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DMLR*Newsletter — BRIEF, May2001

INTRO. This DMLR*News issue is for subscribers only. It exists as email version sent to you, yet not published on!

--D-- Dictionary.
I have published the first part of my DMLR dictionary on the Direct Marketing terms. Please read or print it from
The glossary is derived and translated from the study material collected on seminars to learn the direct marketing basics years ago. It's in Italian text only at moment.
The first part covers the common terms of DM from A to the C --they are 100 items. Next part will be available online early in June. To know the Url read DMLR*News!
--M-- Marketing on demand.
You are probably receiving this newsletter but don't visit, the official website embodying DMLR*News. Here I want to remember you how to make useful the visiting DMLR.ORG when you are searching for marketing stuff.
a) The most powerful tool is the search engine available at: dedicated to all the topics published on DMLR.ORG since July 2000. You may enter (and find) both Italian and English words and phrases.
b) A down-to-earth tool to discover some arguments and tips on the web management is the FAQ page where I offer 58 points to explain the DMLR personal experience in projecting, building and maintaining a website: (this is in English).
c) To ask for not already treated topics you may use the email to reach me but in this case I don't promise answers to all in a hurry.
--L-- Letters from AIDiM.
The AIDiM, that means Direct Marketing Association of Italy, has got no website! Some months ago I visited the unique page of the AIDiM at and didn't believe in my eyes. I wrote to the emal address provided there and a courtesy reply came on Feb. 26:
"the aidim website is partially active, but we are revamping completely our online presence. In a few weeks at the same location, it will be prompt the brand new website with a truly professional look, advanced function to communicate toward outside and the members, private area providing news conctantly updated. I invite you to come back to our site..." etc.
I was back there and nothing new appeared. So I wrote again to introduce the list of what a direct marketer should do -- see DMLR*News Gold V, track four. On April 12 it comes a second reply from the AIDiM executive Mr. Rapelli:
"I don't remember who you are... thank you for emailing but what could we do for you? ...Our website is in the ultimate phase. About what a direct marketer does (I should say you are describing it well), I'd add, between serious and witty, that he checks, checks, checks(...)". To help or simply contact the AIDiM please email. Or wait for the finished website!
--R-- Remark: Down By Law!
The new Italian law on the publishing is the bad news of the last month. The new law seems to consider the email newsletter as activity admitted only if the author is a pro journalist. It ain't a joke! In other terms I ought to be admitted into the journalism roll before I can write the newsletter you are reading now. And that someone is reading from some years... (The journalist order is an istitution --peculiar to Italy-- to join and defend all the writers on newspapers and magazines). Needless to say the online community is demanding for a quash of the consequence the law determines over the Web publishing. To the detriment of this law you may enter some websites I add to the DMLR guide at and are only two examples of locations offering a popular demand form to subscribe against the new publishing law.
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