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DMLR*Newsletter — BRIEF, Jun.2001

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The new Italian law on the publishing industry seems to consider an e-newsletter as activity admitted only if the author is a professional journalist. It ain't a joke! In other terms I ought to be admitted into the journalism roll before I can write the newsletter you are reading now. And that someone is reading from some years... (The journalist order is an istitution --peculiar to Italy-- to join and defend all the writers on newspapers and magazines).

--D-- Da, da, da...(1/2)
Question: "Who the hell wants to hear the marketer singing AIDA (da, da, da)?".
Solution: AIDA is a popular formula for preparing a customer focused direct communication.
The AIDA method has been used in DM programs that want to get response, also and above all by non-profit organizations. The letters are standing for: get Attention, arouse Interest, stimulate Desire, ask for Action.
Part I - Attention.
Many organizations of consumers, workers, environmenatlists, simple citizens, have adopted some principles and techniques of marketing. The concept of 'not-for-profit marketing' has therefore evolved to qualifying a strategy aimed not to achieve profit but other forms of results as getting ATTENTION toward societal issues or faith movements.
Part II - Interest.
A Web presence by a non-profit association lies down the basis for feeding confidence, trust and INTEREST in itself. The Web site is going to build a point of reference in forseeing or solving problems --societal, professional, human-- of both the existing members and new followers. Identity and utility affirmation is turned surely over new people, however basically the Web site offers an informative ground for an already built community.
(To be continued...)
--M-- Marketing by CV.
I keep putting in my Curriculum Vitae at anyone's disposal by an auto-responder (a/r) service managed through an email program. The service sends automatically the document to anyone who is asking for by sending a simple email request or a simpler blank email (whitout any text). Surely when I believe a person or a human resources department could be the right one interested in my CV, I let him knowing the a/r email address so that he's going to be able to require it as digital document available via the e-mail medium. Therefore I elected to split the so-called cover letter from the CV itself and this will be sent only to a very interested person active in a very interested action...
In my case the a/r email service is and a daily report from SendFree --a free online service-- is telling me how many and who are the persons receiving the resume. I recommend this easy to manage system instead of sending the CV as attached file to a person whitout having first gained his confidence as permission by the addressee.
--L-- Logo.
The new logo for DMLR has been introduced onto the main pages of the website. The new size (100x100 pixel) and graphics (lettering, text) make it very fit to presenting the site, in external milieu or locations too --i.e. as banner to link to DMLR.
I set up the new logo by means of a common graphic tool for Mac and afterward converted it to a file.gif, the format useful for the Web browser visualization. The animated version is available at
--R-- Real DM.
The dictionary on the Direct Marketing terms has come to the second stage (2/3). To read and print it, visit
The glossary is derived and translated from the study material collected on seminars to learn the direct marketing basics years ago. It's in Italian text only at moment. The second part covers the common terms of DM from D to the O. Third and ultimate part will be available online early in July and linked from DMLR*News!
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