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The Million Trilogy
Contents (I-VII)
    I. DMLR One Year's Report.
    a) Newsletter.
    New subscribers dropped a modest 2.2 percent last year compared with Y2000*. According to requests via auto-responder or simple email, the total number of subscribers in 2001 was 89. Average number per month: 7+. The number is neat from people who sent error or invalid request of subscription (some Nixies). You may count a dozen of this kind.
    Frequent readers profile was updated on the charts here:
    About languages I would remember DMLR*News is available in two versions and delivered as email for Italian- (93%, -4 points over 2000 percentage) and English-readers (7%, +4).
    *Note: in June 2000 DMLR website started from scratch. Details on DMLR*News GOLD IV.

    b) Interactive.
    The prime feedback derives from searching the users do for reading documents by means of the internal search engine powered by Atomz. In the past 6 months people had done over 600 searches, but considering only 2 out of 11 pages where search entry is made possible.
    To better use this important function --that save your time-- see at point #2 the tips about how efficiently hunt your desired topic out.
    The second feedback from you allows to rank the sources a website is first well-known and then visited from. This is the ranking for
     SE 78%
     Other websites 13%
     Other means 8%
     Other user 1%
    Results as of January 3rd, 2002. Poll started in July 2001. To get your vote go to ONLINE POLL.

    c) Visits.
    Playing the numbers game required the stats on hits as counted from visiting to the main page in Italian (Oct--Dec 01). The statistics on the visits to the home page started on Oct. 14. According to weekly Netscape Hitometer Service hits were counted as
    421 in Oct., 705 in Nov., 485 in Dec..
    Progressive counting totalized 1611, so avarage hits are about 20 daily.
    Page=index.html / Hits / Average n. per day
    OCT. 421 / 24
    NOV. 705 / 23
    DEC. 485 / 15

    TOT. 1611 / 20

    To zero in on website attendees I devised a formula giving a ball park figure from HITS. The global number of visits to be equal to a figure in the range from 600 to 900 per month.

    II. Search Tips.
    Many letters I have received in the past months were asking for specific information in aid of personal job and/or studying.
    Most answers are available directly from the resources I have already selected for all you and set up at DMLR. So far you had probably read this email news but did not dig into the about 4Mb contents of the website I'm running. Nowadays it's time to feed your growing demand by helping the readers and visitors get the most out of searching amid over 200 DMLR files! It's useful to include search tips with this new issue. Hope everybody gets the best possible search result, which ultimately helps you find what you are looking for. Many users may not be aware of common search syntax, the use of which can dramatically improve search results. Here are some examples to be aware of when you go search by simple or ADVANCED form:
    • Check spelling - Make sure your search terms are spelled correctly. The search engine will attempt to find words that sound similar your search terms, but it is always best to spell the search terms correctly.
    • Use multiple words - Use multiple words when performing your search. More words for a search will return more refined results than a search from a single word.
    • Use similar words - The more similar words you use in a search, the more relevant results will be to the words that you are searching for.
    • Use appropriate capitalization - Use capitalization when looking for proper nouns such as the name of a person or place. Lowercase words will match any words of any case.
    • Use quotation marks around phrases - Use quotation marks to find words that must appear adjacent to each other within a phrase. For example, search for "Web Marketing" within quotes rather than just Web Marketing.
    • Use Boolean plus (+) or minus (-) operators - Precede a search term or phrase with a plus (+) sign to indicate it must appear in a search result. Precede a search term with a minus (-) sign to indicate an undesirable search term or phrase that must not appear in a search result. For example, searching for +advertising -banner will return results that are about advertising , but not about banner.
    • Use field searches - Field searches allow you to search for words that appear in a specific part of a document such as the body text (body:), title text (title:), alt text (alt:), meta description (desc:), meta keywords (keys:) or URL (url:). The field name should include the colon and precede the search word or phrase with no spaces between them. For example, searching for title:nonprofit will find pages with nonprofit in the title of the page.

    (Further info at Atomz Customer Support,

    III. What is DMLR doing for you?
    Since 1997 DMLR is an ideal resources center for manegers, professionals, students by providing:
    Planning, Launching, Promoting Your Site
    About Web Page Optimization
    About Web Content
    Banner Advertising
    Reciprocal Linking
    Press Releases
    Website Promotion

    English start
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Top4 Magazine
    Articles, Tips and Tracks on Marketing
    Monthly Issues


    Website of the Year
    Best Websites as Look, Content, Interactive

    Award 2001

    If you prefer to develop your own website experience then check out this section for the latest tools to help you achieve maximum success as webmaster of yourself.

    Essential Guide

    Books Selection
    Online Excerpts Preview

    See below at point #5.

    Site Planning
    Banner Marketing Solutions
    E-mail Marketing Solutions
    Press Release Solutions
    Promotion Solutions
    Optimize Pages Download

    Web Consultant

    Read the alternative web marketing on DMLR*News. GET IT NOW! Subscribe for YOUR free email copy to DMLR_NEWS
    (So you may finally understand what is DMLR conceived for!
    Forward this part of message to friends and associates:-)

    IV. Direct Marketing.
    Banner marketing is finding out and offering online what your customer wants. I have written some hints on this DM medium that is providing useful and measurable action over the Internet (
    From January 2002 ad banner space is disposable on the three main pages at for advertisers wanting to reach an audience shaped by managers, professionals, students that are interested in marketing stuff. Ad placement involves:
    1. Front page / Banner 468x60 / 6 months
      Front page / Banner 468x60 / 3m
    2. Newsletter / Banner 234x60
    3. Websites Guide / Link + Headline / 6m
      Websites Guide / Link + Headline / 3m
      Websites Guide / Banner 90x30 / 6m
      Websites Guide / Banner 90x30 / 3m
    Note. Max. banner size in pixel (WxH). Format gif/jpg, max. 10Kb. Double exposure on page in English and Italian.
    Statistics on DMLR frequent readers,
    To order now, please download the price list form (.PDF) from

    V. Linked Resources.

    A new section is growing at as well. It's dedicated to authors of articles, books, reviews on marketing matter. Three months ago I set up a web directory hosting authors whose book are treating topics on direct marketing: first three-- Larry Chase, Jim Novo and Jim Sterne-- are present through short excerpts introducing their selected book.
    Read the chosen parts respectively on Email Marketing, by Jim Sterne
    RFM Model, by Jim Novo
    Net Business, by Larry Chase.
    To contact the authors, or read more chapters online, or online buy the book, please follow the provided paths.

    VI. Why Art Works.
    Art OnLine: The Art Factor -- Communication And Publicity.
    Finally I published a magazine as reprise of a 1999 draft.
    It has been written: "the arts are very good for business... and business is very good for arts". This statemet would surely encompass the arts as a whole coming from a brochure by the largest concentration of cultural facilities in the world. The proxy wedding between the artists and the marketing of goods is always feasible in an attempt to originally personalize the packaging or the promotion or the advertising of products. A thin thread runs between the modes to advertise products and the cultural vehicles or artistic expressions as media involving people into. This article reviews the multi-talented artistic community populating the Internet. The selected websites are familiar with artists, so visit them to know what you might do for supporting their activity as member, sponsor, subscriber, consumer! Read full article on Top4 magazine
    More: my ARTware portal is the personal expression of the best websites addressed to art lovers! It continues the series of very simple pages --just 9Kb-- very speed to upload but not so modest in appearance (

    VII. A Year In The Life Of...
    This catalog offers the complete list of the main articles published by DMLR during Y2001:

    News Gold quarterly series

    News Brief monthly edition
    (available as email issue for subscribers only)

    Top4 Magazine

    Special Reports
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