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    DMLR*Newsletter — GOLD Edition no.48
    I. Disco.

    From disco to disco. Where are you in the 70s? Probably dancing and sweating and screaming on a dance floor while some impromptu dj pushed up the last disco music hits... If you lived somewhere along the Via Emilia, Italy you would have been involved in massive companies moving around after 11pm from their home districts to big and small music clubs built in industrial mass on a limited area. A Boogie Wonderland. Those young people took up the heritage from their parents' traditional ballrooms, though not abandoned yet under the impression of a new generation of people without a precise purpose but to having fun. One question resists: Disco got soul? (Please, don't let me be misunderstood).
    From disco to download during just three decades. Vinyl disco is dead. Music on tape disappeared. CD is no more sane. DVD, after supporting the commercialization of the best rock movies, is obsolete. Download is the new frontier of consuming digital music, a worldwide market of 4.2 billion US$.
    The Internet has opened a different way to consume music. The old hit-parade as statistics built on selling data from music stores has been surpassed by the most downloaded songs from iTunes. Who will resist among the pop music stars?
    How can one stay easy connected to the music industry? Read Billboard's fourth annual countdown of music's highest earners, from U2 to Leonard Cohen, the 40 Top Earners in Music!
    Written for music industry professionals and fans. Contents provide news, reviews and statistics for all genres of music, including radio play, music video, related internet activity and retail updates.
    What? It's the password...
    Issue date: 3/6/2010
    Unit Price: $12.99
    There you will know how Americans like to measure money makers on music business with detailed 2009 earnings from album sales, touring, publishing royalties and streaming.
    Since another great magazine like DMLR*News has to entertain people, I've got exclusive information on the four artists most innovative and probably most downloaded over any reason in the last decade in the U.S.A. --so that I'm ready to place my four ultimate aces here:

    • Naughty Girl,
    • Empire State of Mind,
    • Stan,
    P.S. You ought to change some cards, the result is always N.E.W.$.!

    II. MTV.

    Now we are going to sing a different tune. 1983 the Video Music explodes and a new wave of musicians succeed by means of TV promotion and no more thanks to the radio programming of big hits --this trend is also labeled as 'video killed the radio stars'. Your relationship to the MUSIC STARS will be no more the same because all you want is simply discovering what really stands behind her or him... How are they moving, dancing, dressing while performing on the stage? What are their direct message, attitude, style? Let's go to the concert and join other dearly beloved --where you do more than just hear music, you are part of it!
    How many are the music videos that have been changing one's life? Maybe you would count those significant videos on a hand's palm or two. Undoubtedly all exhibits I like to remember from the 80s have been rotating on MTV until they got into a not-as-scarily-good-but-not-totally-shabby playlist as follows...

    1. Don't You (Forget About Me)
    2. Slave To The Rhythm
    3. Smooth Operator
    4. Forever Young
    5. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
    6. Wild Boys
    7. Into The Groove
    8. Walk This Way
    9. When Two Tribes
    10. Beat It
    After 25 years MTV keep on producing the television's biggest events: 2009 Video Music Awards were seen by nearly 27 million viewers. Meanwhile Stephen Friedman as General Manager is spearheading the transformation of MTV into the cultural home of the millennium generation.
    Useful links,
    - For the Video Music Experience MTV's Essential (
    - What Teens Want: Connect with Their Social Side (

    III. Leaders.

    Rock No War! Many good musicians fly the flag of American culture (counter-culture?): since Born in The USA how could it be otherwise? They basically need to talk to their biggest fans on a constant basis, for instance a major rock band have sent regular news to their fans thru an official magazine (Propaganda).
    Thankfully there is a long series of ranking artists who were able to inject the spirit of radical America into the mainstream of rock and pop. Some music performers became even more important for their audience, upgrading to opposing leaders versus heads of state, presidents, governors, or tycoons.
    They have been speaking on time about peace, justice, freedom and more recently enviromental issues to followers probably not aware of all that.
    Behind riotous lyrics or simple songs they have been sending explicit meaningful messages in order to fight the street violence, apartheid, capitalist war, unsustainable debt... Music as prop art?
    Maybe someone else wouldn't listen to pop stars siding with human rights. Nevermind because we are the world, we are the children!
    As for the kids --the same ones I've already told two issues ago-- they are actually music-oriented brave souls.
    The Magnificent was first struck by the bands, with me in the crowd at the Tattoo Festival. He remembers the band leaders and is clever enough to understand he has to play many instruments before being able to give the band good instructions... He's engaged in playing guitar, keyboards, flute but he never looks uncertain when he changes his favorite tool -- like a future leader must always be surprising.
    The Marvellous is born to be a pounding drummer. He began when I turned a 6-beer box into a rude drum he started playing with a deceptively African style. But he's not exactly satisfied. He would like to beat on a bigger drum... that he has just asked me to buy for his fourth birthday in April.
    Our band is virtually performing while we are marching three in a row (in da house!) and picking up everything could help to produce sounds.
    But I'm under the impression that we make too less music because we won't disturb the neighbors. Usually we finish the last lap around the table with the promise: 'With you by my side I'm victorious. Are you with me?' 'Yeahhhhhhhhh!'. Pop Life can be so nice...
    PS. Now the truth about rock/pop stars. True music leaders seem to be conspicuously guided by an extraordinary force you can call Sex/Love/God or whatever you believe in.
    America, keep the children free!

    IV. Rap.

    This is a MFin' e-zine not as true as original fanzine
    Layin' this site 2 the bone I'm prone 2 work it out alone
    While you get ignorant readin' it back I'm typing tips on the oldest Mac
    2 preserve their income net stars have left market you bet!
    Only The One or Stone Joss resist to chaos before the loss
    Brand new projects respect welfare state and music share
    Look for another BoneyM but never plagiarize them
    Hit at 50cent is a gem, cherchez... cherchez la femme!

    V. Direct Marketing.

    The DIRECT MARKETING glossary is available on DMLR in a 3-document edition (PDF) you can browse here or easily download onto your desktop. It consists of 19 pages as a whole, 311 paragraphs/terms, 236 Kb, 7450 words, 44772 types!
    Select and print the three parts of the glossary in English from PDF::Menu.
    Sure the Internet has been changing the traditional snail-mail and telephone based direct marketing. And yet the Internet marketing is a consequence of the old direct marketing techniques. Many terms you'll find inside the DM glossary are suiting for the e-mail marketing too.

    VI. Linked Resources.

    DMLR continues on YouTube...

    VII. You&Quiz

    There is a term, frequently used in marketing, that sounds as a short song mainly broadcast on radio or tv commercials to promote a brand! What is it? (Find answer on DMLR*News No.49).