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Roberto Dondi
questions and suggestions
DMLR*News (free)
 DMLR*Newsletter - Since 1997  
Issue Y2K - Jan., 2000   
  • DMLR report
  • Database marketing
  • Small or large?
  • Europe, Oh!
  • New kids on the Web
  • Made In Italy (one year later)
  • DMLR upgrades

  1. DMLR report.
    DMLR*News currently reaches over 320 registered subscribers. Their general profile is shaped through the charts you can easily view at DMLR user page. This is an overview updated on Dec. 31, 1999.
    In just six months the subscribers doubled (+102%). The 4th quarter represents nearly a third of the whole of subscribers (29.5%).
    Search engines kept falling as the first way to find DMLR website (-3.7 from 71.1 of the previous report). The way of the word-of-modem (subscribers) was up to 15.3% of respondents (+4.5).
    Genders substantially confirmed their affecting: male 73.2, female 26.8.
    By format the newsletter was required both on Italian version (87.1%, -4.3) and English version (12.9%), and delivered in Html version to 12.1% of the cases.
    Among the providers of the Internet accounts, Telecom Italia Net prevails again with 22.9% (+2.4) of the email addresses, while new Italian competitors are entering the chart: (5.2%) and (4.2%).
    The leading providers of the international subscribers are always and (9.9% and 3.6%).
    A new generation of web users will join DMLR between January and March 2000: the next report will show us how they will change the profile of the gold marketing resources seekers.
  2. Database marketing.
    Database marketing means "customer focused communications and marketing efforts whose prime objective is to build, maintain and nurture relationships with customers" (by Connexions of Canada Post Corp.). This is the typical direct marketing tool and method supported by the managing of electronic files that allows you to:
    - keep track of interactions and characteristics of the relationship between customer and company;
    - take advantage of this information to optimize your marketing / sales efforts.
    It is also known as relationship or one-to-one marketing.
    To visit a website providing DB marketing software and information go to Telemagic
  3. Small or large? 

  4. What's the right size of the newsletters delivered via email to web users? I have choosen the 10KB limit for DMLR*News, a 30-50% less than the average size of newsletters I'm used to subscribe for me. The reasons are due to the avoiding to annoy the readers (first); to the keeping a good quality of the topic and content -no repetition, no host articles (second); to the respecting a good length/frequency ratio (third); to the existing of a magazine -Top*Four, that's running beside the newsletter every month (fourth); to the being still free and lacking of interstitial ad (fifth). If you'd prefer to read a larger DMLR newsletter, let me know and I'll try to do it without falling unto mistakes like said above. Sure you have to provoke the greater size by means of the online form! 

  5. Europe, Oh!
    These are five websites to explore the online milieu for European enterprises and people. -the European New Media Network -the community of European professionals -the award for best European online publications -the Europe centered directory -the Web promoting across Europe.

  6. New kids on the Web. 

  7. During the 1999 holidays season, new Internet-based companies launched their ad campaign on the mass-media. Behind these new portals, the biggest industrial groups are addressing the stakeholders to the digital economy. Their goal is the building of online communities linked to portals ready for advertising and selling services and products provided by old and new businesses of the group. Visit and compare them with the portals of the historical national Internet providers. (Fiat) (Fininvest) (British Telecom) (Espresso)
    and... others coming soon (Benetton).
    Some simple names appear far to seduce the experts and waving to the beginners too childish. But the Internet is in its infancy...and the marketers should be really thinking so.

  8. Made In Italy (one year later). 

  9. Subtitle: if the "Made In Italy" and the Internet may live togheter and what is assessing at present. "Made In Italy" was present on only 12,322 WWW documents (from AltaVista researching, Dec.98). As phrase, label for an Italian-way-of-business, it can't signify very much. Maybe already obsolete form, out in a fast changing reality which forces a global dimension of manufacturers -made for Italy, it seems more precise in several cases, which puts forward the forced joining -made in Europe, the possible tomorrow's form, after which many local enterpreuners get into a rage -preferring Made In Vigevano, 100% Friuli etc. And the Net of the nets is probably the least available of the markets for an emphasizing of the labels guaranteeing the origin of a product, spindryers from the greatly omogenous environment of the e-trade system. "Made In Italy" we are looking for, to understand if it really means something or it gets going superflous, in contraddiction to the New World, or forged too, lacking in absolutely distinctive content.
    (Excerpt of 'Pizza Bros.' article issued as Top*Four, Dec. 98).

  10. DMLR upgrades. 

  11. - DMLR awards virtually the best among all websites reviewed during the year on Top*Four monthly magazine. This time you may even define your preference, using the do-it-yourself kit of Primo Award 1999.
    - DHTML. Top*Four of December offers you a practical example about Dynamic HTML for the setting up of a non conventional menu (or index). Opportunities and threats of DHTML are well known, so you can learn more by experts before adopting this system of web pages building. To view DHTML use a browser version 4.x!
    - Dynamic is the topic of the monthly magazine too: D@nce Club. There are actually pills of a dynamic 20th century ending in one year (encore).
    - The email campaign to promote the advertising of websites on DMLR*News is (was) starting. The ad campaign -whose title is 'Take the time to stroll @DMLR!'- will catch serious web businesses related to the marketing of services, consultants, ideas via the Internet.
Copyright 2000 - All rights reserved (except where indicated). 
Roberto Dondi- marketing consultant.
Member of A.P.C.O. ( 

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