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"Again will I build thee, and thou shall be built, O virgin of Israel" (Jeremiah, 31:4)

  Beit Hatfutsot
  The Jewish People
  Beit Hasofrim
  Nahum Gutman Museum
  Beit Haatzmaut
  Independence Days
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or "Akhuzat Bayit (est. 1909)"

(INTRO) It was four o'clock in the morning, nearly the dawn, and I went out of the #EL-AL Boeing 737 where I had slept just a little in some aisle seat during that dark, crowded flight from Italy. Young and slim hostesses prepared the late-night dinner in order to distract rather than feed the passengers. It seemed a bit strange to me speaking English after several years, and I had warmed up my tongue at the check-in before the man in charge of the air company security. But later talking to female personnel on the airplane was more relaxing even at 42 thousand feet above the sea... This trip had a special meaning for me—being leftist I can't travel so far without a political, almost historical reason. Truth to say it could concern more a moral pathway traced by the birth of a city so much strangely founded in a recent past, the presence of Bauhaus-styled buildings along with the fact I was going to visit that country this much particular year. All these motives have been converging on and pushing me to Tel Aviv, the white city! Finally I got out of "Ben Gurion" airport asking for a cab to the city center. At 6am the taxi driver welcomed the cash and I could breathe in the air of Dizengoff square that now got my attention.


(1/10) Tourist yelling soon
How is Tel Aviv in June?
Delightful like...U!

(2/10) Uptown and bulky
Three-densio firm buildings
Doing the white thing!

(3/10) Weather reference
Some days seem partly cloudy
It's all about dance!

(4/10) Who in the sunshine
Who by fire who by water
Who in the night time..

(5/10) Achuzat Bayit
Sand dunes weren't a limit
But unique made it!

(6/10) Throughout the weekend
Witness at Neve Tsedek
To cut down on stress.

(7/10) Eine weisse Stadt
Alles klar Herr Kommissar
Bauhaus Gegenwart.

(8/10) Flowering season
An urban flame tree reads loud
My great migration.

(9/10) Bialik house gotfre
Be proud be bold be poet
Under the palm tree.

(10/10) Picture at the pier
Wandering until my feet
Come to a standstill.

P.S. Each haiku represents a visited spot of Tel Aviv and it's associated to a particular picture taken at Rotschild Blv., Azrieli ha-Kiriya, City Hall to Reading (and back), Beit Hatfutsot, Neve Tsedek, the beaches, some Delonix trees... To find the complete collection of these little haikus just visit


This Web page is not finished yet because it's dedicated to Tel Aviv, a city that never stops and is always under construction...

XL Magazine


Il ת ל
א נ י נ

  • GUTMAN - The city logo was designed by Nahum Gutman . The logo features a lighthouse wich symbolized the aspirations of the city's founders... TLV as gateway for immigrants and light unto the nations
  • 70 - This year marks the 70th anniversary from the historic declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948
  • BIALIK - The Bialik Commune led a cooperative lifestyle and worked at the construction of the new city. Cham Nachman Bialik was a poet and helped to increase the value of real estate in the area, attracting intellectuals and practitioners including pioneers of medicine in Israel. The Bialik House was cmpleted in 1925...
  • HAARETZ - OK the history but what are the real activities of day living in TLV? While some print ads are promising an exciting summer, the Israel Institute of Democracy has been conducting a survey on work flexibility conditions... This is the season of the burning kites... a TV law threatens next year's Eurovision song contest in Israel... the euro adds 0.8% to 4.212 shekels... TLV shares ends lower on Monday 18th June , weighed down by Bezeq group... while Rabbis dissolve a marriage...
  • FOR RENT - Opera Tower: 2 rooms ⊕ balcony, sea and Jaffa view, amazing furniture, parking - now for special price - only 8,500 NIS!
  • CINEMA - Once upon a time... the cinema Esther where such kolosal films as "Gone with the Wind" and "Ben-Hur" were projescted to TLV moviefoers. Now the classic poster with the burning hug between Mr. Butler and Ms. O'Hara welcomes the guests from the Cunema of the Atlas Hotels chain.
  • BAUHAUS CENTER - Preservation and renewal of Bauhaus style buildings in TLV is a serious matter. If a tourist in TLV discerns into a white-coloured building that apparently essential and well proportionate facade or that simply designed jointly-owned house, they probably reflect the practical modernism of the 1930s, when the Bauhaus originated a mindset for painters, photographers, architects and creatives of any art field. The Bauhaus Center in TLV is a little shop but inside full of books, souvenirs, or suggestions about the White City and where exactly aim one's feet to.

ג Gimelב Betא Alef
ו Vavה Heyד Daled
ט Tetח Chetז Zayin
ל Lamedכ Kafי Yud
ס Samechנ Nunמ Mem
צ Tzadikפ Pehע Ayin
ש Shinר Reishק Kuf
ּית Taf
TLV to be continued...

(OUTRO) Akhuzat Bayit (1906-1909) was the fundraising association that gave origin to the foundation of Tel Aviv. As tourist I had to remember it along with a sentence that did predict the birth of a Jewish city from sand dunes by some words sounding like these
"Again will I build thee, and thou shall be built, O virgin of Israel" (Jeremiah 31,4).

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