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Roberto Dondi
questions and suggestions
 DMLR*Newsletter - Since 1997  
No.25 issue - Oct. 1999   
  • DMLR report
  • Count the days
  • Internet by numbers
  • SME by numbers
  • SME: barriers to e-commerce (part 2)
  • W3-sign

  1. DMLR report.
    The fresh surprises from DMLR subscribers are the following:
    - word-of-mouth is the 2nd factor to keep the surfers informed on the web site before subscribing (9.7%), so word-of-modem rules over about 90%;
    - the html version of this newsletter has been requested by 13 out of 100 people;
    - now, taken altogether, the 1st five email providers cover 41.7% of the 'subscribe dmlr' messages;
    - int'l subscribers have maxed at 8.6%;
    - the 3rd quarter has closed with the best performance (26.5% of total subscribers). 
  2. Count the days. 

  3. This issue was actually conceived on 22 Sep. 1999, -100 days to millenium's dawn. Will Y2K demistify the Internet? At present the Internet is mystifying Y2K:
    a) alerts like this -"Some Pentium I and II's found non-compliant! Download this text/fix plus free eBook on preparing financially for the year 2000"- are ever on the edge;
    b) some websites are exploiting fine the Y2K mine, such as (resources), (consultants), (email service), (software solution). The simplest Y2K domain ( appears finally in Italy on a new advertising campaign by Omnitel, as online tool supporting mobile phone services.

  4. Internet by numbers.
    The pathway to learning about the WWW I was stepping on the Canadian National Internet Show at Metropolitan Convention Centre in late March 1996. How much were the users in those days? 40 million. What is the state-of-the-art in measuring the people online? Because of the rapid growth in the Internet industry trends and online services, you can consider the figures referring to the 2002 as a short period forecast: North America's 98 million of active internet users (34.8% of the world's total); Europe's 84 million net users (29.9%) -being predicted 100 million by 2003; Asia's 60 million net users (21.5%); Latin America's 26.6 million (9.4%); and the rest of the world's 12 million (4.4%). Available yet the projection to 2005 year, when Europe will tend to swell its online community to 203 million.
  5. SME by numbers. 

  6. Many SME that have made many substantial investments in their Web sites have no idea how they're being used. Sure, large companies extend the traditional reach of a corporate communication program by using the WWW and E-mail. This includes shareholder communications, media relations and investor relations. But whom will SME deal with using the Net as a corporate communication tool? Firstly the other small businesses community. According to published sources, in the last year the number of small businesses with web sites has grown from 900,000 to 3.5 million. You dig, brother?  

  7. SME: barriers to e-commerce (part 2). 

  8. (d) Consequences on human resources. E-commercing also has implications for personnel managers. Companies with a poor track record on computer and software areas may find increasingly difficult to attract graduates in the future. Secondly, E-commercing creates new needs which personnel managers will have to address including: improving staff understanding of digital economy; developing new skills such as foreign languages and direct marketing; adopting internet security standards and netiquette.
    (e) Uncertainties about consumers. For many small companies there is a great deal of uncertainty and a lack of good information about how much are or shall be their customers online. Key questions which enterprises want to know the answer to include:
    - are our customers going to use the Internet?;
    - are they willing to transact online (buying or selling)?;
    - if involved on the Internet communication, will they appreciate more our products compared to the competition?
    (f) Paying lip-service. The Internet suffers from being a buzz word which is much easier to talk about than to deal with. All the companies in a market may set up some web pages and so claim to be e-commerce ready. This can lead the customers to become cynical about the whole industry performance of the e-commercing -don't existing indeed real solutions to transact via the Web. Therefore the result will be to devalue the opportunities for serious companies. (The 1st part of this article did appear on DMLR*News no.24).

  9. W3-sign. 

  10. -Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni. A strategic partner in enhancing the structure of the Italian leading telephone company. Several online documents -from the corporate communications to the exhibitions and meetings news- directly from a player of the TLC market. The published annual report shows the guidelines in the developing of a company strategy.  
Copyright 1999 - All rights reserved (except where indicated). 
Roberto Dondi- marketing consultant.
Member of A.P.C.O. ( 

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