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Roberto Dondi
Word processing, html programming and the ropes. 
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Wild Wild Web.

(INTRO) "Hurry before it's too late...they come up...let's go!". "I don't ride on Saturday!" so the walking Gene Wilder -as the Rabbi- to Harrison Ford -as the Gringo- while the riders are reaching the fugitives to catch them up the river! At sunset finally two rode together. Packing no rod, will this yiddish-speaking Polock reach the promise land and community in San Francisco? (Note: his yiddish should sound like a strange mixture of "two languages plus a fear"). More important than happy end is that living in a danger across the Home of the Brave without knife and gun is a sure thing for a brave man. Bravo Robert Aldrich! Who 1979 brought onto screen this extravaganza story ('The Frisco Kid') right far from the stories of traditional heroes and counter-heroes the wild Far West is swarming with. Even though we all know that many pale faces -cowboys, shootists, blue soldiers, lone riders or bandits to boot- were acting harsher than the Rabbi because of a once lost family or community.

Let's jet this movie for the Wild Wild Web. To ride through a peaceful but tumultuous land like the WWW -it's an open net!- we need the weapons helping to survive and go around safe... no gun please! The monthly menu is inspired by the angels of the Internet, sort of online registered nurses helpful when the evil is knocking on your pc or mac. I have been in some danger as emails robbery, interrupted connections, spam attack, phone to modem missile, forgers of the registration, bad tips, and web site under fire. That is that. And web sites as following are high fitting places to be never caught napping in defending both your online job and your privacy.

I) provides you with the 'self-promotion survival kit', assembling tips and insights to practise self-marketing or the promotion of yourself via the Internet. The page is dedicated over all to professionals and free lance consultants: [].

II) Seek for your promise community by the powerful news search engine -containing the famous ForumOne- at []. Web forums and news are the common mean to reach the surfers having your same beliefs and interests.

III) "Take control of your email" using the Eudora 4.3 Pro email program that is made possible at no charge downloading the sponsored mode. I'm using it, it's full-featured and supported by static onscreen advertisements that don't interfere your computer job. It's really funny and a bit misterious. Try it up: [].

IV) All yiddish or greek for you that web page? Alta Vista powered a translator working very fast at: []. It can really translate a whole Web page. Use it to check some DMLR pages and control my translation into English. For Italians not reading English I suggest to translate the 3-year jubilee page of this site (/COPY.htm).
IV-bis) Admittedly the automatic translator often better used an advanced translation service as the Expert System which powered many important online services dealing with words. It's on at [].

V) The Computer Lawyer Association ([]) is a non-profit international association that may offer you information on cases from current issues on the Information Technology. Lawyers are the members and they provide articles on intellectual property, domain names, e-commerce law, copyrighting and so on.

VI) The Electronic Founder Fondation ([]) is defending the rights of free speeching over the Internet. From EFF's menu you can select to be into privacy, encryption, net abuse, net community, censorship, activism. And special honors to the pioneers who contributed to the building of the digital freedom! DMLR supports periodically the Blue Ribbon Campaign displayed here:

VII) Cyber space cowboys are riding the next generation of computer. I don't, but the ultimate news from MacWorld 2000 are ever worthy of attention because Mac is trendy in computers design and assembling. The Cube is the new frontier of desk computer and its purpose is easining your connected life... well, lay down your pc weapon and try thinking different -like the Rabbi you have heard about... All news at MacWorld2000.

VIII) Sometimes the online contracts are legal time bombs. Electronic signatures will be sooner or later acknowledged as signature with legal effect. To know more on this new electronical frontier you have to tune in with []. "PenOp is clearly a leader in setting the standard for how electronic signatures will be incorporated into real-world commercial and government applications," according to Daniel J. Greenwood, Lecturer at MIT and Director of the MIT E-Commerce Architecture Project.

IX) Will mac and pc love or at least dialogue each other? For pc users it's not important being a lot in the world over. Yet you might be curious to exchange documents with a pc or run PC-based operating systems. Well this Virtual PC (tm) for Macintosh is your resource... [].

X) Your private eye over the Net should be as trained as to shoot on sight. SearchHound has completely revised its search technology ("the most accurate in the world") to gain more traffic, URLs and people searching on the net. Just go to [] and do a search for Or burst back into the Far West by searching through keywords as excerpts of this article.

(OUTRO) While the Far West -now the states of Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico- is the part of U.S. that most people know well through hundreds of pictures, not all those glorious characters were going (to) West necessarily: for example, 'The Long Riders' went as far as the North where their high riding legend got moded by a far farmer community. Into the bargain many non-violent men at tether's end farmed out to the then Pinkerton's agency, already marketed by a logo (a staring eye) and slogan ("we never sleep"). Against the marketing of the private eyes might Jesse James have lived up to his part of the loot? 


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