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 Personal branding 
Code: Smoke.

(intro) The Brooklyn Cigar Co. shop pictured on the movie 'Blue In The Face' (by Wang & Auster, 1995) is an actual brick and mortar venue. And the people rotating around it or chattin' and downin' each other into, are seeking for goods the kind you find in a second hand store. The movie features the community joining in that shop, where everyone is allowed —low life, nabe face, outsider— to be a star for a little. The power of a local community is simple. The power of a virtual community is simple too. The Web community is growing at the pace of a city during the industrial revolution. So come and be care of your apartment on the Internet or find a prime location where cut loose!
After starting your own website under the counter you probably can't quit. Like smokers! Website runners for personal purpose aren't able to leave for good. Why can't you?
  • Enjoy Web publishing
  • Friends/Subscribers read it
  • Job related tool
  • Addiction/Habit
  • Weight gain
For some of these good reasons I myself never quitted the DMLRdotORG project.
Self achievement can get off the virtual ground. Launching your own personal web make you part of this strange community: it's not all smoke and mirrors. Browsing the personal websites is a good practice to understand the so called "personal branding". We could recognize some basic techniques to direct marketing people, professionals, ideas and all we are used to name the intangible products. The inserting of the manager picture is a direct way to build confidence to visitors. The act is due particularly by Website owners dedicated to the selling of products and services via the Internet. Personal photos are the boarder line between a mature eBusiness man and a hacker online trap. You may discover many artfully dressed pictures on the personal websites like that of Mr. Bob Burg, C@

Unsolicited testimony is another common tool to underline the serious and useful stuff you are promoting through the Web. Testimonials are often common people —like us— and therefore highly believable to introduce all us to a new experience of cyber relationship. A list of sentences coming from real visitors or customers becomes important to support a home-based business or launch a trade related to the Internet channel. You can actually read examples of these phrases as testimony on several websites front page. According with the technique of tying up the trust to facts of reality. Another sample of personal branding comes from Mr. Dentamaro who selected a very original domain name but respectful of his family name, C@

Style is not a design exclusivity on websites. It's rather a blend of general appearance, language, contents, focused on a concept that's the reason of an online presence and investment —the corporate or personal Web location. Now we should distinguish the ways to communicate to a virtual audience and associate each mode to a Web positioning. As for colors, shapes and lettering on real products or print ads, the style of the website is building barriers or bridges to other people. An original image could be optimized by the designer in several creative ways but it's not the unique thing to be aware of when reaching the right people is a primary goal. Learn how to combine a business topic and a hardcore language from Ms. Linda Cox, C@

Respecting your visitors is another gold rule to develop a successful website. Time, trust and privacy are priority in dealing with people over the Net. Simplicity is often misunderstood as a lack of web design capability or marketing infancy. But sometimes this is a way to easily build a long term relationship based on facts and contents. And the starting point of a simple but effective one-on-one marketing strategy. This approach appears more relevant for any website where personal marketing is needed, or mass marketing is not the hot strategy. No one could offer his own confidence to a person which appears too far from caring for its click-and-mortar shop. To build a thriving community visit the opt-in system set up by Ray Jutkins, C@

(outro) Web communities have been for years an enigma. Nowadays they are becoming tools for building confidence and attention to branded products and services. Operation:Swordfish, a movie based on the legend of hackers penetrating the firewall systems to cipher passwords and get quick greenbacks, has built its own platform to prize the moviegoers. At the end of the movie picture you will receive instructions by the line titles about a password to enter the website related to. Visit and try typing in 'vernam' as password. If you have got the story you would virtually interact with the character played by John Travolta {email, This is the power of a big film company, to make you feel part of the story!
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Draft on 01.Sep.1999 [revised on 30.Oct.2001]

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