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Archive 1999-2002

 DMLR*News Brief — June 04, 2002
(text emailed to DMLR*News subscribers on June 03, 2002)
-D- Digital Dispenser
-M- Marketing Pulp Fiction
-L- Letter from Premio WWW
-R- Review: Online Advertising

--D-- Digital Dispenser.
Latest news on DMLR are concerning the ultimate Guide to the marketing-oriented web sites.
There are millions of pages over the Internet. So great a selection may make it hard to begin, so start from this guide. That is a broad spectrum of Web locations and categories focusing on the marketing via the Internet. Get acquinted with them!
10 categories for 97 Web locations as a whole,

Now the Guide is opening with a new service provided by Europemedia --see top of the page-- that is a dispenser of news from the pan-European digital business.
The first news displayed on DMLR through Europemedia was the "EU adopts VAT for e-commerce" as of May 7th, 2002. Clicking on the headlines you enter the article to read. Contents from Europemedia are delivered in English only.
This is an example on how to use the Guide from a user perspective. Bookmark this page and visit it at least one time per month! Indeed the list of web sites is updated every month, while the news by Europemedia are refreshed in 24 hours.

--M-- Marketing Pulp Fiction.
The complete series of the magazine Top4 encompasses the 3-year period from Jan. 1999 to Feb. 2002.
A large selection of articles based on what I call "visionary style" of stories not deemed necessary to the marketing. In devising those stories I have tried to be in step with the fictive world on that marketer can be involved in. You too will recognize the issues of the past- and present-day marketing, e.g. when you are looking for the single most important element in each direct response marketing campaign.
Not conventional stories are inspired to me by books, movies, memories and anedoctes I used to start any of the 22 reviews compiling the new series 1999:2002! These stories can help you
-> Find a unique content you like and send it to a friend (in the latter case, please, refer to the author or Url);
-> Uncover the links between interactive marketing and old standbys such as a product portfolio or positioning matrix;
-> Visit the shortly reviewed web sites to deepen the online case history they represent;
-> Consider the Internet as a medium of media where everything can add value to communicate in a smart and different way.
Prior to reading it you better know that this series of magazines is over for the time being. It will be replaced by the new Web sites review, not yet delivered ultil now!
Marketing magazine & much more --the archive:

468x60 banner campaign as "Marketing Pulp Fiction":

--L-- Letter from Premio WWW.
Premio WWW is the notorius award set up by Il Sole 24 Ore to recognize the excellence of Italian Web professionals.
Recently I had got a reply from the publisher's staff, announcing the start of the new edition 2002. See the following carbon copy.
Gentilissimo Roberto Dondi,
nel ringraziarla, la informiamo che l'edizione 2002 del
PremioWWW è stata lanciata il 19/04/2002 al link
Per far partecipare il suo sito al Premio WWW 2002 non occorre iscriversi o registrarsi, è necessario solo incontrare il favore dei naviganti ed essere votati.
Con l'augurio  di poter accogliere al più presto la sua partecipazione,
Cordiali saluti
Lo staff Premio WWW

I'd only add the Premio WWW is shared by categories. But DMLR project couldn't actually enter the contest, being a personal Web site. Next I have to inform you that any vote for will be appreciated, neverthless it would go for naught!
Related article on DMLR Gold #9/III,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Looking for the perfect Web address (domain)?
Register your Web domain with the support of DMLR consultant. SAVE time and money for any new
.tv, .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info domain name!
To double check your choice --from marketing analysis on-- contact me by filling in the form,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

--R-- Review: Online Advertising.
Prior to starting I give you a bit of emphasizing. This new service allows you to find out one or more websites at a time I have personally visited/tested.
On this issue let's look at: "Online Advertising".
- Web location is, managed by Tenagra, USA.
- Type of site: professional discussion list.
It means that you will have to register for taking part of an online community that is able to marshall and argue the advertising by means of tips, opinions, answers and questions forwarded to the list.
- Means: free registered members are receiving daily email where the topics are discussed through the messages posted to the list coordinator or moderator. This one is a real expert selecting both the matters to be discuted and the meaningful opinions to be pursued to the list. This system of distribution allows any subscriber to become a partecipant in any discussion.
Taking part into the discussion is easy but has to respect a precise etiquette and someone's opinion may be rejected, so not reach the other list addressees.
- Web site: it has two-fold function, first collecting subscribers so they are allowed to receive the daily O-A --thus it's a daily newsletter!
Secondly the Web site has the archive of numerous years of debates, so if you are interested in some of the past topics, you may search through it, for reading the contents provided at each discussion.
- Demo: on May 13th I have launched a question posting an email to the list central hub.
Within two days that email will be reproduced on the O-A news distributed to the list. So from May 16th on, other list users started reading my question and, into their midst, six people sent opinions entering the discussion list. The list is managed in English only, however responses merely came from more milieux because partecipants are from all countries, Europe's included.
A discussion usually lasts a few days or is extended as long as various weeks. It depends on how many involved.
- Rating: 13 out of 15.
(Evaluated following DMLR Primo-award criteria, see

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