothers making films together, whom I think the world of since I entered a movie theatre a far off Easter day, and they started letting kill as so many characters as it rained blood --truth to tell tomato sauce. Are they obliged by the sign of the times? In fact Coens have filmed the true fiction or fictive truth "Fargo", telling us how men are really able to turn into beasts for a bag of money. But no huge snowdrift will ever cover their crimes, whenever a pregnant fox --the cop-- is following the printfoots of some ruthless wolves --two low-lifes. Crimson tracks in the snow take her right into the rabbit hole --the car dealer. So the catching fox will be rewarded by getting back home as actual pussycat likes better to catch the Zs. Schmucky worms, don't bug her! 


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