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Shock Economy



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"Here and here did Buenos Aires help me" (J.L. Borges)

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  Plaza de Mayo
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or "Guia de los lugares comúnes argentinos"

(INTRO) CHE! A journey into Sur is a journey into the past of a country. But this country has become a perfect model used to explain the present or foresee the future of many other countries belonging to a different continent, say Europe. Moreover, we couldn't say anything about Argentina but nothing compares to you.
¡Ya basta, vamos al restaurante económico El Gaucho!


Are you ready to leave? You can be named doctor or advocate/you can be named general or private/love is where you are ready to die...
After having been navigators and explorers, during the19th century Italians were migrants too. Their destination was everywhere around the world, but the highest number went to Southern America and more precidely to the lands of La Plata, the Purple Land (Uruguay) and the Silver Land (Argentina).
Where the lost horizons don't return anymore... because this is a journey into the land of criollos and gauchos!
Now choose the Italian most wanted man in Argentina of every time by following the keywords beside them! [O bien inviar mensaje, nombre y dirección email a dmlrnews]
Amerigo Vespucci (Americas)
Giuseppe Garibaldi (Camisetas rojas)
Alberto M. De Agostini (Tierra del Fuego)
Walter Bonatti (Hielo Continental)

As for the practice of social economy our ancestors' keyword will be another one: Emigración golondrina. That means the Italian agrarian workers were leaving every year to Argentina where they were employed for harvesting thanks to the climate and seasonal difference between two hemispheres of the planet. Same workers for the same work in different lands and each time for six months. A perfect conjunction of a large people migration from North to South and back. Turn the propeller round/and turnturn while it rains and snows...


    Aconcagua trek and logistical support since 1979.

    El viejo expreso patagónico

    Greetings from Los Antiguos, Patagonia...

    Estancia jesuitica, patrimonio de la humanidad. Mission de Alta Gracia.

    Cataratas del Ignazú.

    Parque national (birdwatching).

    Just Mardel...

    Kermesse del 21 al 30 de septiembre 2011, entrada libre y gratuita al museo de arte latino-americano.

    Hotel in Belen (Catamarca), the poncho homeland.

    Yerba mate, dulce de leche, helados...

Diez puntos!


Miseria gringa. "Tengo dos hijos, ¿a cual educo?" --as seen on a placard with antirecesion slogan hold up by a woman suffering the damages from an economic slump: Argentina was the first country to announce the default in payment caused by a completely shocking shock economy (2001). Here we have to continue more precisely...

XL Magazine

Lomo de cavallo or Historia universal de la infamia pt.I

Domingo Cavallo, a minister of economy, was made traumatically famous because of a two-bank suggested plan to the Argentinian government and delivered to him in order to privatize the public sector with the result of 700,000+ people fired. His official goal being to beat the hyper-inflation --so called rampant inflation! Thanks to the suppport of an entire think-tank from the same monetary school, also knows as the Chicago boys (or even better Buenos Muchachos), Cavallo would have been the first shocktherapist for facing the 114 billion dollar bankruptcy, and managing la crisis.
Both an economist, Naomi Klein (The Take), and a film-maker, Fernando Solanas (Memoria del Saqueo), have been telling us the long-term consequences and disasters after the accomplishment of the Cavallo plan for Argentina.
What would it happen if the saving class should be forced to withdraw only 250 euro per week from their checking deposit? Run on a bank!
This occurred when the unemployment rate went up to almost 20 percent...

Asado a la cruz or Historia universal de la infamia pt.II

Asociatión Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, 34 años de lucha (¹ .
30,000 desaparecidos (1976-83).
Las ónce handado y nubládo...
The shop-window jail (UP2, G1, G2, G3).
¡Carteraaa! a las cartas de mi mamá, ¡las conozco desde lejos!
1979 the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) did enter the jail and met the prisoners... --then it was like if the fútbol would pass from Kempes to Maradona!


"So much has changed in the last ten years since Gotan Project started experimenting with tango and produced their classic album La Revancha del Tango... Gotan Project have moved on, Buenos Aires has moved on and Tango has found new champions in the digital sound of the nueva cumbia".
[REMIX] 2011 ¡Ya Basta! Records released 500 copies of a limited edition 10" vinyl featuring some awesome remixes
1. Una música brutal, El Hijo de la Cumbia rmx
2. Tríptico, Frikstailers rmx
3. Chunga's Revenge, Axel Krygier rmx
4. Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre), Chancha Via Circuito rmx
5. Vuelvo al Sur, El Romolon rmx
Please, download and listen to the remix if you're liking 'Sur'...
¿Tal vez el bandoneón está viviendo en otra época?

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.ArStars and stripes, square or complicated.
Rare signs of sun on the flags of state...
Manuel Belgrano was born from a Genoese father. His name is exactly associated to the flag of Argentina, the one featuring the sun of May!
La Semana de la Bandera is the 7-day guide to argentinidad --or 7 issues for don Isidro Parodi.
  • Lunes / Lunfardo: « Le faltan un par de jugadores ». El Truco es « cuarenta naipes » --and where to lie is normality...
  • Martes / Almafuerte y Xul Solar: ¿ Cuál de los dos escribe?
  • Miércoles / Gran Buenos Aires: « Dónde estará (pregunto) el origen del tango? Retiro... Calle del Temple... Callle Chile... o bien Montevideo... Paris. ». But nobody ignores that the South of Buenos Aires starts from the other side of Rivadavia!
  • Jueves / Misiones y Guaraní: « Cuando querrá el Dios del cielo / Que la tortilla se vuelva / Que lo pobres coman pan y los ricos m***** » (by Chico Sánchez Ferlosio).
  • Viernos / Ruta Nacional 40: viento, cujo y estrellas... « El avestruz es el mas gaucho de los animales. »
  • Sábado / Nada o muy poco sé del Glaciar Perito Moreno, hielo y aventura.
  • Domingo / The southernmost city in the world, ¿el fin del mundo? « Thru these straits to die. »
...Así es la cosa, Mafalda!

(buena onda/buen ayre)

El Libro
  1. | Porteños
  2. | El capitalismo foraneo
  3. | Cuna de la bandera
  4. | Feria internacional
  5. | Orquesta tipica
  6. | Hay historieta
  7. | Vuelvo al Sur...
Re interesante!
Wheter you are a tailor, a software expert, a sailor, or an export manager (to name a few), the week of the flag will guide you to Argentina. Always respect the pattern of migrant workers.

(OUTRO) What if the Argentinian would be an Italian? An Italian speaking Spanish, living like a French and thinking to be an Englishman.
PS. 'SUR' is interior geography conceived in praise of Victoria Ocampo and after reading Jorge L. Borges' Obras Completas.  (SIGNED DONRO@DMLR.ORG).

©2011 Roberto
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Issued { October 3rd, 2011. Short strokes: November 25th (Este otoño cumpliré cincuenta y dos años).

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