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Roberto Dondi
questions and suggestions
 DMLR*Newsletter - Since 1997  
No.27 issue - Dec. 1999   
  • DMLR report
  • W3 resources
  • Website outline
  • Effective web research and promotion
  • Fashion planet
  • Everything you wanted to know about...
  • DMLR upgrades

  1. DMLR report.
    This brief report takes a look at the main changes involving the profile of the DMLR*News subscribers through the last two months. The total number increased over 300 subscribers. Of them 21% joined during October and November. The percentage of subscribers outside Italy rose to 12.4%. The lack of confirming after receiving the first issue is very high (29% of new subscribers). New email services are becoming a significant portion of total messages: (4%) and (3%). They will probably enter the official charts of the email providers from January.
  2. W3 resources.
    ROIIt! by MarketWare Technologies, Inc. ( By measuring ROI, you'll be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing programs as profit for your company before you launch those. Return on Investment (ROI) analysis performed for each marketing program: direct mail, trade show, print ad, radio/TV ad, PoP, in pack promotion and... Internet too. Available both standard and pro edition plus a users guide. All versions will run Windows 95, NT or 98. Price from US$149.95. "Buy & Try" 30 days money back guarantee. 
  3. Website outline. 

  4. An Italian marketing mag (LargoConsumo, is usual to review websites role and impact by means of some interesting information and parameter, like objectives -branding, e-commerce, or brochure; web address; Internet site impact parameter (from 0 to 100); number of items online; online shopping (yes/no). The enterprise should be ready to outline its positioning on the WWW using the same parameters. My tip is to set up a file -in a press release style- giving it away to the media operators, to state with the basics of the website and its corporate purpose. You can add other useful data such as the official start date of your website (recency); what you're doing on the Web (strategic focus); the average daily/monthly number of visitors (frequency); some information on web lifecycle of your business (marketplace); the main online supports -newsletter, membership, netmeeting, online shopping (services). Use the file for online relationship and P.R.! 

  5. Effective web research and promotion.
    Promoting your website requires good detective skills. While there are automatic submission service available, your submission can look the same as hundreds of others and therefore achieve little recognition. Both Web design plus content and several submission venues must be considered to realize maximum exposure for your website. This issue will outline an effective process to get the most out of your promotion efforts.
    a) META tags. Don't forget to introduce the three absolutely needed META tags on your main web pages. They are the 'title', 'description' and 'keywords' META tags. Put down your headline (title), your business benefits (description), your crucial words (keywords) and update them everytime you change the pages to be indexed. Other META tags have no influence on the Web promotion by search engines (manual or automatic Add-URL-systems).
    b) Add your website address (URL) onto the search engines transacting the largest portion of Web research. They are already known and you can read the list on DMLR*News no.23 (part II).
    c) To check your Web exposure, you can speedly proceed by metasearchers. They have the advantage of searching for your query simultaneously on diverse search engines. Try with, or
    Or else customize any web page by studying the criteria every search engine follows for registering a website. For suggestion on this topic go to or

  6. Fashion planet. 

  7. The fashion planet is going to go online. And the websites are the marketing challenge launched by the young breakthrough brands and a new advertising tool for the ancient griffes. What is the edge of the fashion marketing? The newest approach to a customer oriented website is the Eddie Bauer's one (, which has incorporated a wearing cabinet to dress your favorite clothes up. Therefore you can go online dressed to the 9s!  

  8. Everything you wanted to know about... 

  9. Everything you wanted to know about the Internet, but didn't know who to ask. The Internet course by DMLR is a four steps guided tour to show examples of projecting and practice of successful Home Page on the WWW. In this session you will learn practical tips on how to leverage your presence -both personal or company's ones- with a marketing approach to. Follow the four stages in this order:
    a) F.A.Q. on how to build a simple but effective website with the common programs and Internet account you got;
    b) WWWGuide on how to find the marketing information you need and when to use it -Marketing on the Internet by topics.
    c) Promotion on how to integrate your site by means of free banner or link exchange programs;
    d) Newsletter archive on how to build awareness to your Web site and coordinate your Internet presence with other marketing efforts.

  10. DMLR upgrades. 

  11. - This is the DMLR*News issue ending the century, so you'll read the no.28 from January 10, a week after the due date. This delay is respecting of private and business vacation until Epiphany (hope not the end of computer world system)!
    - Welcome to the corner of cybershopping on this website! The Top*Four of November is talking about needs to fulfil, benefits and products, pricing and plusses to meet your favorite customer via the Internet.
    - Finally some advices: to subscribe DMLR*News (first time) send a blank email to; to unsubscribe email typing 'unsubscribe dmlr' as text.
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Roberto Dondi- marketing consultant.
Member of A.P.C.O. ( 

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