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DMLR*News is an email newsletter close tied to DMLR Web site.
I went freelance writer, editor and project manager of DMLR*News on August, 1997.
Since then I have been distributing the full text of the DMLR-based newsletter by email with simple reformatting.
DMLR*News is now quarterly —as GOLD edition— but spaced out by monthly short —as Brief version.



1997 to 1999
DMLR's Url was

January to June 2000
DMLR's Url was

Since July 2000 DMLR stands on
(registered domain by Roberto Dondi).



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 Direct Marketing Linked Resources 
DMLR file (The DMLR's basics)
  • name = DMLR (direct marketing linked resources)
  • content = articles, tips, resources of marketing
  • type = oneself-based web site
  • size = over 1,000K
  • date began web site = August 22, 1997
  • visitors = 7,000-8,000 per year (estimate)
  • target group = professionals, marketers, students, SMEs
  • languages = Italian, English
  • web design = basic plus dynamic html; gif images
  • newsletter = DMLR*News
  • subscribers = 450+
  • first subscriber = October 1997
  • email = dmlrnews@dmlr.org
  • author qualification = jack-of-all-trades
    (professional outline)

  1. (Emails from int'l countries)
    - "It is a fine idea! You should find a good sized audience of both Italians and non-Italians if you have anything to say of interest... And I'm sure you have!" (Carl Kline, National Consultant Referrals Inc. - October 1997)
    - "Thanks for your note." (Jim Cashel, Forum One Communication Corp. - January 1998)
    - "Do you have an article in Italian about Web marketing that you could send me?"
    "Bravo, thanks very much for putting a link to the Euro-marketing site." (Bill Dunlap, Managing Director Euro-Marketing Associates - February and May 1998)
    - "Why is direct marketing considered by some to be intrusive, irritating and a waste of money?" (Sergi Lopez - March 1999)
    - "Great article. Good luck and I will post your URL on the Press area of my site." (Webmaster Bacardi.com - May 2000)
    - "I am interested in what you are doing and would like to learn more about your operation." (Joe Cappo, Sr. VP-International and Licensing Crain Communications Inc. - July 2000)
    - "You are linked to Morina's Millennium profits in two places." (Claire Koch - Webmaster for Morina's Millennium Profits - July 2000)
    - "Tremendous thanks for adding southafrica.net to your list of top web sites - it's a great honour !" (Franz Rabe - Webmaster WildNet Africa - September, 2000)
    - "This is very kind of you - I have now added your link to our website - section "Useful Addresses - Magazines/Portals" (Margrethe Saxegaard, Fedma's Marketing - Feb.2001)

  2. (Emails from Italy)
    - "Sono interessato a ricevere la vostra newsletter, grazie." (Giuliano Nicolini - 30 Ottobre 1997, primo abbonato a DMLR*News!)
    - "Grazie mille per l'aiuto. Complimenti per la tempestività del servizio." (Sonia Dubini, Zegnaermenegildo.it - Novembre 1997);
    - "Grazie e auguri per la Sua attività." (Alessandro Pegoraro, Direttore Area Sviluppo Multimediale Il Sole 24 Ore - Gennaio 1998)
    - "Complimenti per l'iniziativa! Stavo pensando anch'io a qualcosa del genere." (Fabrizio Allavena - Marzo 1998)
    - "La ringrazio per la segnalazione del nostro sito." (Mauro Lupi, Motoridiricerca.com - Marzo 1998)
    - "Grazie mille. Ci fa molto piacere che DolceVita sia riuscito a classificarsi." (Nilde Rivosecchi, Chief Design Officer Alchera Group SpA - Luglio 2000)
    - "La ringraziamo per aver inserito il nostro sito fra i siti Top della sua rubrica." (Lucio Spaggiari, Ufficio Acquisti Internal Business Expert System - Agosto 2000)
    - "Sono uno studente laureando in Scienze Della Comunicazione con una tesi sul 'green marketing' Avrei piacere nel ricevere informazioni al riguardo." (Gino Baleta, Ottobre 2000)
    - "La ringrazio molto. Ho visto la pagina web che mi ha indicato, in cui è stato realizzato il link." (Emanuela Agnoli, Web-press Comune di Bologna - Feb.2001)
    - "In data di oggi, ho messo on-line gli articoli che mi ha trasmesso. Troverà il tutto all'indirizzo: www.directchannel.it/download/dm.pdf". (Bruno Patrito-Silva, AD Direct Channel Srl, Mag.2001).

Working on DMLR*News I actually entered the online-media market. As freelancer who had no previous online-media experience I started to plan, write and edit DMLR*News as monthly newsletter made of original articles, analysis and surveys. The result is as follows. First year (1997): #1 to #5 newsletter (out of modem).
Second year (1998): #6 to #16 newsletter (out of modem).
Third year (1999): #17 to #27 newsletter (see archive).
Fourth year (2000): newsletter for Y2K and v.Gold I to III (see archive).
Besides about 30 Top4 magazines including the review treating both classical marketing and e-marketing. Since May 2000 DMLR*News goes GOLD as quarterly issue of new original articles.

#1 - DMLR, the sole marketing review in Italian/English, free and without sponsoring, is a critique collecting of original articles, news, tracks. Read tips and figures on Web marketing browsing the online archive of DMLR*Newsletter
#2 - DMLR offers articles, news & tracks on Web marketing from a critique stand - Online since 1999 in English & since 1997 in Italian version - Free email newsletter. It's gettin' loud from the new location at: DMLR*News Gold

The lines above are short descriptions used as small ad on other web sites listing marketing resources.

#3 - "Are you manager, student, buyer or consultant?" DMLR has all the FREE resources you need to help your direct marketing business succeed ... step on!

The 3-line sentence is opening the email message released to the Press, opinion leaders or web site owners.

(a) ¡ take the time to stroll @ DMLR !
(b) 2 subscribe DMLR*News 4 free      dmlr_int@sendfree.com
(c) DMLR willing to grow and brave new world !
(d) Thanks for reading DMLR. Tell an associate!
(e) Not marketing as usual -- not web sites as usual!


All GIF images are resulted by a proper work of molding concepts into a copy and art ensemble. Other temporary images -as banner or photos- are selected and imported by DonRo. All pages get off the ground thru MacOS9 on PowerBook G3 by DonRo.

©1997-2001 DMLR - Roberto Dondi copywriter (c).


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