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    DMLR*Newsletter — GOLD Edition no.50+
    I. 917.

    On the eve of the '70s, the racing cars are going to turn their traditional appearance into something as similar as we know that today, under the push of technical changes and aesthetic improvements. The symbol of that evolution is a sportscar created by Porsche to rule the racing world, the legendary 917, not just a number!
    The coming out of some marketing goals have become tangible since the racing cars abandoned the official colors of the country where they were made in --green for English, red for Italian, blue for French, white for German racing teams and so on. It's the period when growing financial needs imposed on racing teams to dress the colors of the main sponsors. First came petrol brands, then luxury brands and cigarettes...
    Only the drivers had become less visible because of the integral helmets, sign of a total look very fascinating and creating the true sensation of a drivers' high performance by means of powerful engines and other technical devices o' the time --do you remember the first rear-wings?
    Porsche 917 While today the F1 world championship is considered the top of racings, there was another series focusing on the GT or Sports Cars, titled Marques Championship! The 917 won for three years in a row all it could win, from 1000 km to 24 hours racings on the most important circuits engaged for the Marques Championship. And for three times Porsche was the best brand of this special category of endurance cars. Looking for '917' on the Internet, you can realize how great is the legend around it --snapshot here is from

    Cocktails offered by Martini Racing (
    Ingredients: ¾ Dry Gin, ¼ Vermouth dry.
    Put some ice cubes into the mixing-glass, then the two components in that order. Smoothly mixing to get the cocktail cool and pouring into the classic goblet. Finally garnish with an olive!
    Ingredients: ½ Scotch Whisky, ½ Vermouth rosso, 3 drops Benedictine.
    Put ice cubes into the shaker with the components in that order. To be served on classic goblet but before drinking... add a little cherry!
    #3 BAMBOO
    Ingredients: ½ Dry Sherry, ½ Vermouth Dry, a drop of Orange Bitter.
    Put the ingredients together into the mixer, first the ice cubes. Moderately and shortly mixing until the content get cool. To be served onto classic goblet.

    II. Eva M.
    Daytona Beach

    40 years later, another story around the thoughest endurance races should be filmed to celebrate Daytona 24 Hours or Sebring 12 Hours or Spa 1000 km or even the winding Targa Florio... It should be written with a serious plot and going to get out as the most attractive action movie of the year. And starring Eva M. --details on her actual intention to make the appearance on this movie at
    Eva M. is being slated for her character in '2Fast 2Furious'. When she said on the promo: I really feel good behind the wheel because I like to drive the car. And when she inspired the 'stare and drive' action to the main actor... It will be a custom-built role, if one thinks of her natural Spanish language so important to get around in Florida with no problems on the way from Nikki Beach to... Daytona Beach.
    That's correct! We have finally placed the action at that classic 24-hour enduro. But the absolute important thing is that the script has to break the no-no of the motor races, that wants only masculine heroes and the women banished from the cars, let alone at the starting grid to hold up umbrella over the fancy helmets to have a cooling effect on [Cars engine revving]. On the contrary our star system's women will battle with one another at the pits, the area at the side of the track where race cars are repaired or refueled [Tyres screeching]. One of them will be dominant as racing team manager!
    For this truly hot long-distance-but-short-length movie the director thinks of another actress very expert of customized cars! Eve, whose Maserati, rumors say, once hit the curb when she was probably far younger --acted a fool?
    Eve will play a former car hop hired for a temporary job by the Martini Racing Team during the 24 hours. She will put embarrassment among the drivers at the pit stop and many of them will be going to think there are better things to do in the middle of the night...
    The original movie could be titled 'Eva vs. Eve', but it won't work properly. Indeed we really have a subject matter so that the film on Daytona 24 Hours will be simply referred to cars and marketed by this tag: 'Daytona, 1Day 1Nite'.
    The one professional driver involved in the movie at the moment is 8-time winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Tom Kristensen, who is currently testimonial for the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona made by Rolex! Tom will be driving well but hopeless against the main competitor Bobby B. (Paul Walker) supported by Eva M. as the JW Gulf Team manager. Tom himself will recite the historical phrase: "It's a Blue Bullet, please call the Doctor!", while looking in the mirrors and seeing a light blue car numbered 2... [Car's engine roaring] Just then the MotoGP king Valentino Rossi will be doing a cameo to announce from the big picture his switching to four wheels --let's hope he won't do it like Mike Hailwood!
    Since racing drivers are a special lot, other cover girls are required by the extraordinary plot. So the film cast will be sumptuously completed by two Rodríguez, Michelle and Belen. The couple of girls, suited in Wrangler hoodies, will share the safety car --a Cobra Roadster Gransport-- always ready to come out to the track if something wrong happens... Just call 1-800-PITSHOP!
    Breaking news! Lane Construction will use an estimated 50,000 tons of asphalt to repave more than 1.4 million square feet of Daytona International Speedway and has a target completion date of January 2011 (
    Moreover the producers are looking at F1 champion Lewis Hamilton to boost both black belt's DVD buy and tourism by British track amateurs. But the oilers' cartel that really control the making of the movie let know that it would be enough the presence of Ludacris who is provider for the soundtrack to the movie... and in fact he's already working at 'Hit On Daytona' [Fast-pace rap music].
    MexMeanwhile Eva M., who is always a customs officer in disguise, is running that hot potato... of the Daytona repave. So the operation and filming will be scheduled in a different place, visibly welcomed by two Rodríguez --plainly Mexican girls. The circuit is located within the public park of the Magdalena Mixhuca in north-east Mexico City. Monica Fuentes is back!

    III. Wrangler.

    [My car is as black as a downcast kid's mood would have to be after listening to the radio news announcing the death of a terrific car driver in a badly raining Sunday. It occurred on the eleventh July, 1971.]
    All is said and done. The Seventies are always in my mind. They began with my racing cars drawings and ended up with the first driving license. Those years have been running too fast and furious through my memory. Not mythical, rather dark and mysterious years to remember except for the first branded jeans (Wrangler) to put on and downbeat music by New Trolls. Then the long instrumental songs on air: as long as 'Jessica' by the Allman Brothers Band.
    1973 they did play at Watkins Glen for a summer session, just on another circuit hosting the 6-hours enduro in Pennsylvania.
    Only a year before I have been attending --Live!-- the race at the Österreichring in Austria... I was there for the GP standing up with my parents downhill six-seven hundred meters from the Bosch-Kurve. At the end the leading car was a black-livered Lotus going to win the world championship that year, when definitely the marketing by racing cars was achieving and showing not conventional colorful brands well combined with the F1 teams.
    But the fascination of those Sports cars as fast as GP single-seater was ended forever and my personal passion was breaking down, since there were neither the monster 917s nor one of the most versatile racers of the previous years.
    Despite of the adoption of safer helmets, during the '70s we have assisted to frequent tragic crashes. You can trust me even tough I won't write that fearsome list of lost drivers --too long to remember.
    one mile at a time!The Seventies were also the years of a number of Sundays passed with no cars on the streets. Indeed the cartel created by the main international oil companies, the Seven Sisters, ruled the oil production and commercialization from the Fiveties until the Seventies, when a different antagonizing cartel started governing the interaction between supply and demand of the black gold worldwide (O.P.E.C.). Forty years on those 7 giants have been reducing to 4 major groups only, as the acquisition of brands is even common inside the market of gasoline, diesel fuels and lubricants.
    For example, the Gulf Oil Company has gone into a bigger company but it rests an irrefutable brand in the history of long-distance racings as that oil company did support the greatest sportscars winning several competitions in the '60s and 70's (

    IV. Silhouette.

    Dear students, would you mix the passion for supercars with the feeling for interior design? Someone has already opened the way, even though the result may appear a bit too kitsch... From the silhouette of a Porsche 917 an eccentric designer obtained "a functional two seater sofa which encapsulates not only the style of a car but a moment in time" ( Here we are diving into the sea of personal taste [design=desire]. From that experience of conjugating different pleasures, we have got the resulting message: would you sit down onto the chassis of your dreaming car?
    As for the feeling for design better to take it seriously by addressing you to the right course at university or specialized school across Italy, that remains a truly inspired country for designing sporting cars.
    Here I would suggest some useful links:

    • Università Iuav Venezia,
    • Politecnico di Milano,
    • Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti,
    • Accademia Italiana - Arte Moda Design,
    • Istituto Quasar - Design University,

    Big ButtAs for the passion for supercars, the history tells a modest driver can become a leading car-maker. But a car-maker focusing on powerful engine only couldn't succeed without effective aerodynamics for carrying that. Philosophically speaking the sleek monster on the banner above is the resulting interaction between Content and Shape.
    Best designers have been the representatives of an amazing style, visibly a dream that comes true. 'Bolidismo' is named a cultural movement led by Massimo Iosa-Ghini, that has imported the silhouette of top speed cars into the projects of day-living objects ( You can start studying this trend and improving your desire to make things conceived as remarkable silhouettte...
    So the closing of this Monster-issue is a phrase full of wisdom by Ferdinand Porsche: "If you analyse the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious".
    Good luck and very good look at the book! ('The Big Butt Book' explores the perennial fascination with female silhouette. Hardcover 30 x 30 cm, 372 pages. Published by
    PS. Now read on the special no.50 issue. We got a long way to go...

    V. Direct Marketing.

    The DIRECT MARKETING glossary is available on DMLR in a 3-document edition (PDF) you can browse here or easily download onto your desktop. It consists of 19 pages as a whole, 311 paragraphs/terms, 236 Kb, 7450 words, 44772 types!
    Select and print the three parts of the glossary in English from PDF::Menu.
    Sure the Internet has been changing the traditional snail-mail and telephone based direct marketing. And yet the Internet marketing is a consequence of the old direct marketing techniques. Many terms you'll find inside the DM glossary are suiting for the e-mail marketing too.
    Visit, on line catalog for vintage clothes and branded products by Porsche Martini Racing and Gulf Racing.

    VI. Linked Resources.

    As a kid I got involved with the greatest era of sportscar racing. So I have been obviously inspired after reading '1970: Year Zero For The Modern Age' on MotorSport Magazine.

    VII. You&Quiz

    Some of the so called Seven Sisters (see part III above) have got a come-down since they have been merged into the other bigger oil companies. Which of the original seven are the big four oil companies surviving today? [But soon they will remain three. Don't put oil into the ocean anymore!]
    Find answer on DMLR*News No.51 on line next December.