Semi-annual Snap

It's been said and wrote that non-verbal language is an important medium of sending messages to others. Meantime clothes can affect the way people feel about us. Studies indicate blah blah blah... Since the summer has officially come up and yesterday dated the summer solstice or the longest day of the year—that is 15H15' of daylight time—a change on my aesthetics occurs too. For example, cotton and linen are starting to rule and white becomes the dominant color, partly balanced by blue. The index of what to wear turns to the sporting brands like #Everlast (shorts, socks) and #Nike (caps, shoes). Polo and T-shirt get off the ground along with their messages and graphics printed on, but I prefer the solid colors. Period. One of my white summer's tees reads "I RUN FOR ANIMALS", featuring a blue rabbit to promote the Peta.org website. Maybe dress shirts and trousers maintain that kind of sobriety for fragments of night-life, while surrounded by underwear always ready to be explicit. Jacket use is rarefied for me, until temperatures don't go down under 30°, then there is always someone that go marry in summer and one has to respect both the ceremony and its dress code! I have relegated jeans to shorts after cutting off the worn out ones for recycling them with #Polaroid sunglasses and wearing not much more when I'm going to cycle... in total fusion body-vehicle! As you know very well, surf- and beachware are gaining ground in summer even tough many people aren't true beach bums—we do note especially #Billabong  or #Havaianas flip-flops and bermudas. So thuse slippers once fitting the sand dunes get weared on the trains or in the cars. Nothing to object since recent news confirm everyone can drive with flip-flops on feet. Just the worse being the insurance companies will be damned if they pay in case of accident.
PS. See you at the swimming pool!


Menu of the Republic

Upside-Down (Hors d'œuvre):Salad and onion bed (down)—Tuna fish with olive oil—Cannellini beans —Parsley and Aceto balsamico of Modena (upside)
Straw and Hay:Gramigna (dried pasta with egg)—arranged in 3-colour way with Zucchini, Tomato, Onion—Parmesan cheese to grate
Earth and Sea:Cauliflower and pickles—Tigella filled in with Lard and Parmesan cheese —Tigella filled in with Anchovy cream and Pesto genovese (garlic, basil, cheese)
The Last:Lentils—thin ribbons of Pecorino sardo—Walnuts
Dessert:Mascarpone ice-cream with Cocoa powder
Wine:Gewürztraminer—Limoncello of Sorrento

PS. Master Chef made up the Menu of the Republic. May you find it appetising!


MasterChef (pt.II)

Master Chef doesn't go vegan, the Tofu lobby hasn't convinced him of the meat as superfluous food for us humans. Meantime Master Chef goes social—too much social? He has been posting onto Twitter, along with such hashtags as #FOODPORN or #CHEFLIFE, some piictures of dishes just served on the table. Being a 360-degree artist Master Chef couple the food snapshot with a poetry written by the circumstance, while he doesn't release the recipe of that and so one should guess what fucking ingredients make up the final dish illustrated on Twitter—for example, in May Master Chef has suggested a "fish & chips" dish composed by boiled rod on mixed salad. Leaving the image to consider hard facts, his cooking performance is based on simple ingredients and raw food processing. You would say he's a "crude cook"! Olive oil is the king of such a cuisine, it's put on everything from frying to dressing, espouses rice and pasta, works out with vegetables and herbs. Inside this kitchen (room) the dominant smell comes out from cauliflower and onion, but olive oil as abundant fry-vector contributes to the thick air where Master Chef moves on. The friyng pan produces a lot of capsicum, courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, and potatoes. Not all the vegetables, or not always, are sautéed because Master Chef alternate their hot version with the cold way a.k.a. pinzimonio even in the same dinner. From this excursus around Master Chef preferences you understand that side dishes are absorbing most of the time of cooking while fish or chicken are usually considered a complement to the green food. Finally his cuisine has come straight off from a collection of trials and errors after a divorce (or two?). For sure Master Chef has kept on studying. Waiting for water to boil or oil to heat up, Master Chef is used to sit down for a while and read at random from the Italian cooking manual by Pellegrino Artusi. After the dinner, back in his living room (that's always the kitchen) Master Chef —this scholar of an antiquated cuisine—turns out to be just...myself!
P.S. Next time Master Chef reveals the menu for glamorous dining!


MasterChef (pt.I)

I'm an in-house Master Chef, I'm cooking for myself. Being not vegan, but sympathizing for the animals as meal, I use simple rules for cooking. First, during the workdays bread has a vital place in my diet—including crackers, cakes, cookies which are obviously bread-like. Bread provides much carbohydrate in the form of starch... blah blah blah. But I don't want you to annoy here, even tough every year of the Football World Cup a food expert was used to remember the efficiency of the Italian diet for playing with low-cost energy during three weeks of competition—this time in Russia no one will tell that advice after the Italian team's defeat at qualifiers level! Thus when I am out of work, my basic lunch is made of rice or pasta with addition of some pulses (beans, peas or chickpeas) in order to achieve the so called Whole Dish. It follows just a fruit. Time for preparation is getting as short as 15', a formula of domestic fast food. Master Chef really comes into the play for the dinner. The main pleasure of cooking stays on its organization and preparation while one crunches and tastes around. It takes a 3/4 hour to prepare the evening menu that has been charged of revenge after the workday gone away in that small office with a couple of coffee talks at the Lavazza-Blu vending machine—i.e. a brand selling channel diversfication. The stomach needs to be prepared with home-made sandwiches while the cook gets in action! This introduction to the dinner is fundamental for me, if I want to cook with the right motivation. Since I wouldn't be engaged in cooking it's much better to get out for a take away pizza. By the way the pizza has to respect the tradition with or without acciughe, so both the Napoli- or Margherita-version are regular! To drink with a light beer—Moretti or Budweiser-Budvar as sponsored tip. (Let's consider "to cook or not cook" as the rule no.1). The workday evening menu is varied not that much. Master Chef chooses fish or chicken, chicken or fish. As main proteins delivery fish usually wins 3:2, the rest of the week see at "pizza" above. Master Chef likes rice because it's completed with almost everything. Parboiled Rice, because it's not Risotto, is boiled as ingredient to add to fish/chicken and all kinds of vegetable sauce (ketchup, mayonnaise, pesto, hot mexican, cocktail, etc.) . This habit comes out from the past when Master Chef was living with African people... fried rice every day!
P.S. Until now Master Chef has lived in the shadow by chance or caution... yet from the next chapter he'll be the absolute leader inside the kitchen!


Digital Divide?

When I was a schoolboy, sometimes they asked me which subject I'd be liking. That question found a regular answer: "Geography!"—i.e. that goes back fifty years... When I eventually projected this Web site, I bewared of the fact I would have reached people beyond borders and members of many different social and ethnic groups. How to write opinions behind articles, magazines, or blog-like posts without taking a chance to offend or unnerve? Mission nearly impossible. Moreover I don't want you like my opinions anyway. Broader the audience, greater the number of enemies, to say. While the Internet access system grew up thanks to user-friendly means and applications, the contents delivered through it could result much more unfriendly to some individuals and groups. Henceforth that fact's known as "digital divide". Like many scars of the colonialism from the nineteenth century remain today, at this century beginning the Internet was going to split ethnicities and their popular beliefs like a cherry pie. Maybe you can see now the perils of this counter-geographical argument. My statement about the Net as geography without nations was condensed in a short piece titled "In Situ: a society of explorers", I wrote in 2000 and freely inspired by a faraway story happened on the Libyan Desert... Fortunately the world is more diverse than that pictured on the Net, while the Nations (or better Powers) are acting even worse! Recent studies have been counting 343 conflicts around the world for the water sources control. Is the Internet our problem?
P.S. To visit cities or countries throughout Dmlr.org, select it from here!

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In this post-scriptum I share some questions I've learned to answer over the past several years. Do people want to know the pros and cons of the Citizenship Law in Italy generally called "Ius Soli"? Well, there is only some pros. This is simple. Do politicians really want this law project steps out of the shadow where it lays for years? Well, they don't. Because they refuse to learn from the sheer power of the numbers—just about 800,000 kids were born from a foreign mother but living in Italy from more than five years, what could grant them the Italian passport. Where are the clever people? Missing. Most people like to adopt the views of their families and friends, or read about "Ius Soli" from the house organs of their partisan politicians. Why are these people not interested in the ugly condition in which are living the companions of their sons even though they are studying and playing and growing up together? They accept only what reinforces their conventional wisdom and rarely start making opinions based on known facts. So in Italy a boy or a girl born from immigrant parents keeps on being a stranger... while other countries do accept these new citizens as revitalizing actors of their societal communities. Liberate your mind!


P.S. The Liberazione is a national holiday which falls on April 25th.


Praise of the tie

To end this personal Fashion Week I would go vintage... No tie around my neck since that narrow piece of cotton, wool, or silk has been banned from the garments like Adam and Eve from the garden. My ties collection now standing on the wall as a pop-art composition, solitary elements led back to their final ensamble—an aesthetic panel pictured as need for Art & Poetry on my Twitter account... Their design ranges as usual from the shape of flowers to the geometrical forms, according to our multifold identities, the ties being tapes in which some wonders have been recorded. My favorite ones belong to the #Memphis-Milano  series, I used as a kind of spice with solid surface shirts. As transgressive components. Finally its seductive value reveal the danger of being a fragile symbol to the male vanity.
PS. And fallic symbol?

 #Collection A/W

Fashion Blogger (pt.II)

Collection A/W (bottom-up). Typically I'm wearing #BrooksBrothers 500-line velvet pants and #Frau laced suede shoes, interrupted in case of snow by #Wrangler "Creek" boot. Plus #Levi's socks, these truly coming on a 3-pack last Christmas gift by the colleagues—they are all women trying to take care of me somehow, while I'm supposed to thank them for the contribution here. Then I would be listing the #Ingram shirts, I usually buy in a unique-brand shop sounding like Instagram. There the best Fashion Bloggers take action like ironic or genuine models to their own sponsored clothes. Details. My scarfs are, except for a #Benetton grey piece, hand-made since my Mom was able to make any knitwear product I wanted... unbranded sweaters, turtlenecks and jerseys embodying that unique feeling. Personal remark. To protect the head I'm wearing casual beanies or headbands, one of them made by #3M insulated tissue. Now I enter into the category of the outer layer as divided in two parts. The first style belongs to the casual line helpful to go unobserved, thanks to a #Zara no-sleeve hoodie, just a must-have the global warning requires during a no-more-coldest season. Otherwise I could have on an old-fashioned aviator jacket, in dark brown cowhide, erupting with a detachable faded black or dirty white fur-like collar, I would add! With this jacket on, it weighs almost as a half calf, I pretend fiercely to attract some eyeballs of Animal Activists. The bomber wear and tear since the '90s doesn't allow to read exactly the brand on its label, maybe #Schott  (or Skott? or Scott?) but I think it was made of true leather by an imitation brand. In any case I have found a very similar jacket sold today at AmazonPrime for 299.99 US$—keep calm they don't ship it to Italy!
P.S. I should list my Underwear preferences too but the space is over!
P.P.S. Summer to come I shall wear a T-shirt reading "Go Faux For The Cow Sake!"

 [A/W vs. S/S]

Fashion Blogger (pt.I)

After a couple of weeks of radical pauperism, I'd like to reinvent me. As Fashion Blogger. Not the kind you find usually out there—some sharp observers reporting on the latest news from the Fashion industry and related events, say official branding catwalks or social impromptu venues for on-WhatsApp-list pundits only. I'm just going to organize my wardrobe, let's call it the seasonal rotation! When one of us pulls down the boxes filled up in a forgotten past time, really it's just six months ago, and tries to put in what he was wearing during the days of snow... while finds out the lighter wardrobe made of contrasting feelings about their usability for the upcoming season (in short S/S collection). But I'm writing in restrospective terms about the former period (A/W collection) because is that that goes boxed with unbelievable fatigue into the cupboard now empty. Nobody knows if I'll see it again in a half-year. Disasters apart, I'm not used to change both habits and clothes as frequently as every year comes on, so I post here the anticipation with details of my A/W '19 preferences, the same ones since three years, being longer the period needed to restore radically most of my own wardrobe. The primary goal a Fashion Blogger should get a feel for is naming the favorite brands by her/his daily blogging. Therefore I have to overcome any shyness and clearly tell the occasional readers of this blog what I was wearing thus promoting the labels readable on the items. This task accomplishment would require another paragraph to explain about the hard work of a Fashion Blogger. How properly to highlight the brands I need to talk?
PS. To be continued... in a few days!

 [≠ ♥]

ש י ר

Every once in a while a man stops and asks himself: "Who's the most beatiful girl in the world?" Absurd question if one thinks of it. But the man absurdly persists and starts searching Google. He can just input a little spritz of anything like "beautiful & blessed" and voilà... after receiving in return of the query a selection of female profiles, he makes the choice in order to elect his own Miss Universe. I'm not so stupid to imitate that man, I'm not interested in looking for such a model of robot-driven beauty! I already know about The Most Beautiful Girl In The World—arguably among the greatest pop tunes ever written by Prince—while the technology can't keep up with שיר (spelling it Shin-Yod-Resh). No search engines needed.
P.S. Instead DMLR directories you have to access & search from here!

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Passover Mood

My Exodus has begun one week ago... After some no-work-allowed holiday days, I revamp my own blog during the following four days of allowed work with restrictions—Chol Hamoed. So far I have been in a Passover Mood. First of all because of the spring clean. Then my writing of little things has spread in verses with some hidden meaning but no motives to be explained hereafter. «CALL ME BY YOUR NAME ∼ THIS POEM WILL RAVISH THEM ∼ YARMULKE ON HEAD.» ◊ «BE SIGNIFICANT ∼ AS HOLY AS YOUR BODY ∼ SINCE THE COVENANT.» ◊ «FREE PEOPLE EATING ∼ THEY HAVE BEEN USED TO RECLINE ∼ WITH FOUR CUPS OF WINE.» ◊ «IN FORTY-NINE STEPS ∼ I HAD A GLIMPSE OF THE NEST ∼ WHERE THE LIGHT EXCELS.»
PS. Next year Pesach will be back in April 19-27. Save the date!


Postcard fom G.

Visiting Geneva is an amazing experience into the Brand Universe. An exciting smorgasbord of logotypes and trademarks. From the centenary watch-makers established along the lake shore till the newest models of super- and concept-cars run down and exhibited at its temporary motor show, all around the old city suggests and performs an ideal shop-window for premium products and luxury brands. Even a smurfbrain could be recognizing under some attractive teasers the full presence of marketing experts working out both brand loyalty and prestige. Don't misunderstand my introduction to Geneva. There are lots of services planned to match the down-to-earth needs, for example city traffic and people mobility. It's just that even the Public Transportation (tpg.ch) shows itself as the best player as possible by number and types of vehicles and by frequency of the journeys. Downgrading along the range of products one would like to buy on a short stay—maybe the last thing I have taken away before leaving on the <+>Eurocity train—a coffee at the station kiosk will be poured to the brim into a reinforced paper glas labeled with a "DG" logo drawing inspiration from a famous griffe of the fashion system. The luxury is contaminating everything in Geneva!
PS. En passant tip from a tourist. Let's say it's Victorinox the unmistakable Swiss Brand par excellence thanks to its +flagged products well kwnown and merchandised by diversificated functionality so much helpful for the traveler.



Ten years later, eight right after the perfect season, I have written another brand new magazine about Internazionale Football Club Milano, founded in 1908. There I rooted through the hashtag collection, from #FCIM to #InterForever. It takes the form of black and blue waves expanding without limit from the pitch to fond memories of millions of fans. An international-social guide to legendary ex-Inter players reunited under the same 110-old history. The resulting line-up, compiled by their Twitter accounts, is amazing... and very hard to defeat—the Boys would be thrilled, I think. It confirms the attitude of Internazionale FC to give both voice and glory to people from different countries mixed together. We Are Brothers Of The World!

PS. Storytelling as intimate as Inter110 may contain personal details and memories. Please handle with care!


Fight Club

I don't know exactly why I'm writing little haiku things and so many of those far short poems composed of fixed syllables (5, 7, 5). Sure I know when the whole affair began, and not in Japan even tough 1993 I got off and went there living for a while in Osaka surrounded by zen gardens. Nope. I began writing haikus after reading chapter 8 of 30 on "Fight Club" by Chuck Palahniuk—"a great début, hypnotic pitiless and told brilliantly" according to Bret Easton Ellis. There I learned how much important is writing poetry to grow up gracefully for a man. From then on one watchful observer could often see me counting on my fingers five, seven, five...

I'm totally zen
waiting for her in basements
gateway to weekend.

P.S. Little haiku as of early March, 2018.


Marketing Happy Days

Coop Italia is going to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its private brand. And I was there, employed as product manager of several food product lines during the years of repositioning that private label to brand—actually 1984 to 1990. I was member of a truly young marketing team, a bunch of marketers newly graduated, to remember with some satisfaction for the hard work made up for, long before the coop-branded product lines would count the number of 3,000 items these days. Back in the '80s Coop Italia portfolio was stuffed with private food-makers all across Italy, sometimes abroad. I had to journey south and north from my work place in Bologna to their headquarters and factories. At the supermarkets one could buy some Coop yoghurts or cookies I had just revamped and given out on a Three-For-The-Price-Of-Two trial offering... Meanwhile on TV Peter Falk, acting as Lieutenant Colombo, was visiting a co-op and investigating on the quality of the products with housewifely thoroughness... And this headline did scroll up, "La coop sei tu, chi può darti di più?"
PS. I wrote some anecdotes from the tough living of a marketer on DMLR*News Gold Series.


The 1st Question...

Everyone has been a job-seeker not that much, not for a while. Sure the interviewer was fine, professionally curious, and friendly. Maybe you already knew, or now clearly know, that she won't guarantee continued employment because the company won't hesitate to fire you when the Market and its damn rules will be demanding it! Even experienced executives have discovered the "management à la carte" that is when the company hires a high-level "temp" for the duration of a limited project. No more permanent employment and career security? No way! The '90s have taught us something like that, back before smoking was outlawed. So keep the learning curve high-pitched for being responsible for your career—its planning, direction, and progress. The self-examination is considered the best process one should put in practise in order to get continuous career breakthroughs. To learn how to examine your own performance continually, start considering this first question: "Do you know what the company expects of you?" By reflex is that too pragmatic or paranoid for U...?
P.S. Read on my job tips and thoughts at LINKEDIN!

 [memo pt.II]

Read Only Memory (ROM)

... Some people think the Internet has taken our soul ... The system has no use for the memory ... It's only finding stuff out that somebody else didn't think you were interesting to ... It's all data, 1's and 0's, all recordable. Eternally present ... The Net isn't so bad then considering its robotic origins ...
PS. FreeFind-Robots have synthesized www.dmlr.org too and indexed the contents of every page to easily search in!

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 [memo pt.I]

Random Access Memory (RAM)

A short sequence of frames on a cheap black-and-white TV set... A couple of Polaroid pictures... Emotions aside, I'm looking at the memory—actually my own memory works out more like those flashbacks from "All That Jazz" (1980), just without a heart attack. Well, of all things to mention in the limited space of a blog post, I have chosen those small fleeting things that engage happiness or regret. It's a painful subject, isn't it? The memory is everywhere and nowhere. At home you turn on your 500GB-hard disk PC and going out you are already connected through the newest 4GB-smart phone. Copying your personal stuff from your old to your new phone is easy—they promise. No one on these terms & conditions should run out of memory, not even be in short supply! From the mobile devices we can manage and explore almost everything in the smallest piece of time by means of shortcuts, widegts, personal settings and preferences. Our custom-made path to memory has been organized and conceptualized, almost materialized to the point we can control it on a status bar. There is an amount of memory and storage capability never known before. Meantime one wonders why we all as individuals and as society are so painfully worried about the memory loss? There has to be a memory (and a history) off the machines and even a real world maybe stuffed with machine guns—what a weird coincidence that some Nazi groups are used to loose their memory during these Memorial days. Pretending life is hitch to normal, I'll take a rapid tour of the past. To avoid ending up onto the virtual knowledge made as a set of invisible links to click on, I'm willing to find my way and trust just my own memories. Starting from some 3M-floppy disks with 'DMLR' on the label, quite common in fact back in 1999 when the low resolution blurred both the screen and the memory...
P.S. To prevent the memory loss I keep on writing down weekly notes on my blog edited as old-school HTML pages. Kind of a sentimental attachment to my computer!


Made in Italy

2017 registered the return of the "Made in Italy". It was never disappearing but it seems to come back as a winning formula for marketers to sell products to the Italian consumers as well as across the border, where"Made in Italy" usually means "I've got good taste for design, fashion, and fast cars"—properly not a straight marketing definition rather a shortcut to a wider concept of fine living. So far the Italian marketers had been beating persistently and focusing on the concept for luxury and top-range items, but now they are redirecting IT as never seen before to the consumers of daily shopping goods. Just to say milk, eggs, all kinds of flesh and fish, apples, or beans. I wouldn't like to criticize such a successful practice since it promotes both GNP and proudness, before it happen to disappear all the Italian breeds and coltures... I mean the bio-diversity not the regional characters! The opening of the permanent Italian Food Fair in Bologna (FICo, www.eatalyworld.it) before the new year's eve shows off the importance of this consumer trend and growing attention put onto local origins and traditions. The extreme search for authenticity brings inside the germs to knock over even the "Made in Italy" labeled marketing. Some food-makers are really restricting out the field when it does matter to be sensisitve to the differences—one Tetra-pack reads "100% Milch aus SüdTirol". O bella ciao!?

Made in Italy 2018

PS. This Web site is made in Italy too. I'm typing the text or HTML pages from a house tucked somewhere close to the Via Emilia. Even though I'm using my computer thanks to the hardware built far distant from Italy and some sofware under license by a foreign company usually U.S.-based whose Apple logo shows up a fruit far different from our local types since we've got some very good apples but not the kind so peacefully colored like those growing up in Calfornia.


Content is (always) King

Just to speed things up a little... To go through articles, magazines, newsletters, numbers, or lists, you have to browse this over 530-page site by a professional version of FreeFind.com search engine. From your search results go ahead, explore around, click anywhere you like. At DMLR.org content is always king!
P.S. Enter the key word or phrase to go ahead to the right page on this site or the Web!

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New Year's Resolutions

One night— it was after the Christmas Holidays—I was in the mood of putting an extra blog in this Web site. So I started writing the New Year's Resolutions a.k.a. I solemnly vowed to improve myself, follow the tips and tutorials on the social media and become a better, smarter, healtier guy!
  1. Subscribe Wired.com in order to "Don't let the future leave you behind".
  2. Avoid any post or comment on the 1968 after fifty years from the protesting young movement since I was just nine and I haven't a clue about that—by the way, "Less hate and more books" according to Taschen.com!
  3. And above all, take a stand to usually minor considered animals such as elephants and rhinos, bears and wolves, and so on, giving support to non-profit organizations willing and able to rescue and protect many of them, e.g. AnimalAvengers.com!

PS. Wishing U Happy 2018! XO

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