#Scudetto : a fabric patch, shield-shaped and with the national colours, that is put onto the jerseys of a sporting team (for example, a football team) for distinguishing it as winner of the national championship in the previous season. Today in Italy this is the motive for the media to type out "Inter win the nineteenth scudetto!"
PS. Inter_Power!


It's a Free World

— How are things on May 1st?
— All the same. They don't want troublemakers...
— What are you planning to do tonight?
— I watch "It's a Free World" by #KenLoach  (2007) starring Kierston Wareing.

PS. Twitter, KenLoachSixteen!


Car to Train

The thirteenth of the Sustainable Development Goals refers to 'Climate Action'. For five years I have been reducing the car usage although my home-to-job distance has not changed in the meantime. My own car has been progressively replaced by the train transport. As result of this modified behaviour, the overall kilometers I journeyed in the car dropped by 58%, from 18,550 in 2015 to 7,700 in 2020. That involves the following #Reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption , thus less and less pollution, and not just a personal anomaly.
PS. Further achieved goal is a physical shape maintained through the intense walking!



The eleventh of the Sustainable Development Goals refers to 'Sustainable Cities and Communities'. 1993 I had reported on #NewEarth , an environmental technology exhibition that was held in Osaka, Japan.
I uploaded a NewEarth.pdf edited version for this site.

PS. Some years before, back in the 1980s, I had taken part in a solidary human chain of people protesting against the nuclear plants—that time we gathered in Caorso, one of the four Italian active nuclear sites.

 [der Stern]

Boys & Girls

Boys always knew the makes of cars.
The girl believed so, not least Ken Follett helps her think so on his 'Winter of the World', a bestseller about the II World War. It was a fact for me. From a child I could correctly answer the question, "what kind of car is that?", saying easily "A #Mercedes-Benz " if the car had a three-pointed star on the front. Or whatever different make it was.
Then I didn't know the particular origin of that Spanish-like name for true German cars. Now I would reveal to that old child Mercedes was the name of the daughter of Emil Jellinek, a diplomat and race car driver, who did the trick. 1899 he was willing to hide the Daimler make of his car with a subterfuge. The story ended with giving the name Mercedes to all the race cars manufactured by Daimler since then.
So what about Benz? Any boy who cares will hunt for the explanation of this short peculiar name associated to that girl. I give them just a clue: 1926 a marriage of convenience took place in Germany!

PS. What's behind a brand name?


D for Dante (pt. IV)

"An English multimedia artist, William Blake, learnt Italian when he was an old man, for he wanted to read Dante's Divine Comedy".
That was, more or less, the incipit of a DMLR magazine I wrote on the languages of the Internet (2000). I was introducing a list of four poets that would be remembered as masters of four different mother tongues. So that I cited Dante's masterpiece for the very first time on this Web site—let's consider 'sito' an usual term Dante himself employed frequently as archaic Italian 'place'. As well as Dante made largely use of the #List , a number of connected people or things belonging to the same cluster. In his Paradise the poet listed saints, philosophers, rulers, families, popes, literates, and geographical places, in some cases mentioned one after another along a few verses but referenced enough to make them recognizable.
Daily the groups gathering on the social media discover Dante's works as an infinite source of sayings thus their citings and sightings from his works multiply greatly in the digital contemporary culture. And the sense of belonging to this liquid Dante society varies widely from the illustrator to the historician, from the student to the performer... but I wouldn't do antother annoying list.
Meanwhile a non-linear Dante, made of all our creative reading of his oeuvre, stands up to our time!


D for Dante (pt.III)

«Chi v'ha guidati, o che vi fu lucerna...?» (Purgatorio, I-43).
While Dante needed a guidance to visit in the afterworld, you might as well need aid to go into the Internet chaos. Dmlr's Web Guide represents a steady point if your goal coincide with studying the Web marketing, in the mundane sphere for sure but at a more advanced level, say to navigate with a purpose!
To raise your attention in a class of 100 websites and frequent new entries, here I would like to highlight #Tabasco.com , the original red pepper sauce brand made in Avery Island, Louisiana.
For long I have been knowing that dressing and alertly dropping its red onto mixed salad with eggs—the classic Tabasco is sold at about 3 euro by the large scale distribution. More: all sinners know that red peppers have the quality of purifying, for that Tabasco sauce history is worth of visiting their official site.

PS. Would you endorse one website worthy of consideration? Please send your suggestion to via email.


D for Dante (pt.II)

A cultural event—Dante's 700th anniversary—turns into marketing hype in a no more rare compromise. #Magnum ice-cream (Unilever) is going to ride the year's warmest event in Italy. That brand is launching three chocolate creations, each one dedicated to and named after a single part from the Divine Comedy: an 'Inferno' ice-cream has already hit the frozen aisles on the stores. The 3-piece pack is priced at about 4 euro, same price of the Magnum Classic, but one less ice-cream boxed in—the new flavors are presented as limited edition and thus deserve a premium price!
Reading Dante's Inferno the damnation for greed doesn't exclude the crack to indulge. Let's hope the project won't take on a darker edge for their product managers... more precisely the new flavors could be cannibalizing the rest of that product line by offering the perfect bite to the Magnum consumers.
(I tried it and just I didn't like it: a punishment for my taste?)

PS. I'm on the ice-cream mood since 2001 when I set up a DMLR*News banner like that.



A corrugated cardboard box with printed text on each side. It mainly says #Amazon.com . And 'Find cameras and more at Amazon.com'. Or, on the bottom side, it reads 12x9x4, as the inch size of the box, for these features would be important for the logistics management—there weren't Amazon stores in Europe at the time, and the carboard is marked Idaho.
Now that box is containing dirty magazines. It comes from the Internet past, maybe 2001 or 2002, when I started buying books and CDs from that online giant to test the reliability of e-comemrce. Usually I was interested in American authors focusing on Web marketing.
I think the first Amazon was able to attract consumers because of the up-to-five-star reader's review one gets with the physical details and delivery conditions of any selected book. Meanwhile I signed up to its affiliate program in order to track down my own opinion on the books I've been reading. After twenty years, my browsing history resumes all the items I had ordered or reviewed from the Amazon catalogue.
Many titles are collected on DMLR Club and presented to you by means of the original Amazon template.


D for Dante (pt.I)

My paternal grandpa was called Dante (1898-1963). Another Dante, the supreme poet, has been acknowledged to be the father of Italian language. He lived and died 700 years ago. My father set up the complete oeuvre of #DanteAlighieri , issue after issue, resulting in a ten-volume collection elegantly bound within red covers and written in amanuensis-styled lettering and medieval graphics. That collection contains the whole Dante's writings, from "Vita Nova" to "Convivio", from Latin essays to Italian-born rhymes, including that itinerarium mentis in Deum best known as the Divine Comedy. What a fatherly legacy!
PS: Follow this 700th anniversary celebrations and events on www.ladante.it.


Where are they?

#EdithBruck Don't waste your memory!
Many women are present on dmlr.org, but you have to search for them because they are in hiding now and then—as opnion leaders on this blog, as icons on the newsletter, as people on the WWW guide, one is pictured on a banner too.
Cherchez la femme...

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White Roads & Hairs

I'm writing these lines on Saturday while pro cyclists are running an Italian late winter race #StradeBianche . Actually it seems already spring two weeks earlier than the official beginning—rumors say this year the prikly figs in Sicily have been blossoming much in advance as side effect of the climate change. That cycling contest finishes in Siena, Tuscany. The white unsurfaced roads of the countryside around the built-up area give the name to it! For Mathieu Vander Poel is leaving his competitors in the dust.
As a tourist I went to Siena a pair of times in my life. Once I visited the old town and attended a trial performance of the "Palio" including the historical procession and the horse-race of the city quarters. I sympathized with the Bruco one for some reason. (The second time I travelled the Val D'Orcia.)
In March we have come at a difficult time because of the pandemic reprise. It would be arduous to reach Siena, now an Italian red zone, as well as depart from another red zone. So in front of the tube, I have seen with empathy "Il Campo" place where this afternoon the cyclists have finished their trial. The winner runs for the #Alpecin  cycling team and I'm asking what kind of brand product is that, a coffeine shampoo—"energy for your hair!"
Question: when I was nearly 40 years of age and I got my first grey hairs, maybe could I have stopped that undesirable effect of the natural aging process thanks to a coffeine shampoo? Now, white-haired wise I would say: when that process sets in depends on genetic factors. But I would test the shampoo anyway.



Against the loss of memory. We are fighting from a year, from the No.1 patient. Just in my regional area over 10,000 persons died because of Covid-19. Today the Italian Ministry of Health has settled the National Day of the
#Sanitary #Social-sanitary #Social-assisting #Personnel (and) #Volunteers .
Thanks for they are protecting us all.


Stop that traffic!

Do you know what the world's most trafficked mammal is? An amazing animal, covered hed-to-toe in elegant imbricated scales. Pangolin is currently hunted like no other being on the wildlife by international crime syndicates—according to #UntoldAfrica  website. If you would like to find out more about illegal wildlife trade and the global implications of poaching in Africa, visit or subscribe to rhinoreview.org.

PS. World Pangolin Day is celebrated today!


Oh Canada!

A window on the past. Back in 1996 the dawn of the World Wide Web and great personal memories too. My first toy soldiers in Red Serge, the maple leaf, as well as an impromptu journey through a snowy spring. Canada is the key of the brand new magazine I have set up for remembering the fact-based time of "The Origin Of Things".

PS. It's the 8th chapter of the meta marketing GOLD series.


Valentine's gift

This my telegram hand written with ♥ then published on my own #Twitter/donro59 :

PS. As musical commentary "Fargo" // The Danish National Symphony Orchestra.

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Over my personal duties to hold in check the virus spreading out around, I keep the Dmlr's Web Guide updated. Recent new entries are inspired by up-and-coming women such as Gabriella Greison, Gena Mour-Barrett, Luisa Neubauer: they are welcome on Dmlr!
The new era of messaging by the cell phones recalls #Telegram.org  as primary platform aiming to social business communication.
As for me I have confirmed my support for some nonprofit organizations to pay my voluntary due to AIRC and Médecins Sans Frontières, whose websites are always listed on Dmlr's Web Guide.

PS. Would you endorse one website worthy of consideration? Please send your suggestion to via email.


Statistics now!

There is no one vaccine against Covid-19. Several types/brands of vaccine are going to be approved by the EMA (European Medicines Agency) to marketing. All these vaccines act without inducing the disease. On the contrary you will not read anymore from this web-blog. I have been treated with the #Pfizer  vaccine: two doses were inoculated within very short interval one from another. I was within the first professional group treated from the beginning of the year, for in Italy my job is considered a health care system-relevant profession. So far so fine. In Italy about 300,000 people have done the whole vaccination. Meantime in Israel more than 3 million residents have given treatment with the same vaccine and got very good results according to the first disclosed statistics.
PS. Reach current vaccination data by country on vax-stats.com.


Strike for the Climate

Here I would like to remember Rosa Luxemburg and as long ago as 1991 a week I spent in Berlin where her spirit took wing. But I won't. I could just redirect you to #www.rosalux.de . In January I will be on strike. Strike for the climate. Auf Wiedersehen.

PS. Until February 1st!


Yearly Goals

"The best -IS YET- to come". This phrase reads from the first calendar page of the 2021 diary, a traditional buy at 8€ I have yearly compelled myself to get a paperback writing tool. As well it's a magazine for holding a supply of reminders around personal facts and topics week after week... to feed this paperless #Blog .
PS. I'll make a note in my diary!


To be continued...

I like to express some thoughts from this long-run blog. Don't fritter away the previous B-side vol.V to recover articles, stories and posts, all available in Italian too. Otherwise just type in the search-box down here any keyword terms or phrases to optimize your own time on www.dmlr.org!

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