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Roberto Dondi
questions and suggestions
 DMLR*Newsletter - Since 1997  
No.19 issue - Mar. 1999   
  • Figures & tips of the month
  • P-control
  • Internet clubs
  • AAA Art
  • DMLR new design

  1. Figures & tips of the month.
    - 48% of the people online were women by the end of last year (source: I.D.G.). The study shows that the growth (+5 points over late 1997) will probably continue exceding 50% in 1999. The Net gets WWWW(omen)!
    - 25 Top Web are monitoring and reporting by Media Metrix, Inc. (
    - 15 countries in internet usage accounted for nearly 89% (129.9 million) of the worldwide 147 million users at year-end 1998 (source: eMarketer/CIA).
    - 8 months the time-out in which the Web doubles in size.
    - 3.36 the score for search engine submission as the most used promotional vehicle by Web marketers for advertising. Following offline ad (3.08) and banner ad (2.75). Scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is "never use the method" and 5 is "use it very frequently".
    - 28 countries were reached at a time by the first time worldwide marketing achievement generated from Eastman Kodak (1963) to launch new Instamatic camera -preparing ads in 20 languages. 
  2. P-control. 

  3. (I) The packaging of goods is a multi-purpose medium, acting both as protection / containment of the product and as vehicle of information and brand image. Referring to the packaging of a Web site I mean both the container of organised data and images, and the communication of branded company status. The resulting of the two roles would be impressive for visitors, if the packaging is really a marketing tool under control. If it's not working the resulting Web should be devastating in terms of perceived value of the company. The P-control is a principle like this: in packaging your Web site take advantage from web technical innovation and design's emphasis, but respect first the time of your visitors. What's the deal? The Web designing appears often as 'overpackaging'. And this is producing a closed website, too difficult to visit through and enemy of bookmarking and coming again to. I prefer an open and user-friendly website. A method to control this performance -by business side- is the measuring of the composition of any single page and the improving the average download time of them reducing the size (K) but the appeal.
    (II) For example I'm taking data from DMLR site, and the P-control I'm used to do is as follows:
    Page #1 (K)
    - text (html)      5
    - top graphic      4
    - navigation bar   8
    - internal images 28
    - external images 11
    - other images     0
    total page loads  56K.
    This schedule I set up for each of 19 pages of this site updating the K-size at any page change. The sum of all is obviously the website gross space occupied and the single page dimension could be easily compared to other pages and to the site space as a whole. In this case the #1 page was keeping busy the 10.7% of total Kb. The new design of DMLR -see point V- changed deeply the packaging of the pages. #1 page became a 28K one (7.3% of the global modified website) as result of caring of visitors, saved the content and information. The look was important but first came the load time saving. This accounting is due by any Web designer before page changes.

  4. Internet clubs. 

  5. Are you sick and tired someone tells you what to do about Internet marketing? Are you ready to confer with lecturers or experts? Here I point out some information on next appointments of Internet related conferences across the country and abroad.
    The E-commerce will be split into a number of workshops this month, 24-25, in Milan, Italy (
    The Technology Information Club of Milan runs monthly meetings (
    General resource to get updated on technical, social and trade conferences is available at and
    The Internet Society will be gathering through June 22-25 at SanJosé, CA (
    (Contains an excerpt from

  6. AAA Art.
    Why art on the Net works?
    a) The art viewers are an international audience always seeking for information on where to go, what to watch. b) In the art fields, it's living a variegated and multi-layered communtity. c) the art over the Internet doesn't exist as particular form, therefore it's a neutral place in which every art may exhibit and show itself. d) The art is often covered by identity of the arist, in accordance with the culture saying every human being has something to tell. Read more on the magazine of March (Top*Four).

  7. DMLR new design. 

  8. I managed a revolution in changing the DMLR site aspect. To do it (right or wrong) I used a layout for customizing the main page, so the basic format is resulted the same for all monthly modified pages. Secondly the less frequently renewed pages are now tied to the main ones by top image (logo) and its navigation menu. According to my semi-serious guide on how websites look like -see Top*Four of February- DMLR is appearing to make pro, or less naïve. Details here. Colors: crimson and sky blue rule. Style: tables-driven order. Focus on: information by numbers. Model: US newsletters and author's identity. Result: informative and simple to stroll around. Target: the audience has been probably positioning between those of Candy- and Charming-Look websites. Enjoy!  
Copyright 1999 - All rights reserved (except where indicated). 
Roberto Dondi- marketing consultant.
Member of A.P.C.O. ( 

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