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Archive 1999-2002

 DMLR*News Brief — September 02, 2002
(sent via email to DMLR*News subscribers on Sep. 01, 2002)
-D- Data o'Dates
-M- Memorabilia
-L- Legends on Marques
-R- Review:

--D-- Data o’Dates.
DMLR entered the 6th year online, really! To celebrate the
event let me remember the milestone dates to old and new subscribers.
> 22 Aug. 1997 : First appearance of DMLR online.
  The Website contains three sections:
  the DMLR*News sample, Siti*Top
  --the Web sites review-- and FAQs
> 18 Sep. 1997 : DMLR*News n.1 was published online
> 30 Oct. 1997 : First subscriber to receive the email
  version of DMLR*News
> 14 Nov. 1997 : Front page translated into English.
  Addition of a new section, the WWW Guide
> 30 Jan. 1998 : Lay-out, banner and graphics renewed
> 11 Feb. 1998 : First external banner to support Free
  Speech Online (Blue Ribbon Campaign)
>  6 Mar. 1998 Cover page providing monthly statistical
  charts (until June)
> 22 Dec. 1998 : Fully translated into English.
  1st annual Primo Award
> 17 Jan. 1999 : Online survey on “How did you find DMLR?”
> 28 Jan. 1998 : Reciprocal link exchange program (new)
> ex May  1999 : Delivery of e-DMLR*News in English too
> 15 Jan. 2000 : 1st Web server change, new Url where the
  project restarted
> 14 May  2000 : Start of DMLR Gold edition (quarterly)
> 28 Jun. 2000 : Registration of (domain),
  2nd Web server change
>  1 Jul. 2000 : Lay-out, banner and graphics renewed
> 29 Sep. 2000 : Start of indexing contents by Atomz to
  provide search help on DMLR Web site
> ex Feb. 2001 : Start of DMLR Brief edition (monthly),
  until Dec.2001 as email to subscribers only
>  6 Mar. 2002 : New home page introducing two indexes in
  Italian and English

--M-- Memorabilia.
DMLR concept, (English) (Italiano) (Deutsch) (Español).

The first issue of DMLR*News did appear 5ive years ago.
To recover some other pages and articles from the old
location of DMLR, please visit the Internet Archive at and enter the former Url that was:

The second lay-out adopted by DMLR is sampled here,
(news archive)
(home page)

The simple format adopted by DMLR*News until 1999 is
archived, as of the n.13 newsletter issued on Sep.98,

The series of the 2001 DMLR*News Brief issues is not
published online at all, but the titles are available at

--L-- Legends on Marques.
Lycra is nothing if not the ideal brand name. It has got a perfect length --5 types-- and assortment of letters. With “L” begin both “long” and “life”, “Y” is always a bit exotic, the whole word sounds as a mixture of lyre and okra.
Like all the great marques in trade and industry, it is very domestic and classic --thus it will enter the common language as other trade marks did (fòrmica, nylon, rayon). By the way Lycra is a DuPont registered trademark.
In Italy the ways and streets are crowded with over 70 million of beautiful and not-so-beautiful --some abusive-- billboards, that do look familiar to anyone of us from the golden age of advertising. They are trying to make an impression to the viewers. How to be recognized, remembered and chosen among those lucrative little moments of viewing?
You know and I know it’s a word or a pair of words, the heavenly magical words, that fab notion that fixes the well-known product! Ten of all-time great and mean marques are hence living, some dead, legends. I offer you the listing here to your reflection:
1. Petrol brands are often disappeared from our view without apparent reasons, say Amoco, Caltex, Gulf, or Total. One of them reappeared as brand for a cruel fact on a petrol country, the Gulf war (brand diversification);
2. UniCredit and UniEuro seem, so much is their similarity, to get out from the same new-brand-brainstorming team, that was able to sell the former to a banking group and the latter to an electronics retail chain (brand multiplying);
3. Fevernova is a basic tool for playing football, aka soccer in USA, whose name comes from the outer space, where probably no one understands why this sport is so widely practiced among human beings (alien branding);
4. Lager is a common product category name of many beers; all we hope it has nothing to do with the worst word ever heard during the World War II, but little doubt rests (misunderstood brand);
5. Whiskas(tm) sells pet food and has registered the phrase “long life to cats” as its own further trade mark (brand hyper-security);
6. Mio (processed cheese) and Nutella (cocoa cream) were the most famous baby brands in the baby boomers age, but only the first made really the path for marketing in the new economy --see, (my-day my-day);
7. Tele+ Bianco, Tele+ Nero, Stream, Italian pay-per-view TV logos, are owned at present-day by three, two or one company? and how many decoders should one have to watch all these channels? (brands mistery);
8. the Coca-Cola company hired Santa Claus as testimonial to say: “it’s my gift for thirst”, but his fee was never disclosed (brand secrets);
9. Yahoo! was not a pioneer when it used an exclamation to identify its own brand name. Many years ago made it better an auto maker with Saab --we don’t know if it follows in Swedish a ! or a ? (braanding!);
10. Dynamo, Pravda, Sputnik are the three best names produced by the Soyuz Soviet Reclame Bureau, the former SSRB, until 1989 (from Russia with brand).
PS. Only one of these legends is true.

Related articles,

--R-- Review:
This new service allows you to find out one or more web sites at a time I have personally visited/tested.
On this issue let's look at: "".
- Web location is, copyrighted by Courtenay Communications Corporation, USA.
- Type of site: online newspaper for direct marketers.
Although a bit out of fashion, this site contains a large number of resources for direct marketers, including daily and weekly newsletters, articles archive, quotes.
- Means: the site's navigation menu (on the left side) makes it easy to find what you're looking for.
As in order of appearance they are following each other: search box, sections by topic, newsletters, registration, personalization, and feedback.
I have been using DMnews since 2001, when the fee to access the articles was set at 25US$ per year. Payment by credit card, it worked easy and secure.
- Web site: DMnews Web site is well laid out and easy to use, it is fairly shaped as a classic newspaper. Simple, yet useful and focused on browsing and reading, it really caught my attention. Download is fast, articles are interesting, variety's wide and update's sharp. I went back to search through its archive several times at least once a month!
While not attractive or funny, it's a place to learn about all around the DM world, from companies latest news to case studies, from hottest practical tips to statistics. I suggest visiting it!
- Demo: membership is essential to enter the services. As pay-per-content Web site its cost may be perceived like hurdle but in this case it is worth enough to try the experience. I said what it costed and how to get up to.
Only the e-newsletter is apparently free, so you have to register your name and email to be notified first and to confirm your subscription by browsing the url emailed to you. There are these options now: E-mail marketing, CRM (both weekly) and general direct marketing news (daily).
The site offers a particular service to quote one’s direct mail needs. By filling out a set of parameters, as requested by the form online, a direct marketer gets estimates for the exact mailing to be processed. The quote will be referring to the US market and this service allows up to six mail shops to bid on a job.
Archives of articles are on the richest section. They are covering over a dozen of topics, including B-to-B, Database Mktg, Fundraising, Legal/Privacy. Any article is provided with the email of the author, so a curiosity or comment can be delivered to the source, and contains the email-to-a-friend messenger.
One article to start? Well, I’d say that “Using the 4 Ps of E-Mail Marketing” by Stefan Eyram.
The text is in English, of course!
- Rating: 13 out of 15 --last sighted on Aug. 30, 2002.
(Evaluated following DMLR Primo-award criteria, see

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