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Roberto Dondi
questions and suggestions
 DMLR*Newsletter - Since 1997  
No.17 issue -Jan. 1999   
  • Figures & tips of the month
  • Mailing list (III)
  • A WWW 1998 report
  • News from DMLR

  1. Figures & tips of the month.
    On this chapter I register some figures that are important to describe big and little rules and advices, big and little facts and happenings, linked to marketing over the Internet.
    - 1936.27 Italian Liras the price of 1 Euro (html code "&" with: "#0128;" o "euro;" = "€").
    - 7.6 million people is the Internet community in Germany. Following the UK at 5.5 million, France 2.3 and the Netherlands 1.5 (source: Bluesky Int'l Marketing).
    - 21% of the Web sites advertised on 3 of the Italian most read weekly magazines resulted lacking in offering meaningful information and/or too time consumer to be visited (Tiziano Vescovi on Micro&Macro Marketing).
    - 69 out of 100 ads published on BusinessWeek have been referring to Web site (id.).
    - 15-20 only out of 100 ads on the two Italian best selling mags, Panorama and Sette (id.).
    - 3 is the ideal number of steps (click on) to get -or supply- the desired information on Web sites.
  2. Mailing list (III). 

  3. Building a mailing list is possible by means of an information gathering system based on the web site. In this case, a success key factor is obviously the commercial or informative service to be associated to information requested and supplied if the transaction's terms and conditions have been satisfied by the people applying on-line for. Of course you don't have to underestimate even the shaped form's effectiveness as pointer of all the steps to be followed. Here come the basics.
    a) Complete the components by all needed instructions.
    For instance, highlight at once when the delivered service is submitted to special conditions- as the credit card possession or the restriction on delivering to certain countries.
    b) Mark the information to be provided.
    If an online buyer or subscriber has to provide some needed information, it's good for clarity that each information absolutely required to start the procedure be marked on the form. It's usually been found the pointer (*).
    c) Solicit suggestions.
    Getting opinion, question or advice contributes to enhance the offered service through a direct way. On simplest situation it shall be useful to insert a link to the email address at least ("mailto:").
    d) Give organization unity.
    Layout and graphics are designed to give the form both clarity and confidence in practice. The look hasn't a predominant role.
    e) Respect the style.
    The form shall adopt the overall image of the web site on which it's placed. Style coherence makes acceptable and improves the formal transactions.
    For example, the online form linked by me to DMLR web is available HERE.

  4. A WWW 1998 report. 

  5. During the last year, personal contacts sprung from the visiting to DMLR web site and the filling in the online form, produce some information of statistical importance on WWW usage in Italy. I'm here reporting the main figures, some of which are even displayed graphically on the page of stats.

    *Informative sources about the web site (percentage of overall respondents).
    Search engines/Directories 87.2%
    Other web users other people 5.1%
    Other web sites 2.4%
    Other sources 5.3%.

    *Newsletter's subscribers.

    *Subscribers' annual growth.
    +740% vs. period Aug-Dec 1997.

    *Percentage of missing (lost/new subscribers).

    *Percentage of error (failed/total forms).

    *Most recurring email domains (decreasing order).
    Note: as limited analysis of the domain after the '@' on email address.

    Most recurring weekday.
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday 23.1% each
    Thursday 17.9%
    Tuesday 12.8%.

    Bottom to up reports: trend and forecast on the Internet you get at Cyberatlas (, IDC (, Forrester (

  6. News from DMLR.
    - Since 1999's eve new pages have been translated into English and introduced onto the web site. I'm the translator and responsible for possible errors. For people interested in such a version of articles, the page list (url) is as follows:
    Newsletter: .../utenti/don_ro/newsletter.htm
    Top*Four: .../utenti/don_ro/top4.htm
    Guide on WWW: .../utenti/don_ro/guide.htm
    - By new year, the navigation map's graphics have been developed, so that the download time of pages becomes faster. New maps saved up to 50% of the space before the change and had got better style's coordination with the main page!
    - The Top*Four review maintains now the previous monthly web site selection. Magazine of January titled: "Essai du cinéma en ligne". Review's logo was established by a new font 'Europa' you can download for free.
    To send your suggestions and critiques on this or further DMLR*News, write on and send the on-line form. Thanks!

  7. *** DMLR message *** 

  8. DMLR, the sole marketing review in Italian/English, free and without sponsoring, is looking for web sites to join by a link exchange program. If you have web space to host ad banner on your site, we could become advertisers without wasting money. Read now details and terms on DMLR's joint links.  
Copyright 1999 - All rights reserved (except where indicated). 
Roberto Dondi- marketing consultant.
Member of A.P.C.O. ( 

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