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Roberto Dondi
questions and suggestions
 DMLR*Newsletter - Since 1997  
No.26 issue - Nov. 1999   
  • W3 resources
  • Offline-2-online (part two)
  • Autoresponder
  • The extension of physical outlets
  • DMLR upgrades

  1. W3 resources.
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  2. Offline-2-online (part two). 

  3. How are the big household brands and major companies promoting their websites by means of traditional mass-media? As made for the ads on the print magazines -see DMLR*News no.24- I gathered ads stirring interest on the Internet from some Italian popular TV channels. The study was based on a database analysis of 141 spots -no telepromotion- so that the whole TV sample is easy to compare with the print ads sample. Only 17.7 percent of the TV spots was informing on the Web of advertisers -manufacturer, brand owner or sponsor. First note: the WWW address was the main direct medium displayed during traditional TV ads, exceeding the toll-free numbers by over 2 times (17.7% vs. 7.8%). More: the WWW address became easily part of the spot without take the viewers away from the filmed story. The urls were usually displayed at the bottom center or at the bottom left of the screen. One out of 24 urls was located on the left side as vertical text. Best ratios by sector: 75.0% of computer related products was advertised on TV with they urls; 45.5% of entertainment products (books, music, movies); 33.3% of furnishings and toys; 22.2% of cosmetics. The big spenders coming from the main sectors -as food and beverages (6.4%), grocery (0%), cars (10.0%) and apparel (11.1%)- were very late in advertising their Web on TV compared to the services as a whole (26.3%). The toll-free number (11 displayed) went with the WWW location only twice. Finally, little curiosities: commercials featuring celebrities as testimonial don't encourage the Web promotion at the end of the story (only once out of 13); most familiar brands as CocaCola, McDonald's, Budweiser don't insert the url during the spot by now. The ads were aired on Oct. 30-31. 

  4. Autoresponder.
    An autoresponder is an automatic email response vehicle. Why use one?
    A) to compile an in-house emailing list.
    B) to collect site visitors email addresses in a way that gives you permission to contact them again.
    C) to offer something for free (your report, tips, product description).
    D) to help satisfy your customers desire for information when they want it.
    If you have never used an autoresponder, I suggest you try one now. It's easy! Simply send an email to Then check your email box. You'll automatically receive an email reply.

  5. The extension of physical outlets. 

  6. The common techniques to link the website to the real store are as follows: store locator, coupon, fidelity card, products promotion, gift card, invitation, game, event, satisfied or repaid. This kind of techniques -already well exploited by retailers- is now entering the web environment so that the corporate communication is managed really by one strategy. If a direct marketing needs to be reinforced by the website, the minimal purpose would be the promoting of new products and services the customers are able to find into stores they usually frequent or they are learning via Web for the very first time. These interactive tools are rapidly becoming as a new ally for the companies managing a direct marketing strategy. The added informative value a customer gets in this manner via the Internet may obviously represent the first (plus second) step of an A-I-D-A process by the vendor side. See the prior article about the AIDA principles through The Internet on DMLR*News no.23.  

  7. DMLR upgrades. 

  8. - The ultimate Top*Four review lists over 80 terms used to differentiate the objectives, techniques and tools of the marketing. October's issue is available to remember how many are the most common, not all, of these specifications. The DMLR's marketing terms list is served up. Are you learning about or working with them?
    - Which the best website of the year? DMLR's Primo award comes to its 2nd edition. The first selection of 1998 has been issued -list, performance, score- at Primo award page. Among the websites selected on Top*Four monthly magazine, it will be crowned the best one and you can take part in saying what's your favorite website. If it's not been reviewed in the past, you would recommend its url to me and write a short motivation about your choice. The websites will be reviewed on next Top*Four magazines -on November or December- to take finally part of Primo award 1999. To push your favorite website of the year send to me your evaluation and remember to show me the exact url (HomePage only)!
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Roberto Dondi- marketing consultant.
Member of A.P.C.O. ( 

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