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© Roberto Dondi
    DMLR*Newsletter — GOLD Edition no.47
    I. N.E.W.$.

    The copy of the issue #47 is full of notes [cahier de classe] which are used to alert the reader on the meta-contents, aka the marketing magazine, the real fulcrum of this website. DMLR*News is really turning into a magazine after being for years the official newsletter for, thus a web-based newsletter. And just an e-newsletter delivered to regular subscribers 'til the number of people wanting to get it as email-friendly edition has been building a critical mass, large enough to sustain the effort to an e-mail software management... Do you like this golden rule of e-business accountancy?
    «Things are changing because the technology keeps moving rapidly», as every copywriter knows too well. Since this is the most globalizing sentence one is reading on international magazines while they advertise market leaders aiming to establish their business around the world in a day. Business flexibility and organizational agility have become some of the buzziest words in the news magazine releasing commercial information. Or even improved productivity and enhanced quality across the product lifecycle... Discover here how a newsletter has silently become a news magazine, since it can be managed like a creative journey into the global media.
    So «things are changing» just for DMLR*News, whose traditional version is no more useful to picture this neuromarketing economy. The next project is going to embrace the trends involving both young and elderly people thru an exciting mission: how to stimulate an orgasm while you are reading business news even though their prime effect is to blow cookies. As we are truly inspired from business men as we know them on Fortune500 and similar reviews, DMLR*News wants to deliver the right information to both homeless managers, i.e. just fired because of aging, and young marketing prospects focusing on the new opportunities awaiting us in 2010. Like most people reading Fortune500, I am excited about watching at the list of 35 out of Global500 corporations that have been appearing somewhere on this website in the last decade for a reason or another. Each company ranked by revenue 2008 is coming from the official Global500 data --as seen on

    1.   TOYOTA∗ (10.)
    2.   ENIª (17.)
    3.   FORD° (19.)
    4.   HEWLETT-PACKARD (32.)
    5.   CITIGROUP∗∗ (39.)
    6.   SAMSUNG° (40.)
    7.   NESTLÉ (48.)
    8.   J.P. MORGAN CHASE (49.)
    9.   TESCOº (56.)
    10.   FIAT (64.)
    11.   NISSAN MOTOR (67.)
    12.   PROCTER&GAMBLE∗ (68.)
    13.   SONY (81.)
    14.   US POSTAL SERVICE† (84.)
    15.   ROBERT BOSCH† (98.)
    16.   MICROSOFT (117.)
    17.   TIME WARNER‡ (159.)
    18.   TELECOM ITALIA (166.)
    19.   KRAFT FOODS† (177.)
    20.   PHILIPS° (195.)
    21.   WALT DISNEY (201.)
    22.   APPLE (253.)
    23.   COCA-COLA (259.)
    24.   AMERICAN EXPRESS (260.)
    25.   MOTOROLA (282.)
    26.   L'ORÉAL (346.)
    27.   3M (351.)
    28.   MICHELIN† (376.)
    29.   MCDONALD'S (388.)
    30.   GROUPE DANONE† (413.)
    31.   GOOGLE (423.)
    32.   HEINEKEN (442.)
    33.   HENKEL† (448.)
    34.   AMAZON.COM (485.)
    35.   NIKE (497.)
    It's hard to believe how many leading businesses have been quoted thru DMLR*News Gold series... Please see footnotes.
    Fine, the information listed above links undoubtedly to the world's largest corporations on this planet and makes of DMLR*News one of the most galactic marketing newsletter ever seen on the Internet. Hopefully you can relax yourself thanks to some special but light magazines to be read in your pastime... Useful links here:
    • No B.S., click on 468x60 banner
    • Esquire,
    • Wallpaper,
    • $watch,
    ª Agip on DMLR*News Brief_12/01;
    ° as website on DMLR*News 1ite_8;
    º as website on DMLR*News Gold_6;
    ∗ on DMLR*News 1ite_013;
    ∗∗ as Citi on DMLR*News Gold_42;
    ‡ as Warner, Time Warner, AOL;
    † on Top4 magazine only.

    II. Editorial.

    Introducing the meta marketing magazine [qu'est-ce qui est meta marketing?].

    • DMLR has been publishing a marketing review since 1997. You'll find here suggestions and insights, what works and what doesn't from actual case studies and both real-world and on-line examples [et bien d'autre].
    • The Brand New Series starts on January 1999 with a trip through the show-business, a highly marketing-oriented industry, to answer the question: «is the marketer an imagination man?» [Créée en 1999: pas d'espace avant les deux points!]
    • Movies, books and whatever are quoted to introduce the articles on marketing matter or anchor facts, ideas, stories I like. See intro // outro [mention spéciale au...].
    • Every issue hosts at least four signals and links to web sites as useful comment of the article --selection to the left above. [TB!]
    For the entire experience, go inside the Meta Marketing Magazine. [Toutes les informations sur le magazine]

    III. Wad (≠).

    We'ar different (≠). Basically the love for diversity comes to me from the nature of the city, a melting pot of colors, styles, cultures! Maybe is this the so called Street-Culture?
    Being a solid citizen by birth, I visited many cities during my world wide wandering. Often I have been walking from dawn 'til dusk for days. It's not an easy task if you try inspiring the cities to discover their diversity to yourself. Where is really my home? In the on-line world or on the urban magazines, just where ICT companies envision a world where evrything is interconnected --and cities above all.... [ICT? Trouvez des synonymes!]
    20 years ago I was in Paris for the last time... The city was crawling with the billboards launching the Batman as movie directed by Tim Burton. 20 years later Batman returns to my life thru 2 children! For the full story take a look at DMLR*News Gold 46!
    The time spent in several cities has left a tangible sign even on this on-line personal project. An itinerary wich begins with 'A City and Three Noughts' and closes with Paris now! That city has been the one and only place where I have been going to for many times and with different people --friends, wife, alone. [Ah, quel plaisir!]
    Recently I have discovered WAD, a print magazine --290 pages at 6,50€-- whose publisher is based in Paris, 101 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis!
    The editorial staff has been inspired by stories of freak people and brands belonging to the urban culture, while their creatives are acting like an old school company... Lycée Wad, le magazine des modes et cultures urbain!
    Useful links to Paris here:

    • No More News, [Très haute couture]
    • Eleven, [Dans une boutique parisienne]
    • Wad, [10/10]
    • $hopping, [Grand magasin]

    IV. Storyteller.

    To be an effective marketer, you need to understand the stories on which all brands positivity is told... Contact is very important, you have to listen to people, enter into their intimacy, understand what they really love. [Contact, intimité, cœur]
    The best stories on branded products come out from their consumers, since they offer a free course of learning in-depth concepts covering the foundation of marketing!
    Consumers don't have to be in business to know what's the difference between a quality product and an ordinary product.
    The shop assistant don't have to be beautiful to impress you, just would capture your wants and suggest you a reason to buy...
    They call it the $hopping experience, where a personal system of values, feelings, wants, and needs is playing around a single act of purchase.
    Different is the experience of consuming durable goods or consumer goods: these are different kind of products, the one is bought very often in the life of a person, the other is bought or owned for a long period in the lifetime. Have you chosen the best brand forever or found it after leaving another? You don't know exactly what is the relationship based on, love or reason? [Bonne question!] Well, there is a wide range of suggestions on the stories told by material people affected from their favorite brands...
    You don't have to write great stories to take part in the collection made of short and long, good and bad personal stories! [J'adore ça...]

    V. Direct Marketing.

    The DIRECT MARKETING glossary is available on DMLR in a 3-document edition (PDF) you can browse here or easily download onto your desktop. It consists of 19 pages as a whole, 311 paragraphs/terms, 236 Kb, 7450 words, 44772 types!
    Select and print the three parts of the glossary in English from PDF::Menu.
    Sure the Internet has been changing the traditional snail-mail based direct marketing. And yet the Internet marketing is a consequence of the old direct marketing somehow. Many terms you'll find inside the DM glossary are suiting for the e-mail marketing too... but they come from a business development initiative of Canada Post Corporation [hommage à Connexions --centre de resources en marketing direct].

    VI. Linked Resources.

    Click here if you want to read all this newsletter series from DMLR*News Gold no.1 issued in 1999! [Cette galerie de marketing en ligne est ouverte à toutes les disciplines... l'animation, la vidéo, la mode, la musique, le cinéma.]

    VII. MyQuiz.

    What's 'meta marketing'?
    A method of studying marketing and its relationship to every aspect of human life, so establishing a body of knowledge based on experience, and every facet, of human personalities and lifestyles. As seen on The Penguin Dictionary of Marketing.