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 WHO IS M.F.? 
Naming and branding.

(intro) "Really don't you know Rembrandt?". "I couldn't know him even if he had come into my bed". (From the movie "Moll Flanders", 1996). Daniel De Foe -London, 1660-1731- wrote 'The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the famous Moll Flanders' without being a marketer. And without knowing his human portraits would get a very different fame not linked to the artistic content of his work. Did their names have an important influence on the level of their fame? Probably. So get a life M.F.!

What's in a company or product name? There are some enterprises whose Internet excellence is very well known. This can allow their brands to be perceived as Internet established, simply by association with the company name. Examples of company names whose image over the Internet is strong enough to transfer into their products and services include Barnes and Nobles -founders [1], Wilson -marketing consultant, Yahoo! -an exclamation, AOL -an acronym.

Most of marketers aiming to satisfy the e-trade tries to do so with newly developed products or services. This presents a challenge of naming them in a way which will communicate their Internet nature. iMac is a new computer brand whose name is respectful of the great opportunity the Internet is offering to explain, compare and highlight a single product directly to its customers online. Gillette [2] has another mass-consumed item to do so as well.
Who was A.G. Spalding? You can know about this 'pitcher' by reading the history company page. Spalding & Bros., NY[3] is used to print its company slogan -"put importance to the history and tradition"- even onto the products. Headlines and payoffs are the simplest tools to communicate benefits in terms of company goodwill to the Internet users too. They work both on main page and on META tags title lines. A sentence of 5 to 8 words is a useful promoter of the company in supporting and completing its name. This 'title' of the company should be displayed by the search engines when a company's page is found.

In absence of a large advertising and promotion budget, the naming of a product or the syntax of the web page may be a factor of success in attracting and convincing the online visitors. Furthermore the translation of the communication style from traditional media into the web environment is a common way to quickly set up a whole coordinate image of the company. Names and sentences can survive from he past advertising campaigns if they have become a deep background attributes of the business language. Bacardi, a Cuban family of "innovators, philantropists, artists, politicians and soldiers", is such a historic company name [4]. Its product is "the world's great rum since 1862" and has established in Puerto Rico firstly and then over the Internet in a way to revamp its communication old-fashioned style through a new hyper media.

(outro) Please, enjoy this names' reviewing responsibly!
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1st outlined: [May03/1999]


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