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This issue is dedicated to Dr. Ralph F. Wilson who is managing 'Web Marketing Today', my first reading on the Internet marketing.

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GOLD II edition - July '00   
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  1. E is for Europe. 

  2. Or: will the Europeans love e-trade?
    - "But Boo or not Boo, the European arm of Forrester research, an American technology consultancy, forecasts that online consumer purchases in Europe will double annually to reach €174 billion ($158 billion) by 2005. That could be more than 7% of all retail spending in that year" (source:
    - The Netherlands and Great Britain are considered the best 'business environment' among the 60 biggest countries of the world for the period 2000-2004 by the Economist Intelligence Unit. They precede USA, Canada and Singapore.
    - 371 million are globally the people of the European Union (15 countries). They represents only 6% of the earth's population, but are developing about one fifth of the international trade exchanges. By 2002 84 million net users will be active, so the online 'Europower' is due an Internet penetration as near as 23% of the EU population.
    - Main partners in the European goods exchange -by volume, extra EU- are USA, Switzerland and Japan. Main partners in the services exchange are USA, Japan and Canada (sources: Eurostat of
    - The trade of services contributes for two third of the EU economy and employment. For services you may consider computer science, IT, business travel and tourism, hotels, finance and assurance, royalties and licensing, telecommunications, carriers, distribution and other intangible products.
    GenXers, born between 1965 and 1980, are especially demanding high-tech services. Trying to live the good life...
  3. Real Email. 

  4. Or: how do SMEs call their email box?
    I surveyed the small-sized and micro enterprises on how they name their email box. These enterprises are going to publish the email addresses on small ads and local directories (i.e. 'Yellow Pages') besides the phone and fax numbers. The sample is of 606 firms such as retailers and manufacturers from two Italian provinces.
    -> 39.8% has got its own domain name (xxx@companyname) vs. 60.2% using an email address with the ISP's domain (xxx@ispname). Now I will explain what's the xxx before the '@' for each group.
    -> First group. These firms have a broad spectrum of solutions for personalize their front email address. I gathered the most recurrent ones as follows: 41.5% integrates the domain name with 'info', that's simple, short and globally understood -- 31.1% repeats the company name (full or in part) to reinforce the holding back of it -- 7.5% uses a department name from 'sales' to uncommon 'marketing' to generic 'service' -- 6.6% provides the email with an integration of company name plus initials of province or city or plus 'info' -- 5.8% points out the full name of province or city so highlighting the local outlet or factory -- 7.5% opts for other integration such as trade names, product names, 'email', 'webmaster' or personal names.
    -> Second group. The presence of ISP' domain name limits obviously the choice for the first part of email address. The business is well pointed through three main ways: 62.5% uses the full company name before the '@' -- 15.3% provides a short, syncopated name or the initials of the company, resulting a funny but still plain address to be recognized -- 12.6% creates a mix of company name and other elements ('info', 'studio', 'mail'), which works when the single parts are both short and clear. The resting firms of this group (9.6%) are represented by personal email account of the company owner or manager involved in the Internet project.
    Tip en passant: I see frequent errors in the typing of email address on small ads, catalogs and business cards. Remember to check it before printing!
    What did you expect from this local survey? Of course nothing else than the result above: it's only real email... To read more details and my tips on the selecting of email addresses, visit Real Email.
  5. Buying is marketing too! 

  6. Vertical Marketing Systems (VMS) have ever been the traditional strategy by which a network of businesses managed by one manufacturer or by some wholesalers or retailers, achieved operationals savings and the maximum of 'market power'. The goal of the networked businesses was (is) to set up a vertical integrated system controlling the whole trade process from the buying of raw materials to as far as the selling out of the final product.
    The coming of the Internet for small- and medium-sized businesses has led the developing of new services such as the so-called 'Marketplace' for commercial buyers, 'B-to-B Exchange', 'Industrial Auctions' or 'Vertical eBusiness' . They are modern tools in adopting VMS strategies, where the marketing of products should firstly take off from the buy-squad performance. Gartner Interactive is offering several insights for the vertical e-business events and channels.
    Furthermore SMEs would be willing to demand external professional consultancy aimed to the controlling and reducing of overheads and operational costs. ERA (Expense Reduction Analysts) is a network of specialists present in over 20 countries and promising an average cost savings of 17% for each analyzed expense category.
    Press on the GOLD SELECTION to find out more!
  7. Direct marketing. 

  8. The monitoring of the best business places for your small or big enterprise can be supported by some tools the Internet is offering by means of market research and trade promotion companies. You can take confidence with this first sites:
    Istituto Italiano per il Commercio Estero at -- access to countries' commercial reports after online registering;
    Agence Communication Européenne at -- enter the business opportunities section;
    Interexpo at -- select the trade fairs from the former USSR or CIS.
    Are you rather interested in general European-centered matters from euro to job, from travel to living? Fine, these Web sites help to dialogue with people, institutions and habits of EU: Dialogue (, Eurolandia (, EUsites (
    Press on the GOLD SELECTION to enter the related websites NOW!
  9. Linked resources. 

  10. DMLR is partecipating to AOL affiliate program. Affiliate program is a simple form of E-business relationship, every website owner could develop temporary or permanently as a medium to: a) experience the online selling; b) earn money; c) test your traffic; d) link to a widespread network of the Internet by means of admitted / accepted banner. With regard to the purpose on c), I have to tell you something of web traffic measurement.
    - 'Impression' is each time an ad banner is fully loaded onto a user's screen.
    - 'Click' is the opportunity for a visitor to be transferred to a location by clicking on an advertisement, as recorded by the server.
    - 'Click-through' (rate of) is clicks divided by impressions. All definitions from Nielsen glossary.
    For example, during May (one week of AOL banner exposure) the AOL statistics reported n.8 impressions and n.1 click from DMLR web page where is placed a banner of AOL -i.e. the promo page. Thus a 12.5% rate of clickthroughs.
    - The clickthrough rate is an index of how interesting is a banner ad view for the visitors of your web site. Take care of suggestions at the promo section on this site before choosing your affiliating partner.
    Press on the GOLD SELECTION to enter AOL page promoting the affiliate program.
  11. Emails to DMLR. 

  12. This is a light version of the DMLR report you used to read on this newsletter. The sun began to grow hot and the clothes get loose! This a fresh report on which I would review some strange emails I've got during the past two and half years.
    "If you don't put sugar into your coffee, it will be bitter" -from a philosopher or a would-be barman.
    "I suggest that you should leave at once" -boo, DMLR is pushing three.
    "What is made of? Is gold a precious metal?" -gold is a color!
    "There ought to be a policeman in this website" -I want twenty time more traffic before asking for him.
    "I wish I had written it" -thanks, it requires a lot of passion.
    "Why write so much?" -you are not to ask that!
    "I saw that website being built!" -ok, this is the first visitor.
    "Great article. Good luck and I will post your url on the Press area of my site" -I owe 50 dollars to you!
    As read on and dreamed of DMLR website. Have a summer of music, sport, fashion or whatever!
  13. DMLR upgrades. 

  14. - DMLR Primo Award for the best website of 1999 has been handed to! It will be rewarded by the wrong-way-rotating-world that's the animated image standing for the Primo Award. See details on every single selected web site on Primo 1999 page.
    - The new layout of the main page received an 'Excellent' overall rating from Web Site Garage's tuneup. Thanks to the improving of html design -now 'excellent'- and load time -now 'excellent'. As tested on June 6, 2000 (cf. DMLR*News issue of May, part III).
    - On June 28 I have got the domain name for the DMLR web, a dotOrg. (The exodus has begun...).
    - DMLR*News is always emailed to registered subscribers. If you are interested in, please send a blank email to
    To leave the DMLR email list send a blank email to
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