#August 13th


My mom was born today in 1931: she would have been 90-year-old.
Searching for 'Mamma' onto Dmlr.org, you could find a ten of pages where I have quoted her. My grandparents named her Lina, usually used to shorten Carolina—in Italy it's not common to get that as first name.
Here I would just remember the anecdote she was much troubled by when she had to explain I was working in the #marketing  field.
"Quand'im dmanden xa fét, me an so mai xa dev dir...",
for she declared her difficulty speaking out in dialect.

PS. Marketing? Nuntereggaepiù


Limited Edition

Okay, I buy that... to feel optimistic. The brand name is Magnum®, the product name #Paradise , a limited edition. What do I think of the third ice-cream celebrating 700 years of Dante? Soft colours are really getting right. It's a bit dreary regardless the ruby cocoa, the pistachio and the white chocolate to bite into.
And it stirs up little appetite—like a paradisaical angel would do.

P.S. Compare with Purgatorio as posted on May 28th.

 [five rings]

Tokio 2020+1

#Olympics  7 DAYS TO GO...
Today the Olympic flag is welcomed H E R E! The interlaced rings represent the five continents. But H E R E they appear stronger together with other colors—what's your color?

PS. Color me sturdy if you color me just like Teofilo Stevenson. Or gentleman like Graziano Mancinelli. Color me waterproof if you color me just like Roland Matthes. Or dynamic like Sawao Kato (Lyudmila Turischeva if you prefer a woman). Color me jumpy if you color me just like Kipchoge Keino. Or resistant like Frank Shorter. (↓)

 [black circle]

Munich 1972

-10 days to the #Olympics .
Politics has often been a troublemaker to the Olympic games. Glancing back over the years, I'm very fond of the Olympics 1972 edition held in West Germany. There are many reasons. One, I had received a shoulder bag with the Munich 1972 logo on it, some weeks before that sporting event. And two, for the first time I watched the Olympics on TV, that meant to get involved, see excellent athletes in action and possibly like to emulate them. But, three, the competitions were truly a background where the West- and the East-European blocks wanted to achieve in their foreign policy, that is the Americans (with their allies) and the Soviets (with their allies) were still at loggerheads! Four, it's history. An airport attack to the terrorists on the way out of Germany, where they had previously entered the Olympic village to kill Israeli athletes. It left a mark on our memory forever. When "Munich" became also an adventure movie by Steven Spielberg, the connexions between those Olympic games and the global politics were touchy manifest.
Within a few years I visited Munich and went to the Olympiapark, the final step to fix that Olympics firmly on my mind.


I Still See You

The DMLR Guide has been updated as usual. The list is now hosting a renewed group of websites according to the importance of bouncy trends.
Secondly, a reference to the star system that requires an explanation. Why does rising star #BellaThorne (actress, singer, producer, etc.) marry well with #Linktree ? Linktree is of paramount importance for stimulating an interest in a personality who has become viral. The marketing support offered by Linktree works for young celebs aiming at different audiences. Bella Thorne doesn't need a regular website, but a landing page from which she comes to the broader web where she's at the centre of many publics at once. Social media and streaming media reunited in a single Linktree address to webcast film trailers, posts and photos, contents citing printed magazines, or derived from live events and actions.
So far so good and Bella is broadcasting regularly online.

P.S. Compare with outdated celebrities.


Green New Deal

The DMLR Guide has been updated as usual. The list is now hosting a renewed group of websites according to the importance of bouncy trends.
First I would like to highlight some websites linked to the no more dismissible Gren New Deal. AnnPettifor.com(economist) and OlafurEliasson.net(artist) are revealing the climate change issues to the grown-ups. The sad truth comes up from their academic and artisitc work, if you believe Greta Thurnberg to be just a straightforward young girl.
Recently she addressed the Austrian World Forum, "Let's be clear—what you are doing is not climate action or responding to an emergency. It never was. This is communication tactics disguised as politics(...)

P.S. The complete reiew of websites is available at DMLR Guide.


Cooling Break!

This week the temperatures are expected to rise at over 35°C, that is 40°C perceived. I need a cooling break, far away from smart working, computer and the intensity of heat present on the summer vacations: I will occupy myself with fitness.
In the mid of 1980s the American term #Fitness became a buzzword to indicate the set of rules and behaviours that allow one to be fitting some social standards of physical and mental efficiency. Particularly the diets were considered an essential means to achieve striking beauty and capability, in conformity with models of living as prospected by the mass media in most cases—in Italy then the Mediterranean diet got into the fitness tendency to be associated with adequate nutrition and good health.
To defend myself from the hotness I use my Mediterranean common sense that implies not only to get a good balance between activity and calories, but also the cooking of fresh dishes. For example, after a one-hour morning swimmimg, this is the 1100-Kcal dinner today: Vegetable and Rice Soup (Kcal 283), Hard-boiled Egg with Parsley/Anchovy (Kcal 287), Creme Caramel (Kcal 397), Fruit Salad (Kcal 139).
"A 'stura varrifrescanuuu!", as they would say in Sicily.

PS. In the evening? In Pizza We Trust...

 [official sponsor]

Global Brands

I am acute observer of advertising. The global brands wish to share their visual experience with consumers, "look at this beautiful brand and buy it!", they used to tease from their social pofiles. Instead of turning the attention to the real world, they turn it upon themselves, on their own subject or imagery.
These days of #Euro2020 , the international football happening on its way across 11 European countries, a bunch of brands are unstoppably surrounding the playing field from the sidelines where long-lasting displays are grinding the markup of branded goods to deliver their advertising messages. The social media-driven presence explains who they are and what they spend for.
i) #Vivo in Pakistan make smart devices—"vision beyond". Vivo X, coengineered with Zeiss, are the official smartphones of the tournament.
ii) Another Asian consumer electronics maker, #Hisense , produces the official TV of Euro2020: the power consumption of a Hisense laser TV is only about a 1/2 of a same-sized LCD TV. Their home appliances break through in France and Poland at present. Let's get ready!
iii) What about #Volkswagen ? 490,000 employees are working for the VW Group in Europe, to say the Wolfsburg, Germany-based brand has already blurred European boundaries with all its products and locations. Now it's promoting the all-electric zero-direct emissions VWID4 car, available not just to die Grünen!
iv) #Booking.com  website is proud to be an official partner of the competition, so they report back a market research result: "nearly two thirds of European football fans (63%) would rather see their rival win Euro2020 than miss their next holiday". I would recommend Booking.com since I went once to Geneva after booking the hotel granted by their site. Great accomodation!
v) Heineken and Coca-Cola don't need presentation for they are somewhat of fixed sponsors everywhere a worldwide football event is getting on... Heineken announce to be the official beer of this summer's rivalries. Its advertising bases on friendship between different tribes of fans to increase the leverage for the red-star beer, #SupportResponsibly . Communism of consumerism?
Coca-Cola is present at the post-match press conference of the players in the form of a row of bottles. Two days ago Ukrainian Yermolenko places with all care Coke and Heineken on table and asks two companies to contact him for sign the contract. Goal!

P.S. I didn't reserve room for TikTok and QatarAirways since I boycott them by principle.


Back on Stage!

White Zone. Since Monday 40 million Italians are living in white zones, that is neither red nor yellow. Let's go back on stage! Actually not all human activities reopen in a hurry. I would have an eye for theater, where all living shows are shut down since March, 2020. The theatrical production stands still and the so called spectacle's workers are suffering for the uncertainity about the reprise of their work. They are not just actors, authors and directors, but general workforce as lights & sounds technicians, electricians, make-up artists, etc.—always precarious workers under temporary and seasonal contracts.
My relationship with the Theater has been sporadic and I could include a scatter of plays I went to attend. For example, in the first 1970's my parents led me into the theater as part of an early cultural formation. I could distinctly remember one Hamlet performed by Pino Micol or one Galileo by Tino Buazzelli... I got some sleep in a case. One or two years later I was smarter for attending the song-theater of Giorgio Gaber who was reciting with his guitar La Libertà. The audience didn't recognize in that singing actor the other singer who on TV had been crooning Goganga. And judging the small screen Gaber was used to say "Decisively better the theater!"


P for Packaging!

I usually buy yogurt whose brand name is #Yomo —Italian market leader. This time I have found on and taken out of the shelf two kind of jars at the same time: the classic white plastic one and a new coloured holder. Within 2023 Yomo will convert all the jars from plastic to paper, that is for 165 million recipients yearly—as it reads on the new package. Good for the environment!
The P's of the marketing mix include P as Product. The products need a protection, that is easily another P = Packaging. And the idea of developing greener packaging is as ancient as the green consumer movements. The leading brands should be driving changes in their packaging policies to help the consumers i) in reducing waste and ii) in recycling materials. An old packaging can be used to form new products or new packages! But the main problem remains for a product like yogurt and I mean overpackaging. To sell 2x125g units of yogurt, the most requested consumer size, the combination of different materials (plastic/paper and aluminium foil) as well as the multipack (secondary packaging) are limiting any progress beyond this issue. And the two-colour printed paper jar, even though it supports the product information, doesn't convince me at all.

PS. Yomo was... here!

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For years I have been introducing film-stories to the issues of Dmlr-Magazine. It was an expedient to do comments before and after a marketing-centred topic. Recently I don't and my stories come out from living proof—meanwhile the movie theaters have been unlocked from a few days. But yesterday I finally watch on TV a movie I had missed several times, A Private War, with Rosamund Pike as #MarieColbin . It's about the life and death of the famous reporter who was working from the front line of the Middle-East conflicts and everywhere a war was suffered by defenseless civilians. She was used to say that being a war corrispondent means you will never be among the jobless. A sad truth.
PS. Dedication to Ms. Colvin? War!


Who's Giada Chang?

A strange zigzag jersey. Online merchandising by Giada Chang. One year and a half playing on the bubble and siding with. #IM  as brand new brand. 9 and 10 hugged each other. And as result: 91 points for the Tricolour...


Said Between Ourselves...

Celebrating 700 years of Dante #Magnum  launches the Purgatorio limited edition. It's a biscuit-flavoured ice-cream covered with a salt caramel garnish.
On the 3-stick Magnum packaging you will find a smorgasbord of marketing symbols: a) the Magnum® product line logo; b) the Purgatory product name logo; c) the Recycle icon—in order to correctly dispose of the cardboard box; d) the 700 Dante logo; e) the QR code—in order to download product information onto your mobile phone; f) the Unilever brand; g) the Rainforest Alliance logo (Cocoa).
If you could survive to this flood of marks, furthermore there are five web sites addresses... including the Facebook/Magnum location to share your sinner's enthusiasm for Purgatory. And a promising www.dettotranoi.it for expiating all your wrong acts.

P.S. Compare with Inferno as posted on March 25th.


That's Italy, Babe!

At the ESC, Eurovision Song Contest, the Italian rock band #Måneskin  sing "Shut Up and Be Quiet!" Meanwhile in Milan many quiet persons join the queue awaiting their turn for the bread. As well take care of workers! Blood in the building sites. Blood in the harvesting fields. They call them 'invisible' day farm labourers. On football pitches other kind of falls—a footballer plunges to the ground with easiness. The Lgbt community denounces incorrect behaviour. On distance learning or in presence some students confirm discriminations since the school years. Hence the Zan's decree is at risk rather than law.
Vaccine against Covid19 to the tourist operators: visit Capri, visit Trentino, go to the lake or stay on the sea—that's Italy, babe! Cuccurucucucú. Worst politicians ever, left-wing and right-wing united to ask "how many rockets are stored in Gaza?" Up patriots to arms!
An iceberg equivalent to fifteen Elba islands is moving from the South Pole. The whale song. The swan song. I hope the era of the white wild boar is about to come back soon.

 [new entry]

The Global Goals

Now I recall at random the milestones in campaigning against the Covid-19: cleaning your hands - masking up - physical distancing - getting the jab.
Over my personal duty to inform you all of the situation around, I keep the Dmlr's Web Guide updated. Some recent new entries are inspired by the countermeasures to the climate change!
These websites are a) #Globalgoals.org  to read the 17 points for a sustainable development; b) #Cycling-embassy.org  to wonder what makes Danish people really so green; c) #Velux.com  to learn about "lifetime carbon neutral".
As for me I confirm my commitment to reduce the car usage. Just 312 km. covered in the first four months of the year.

PS. Would you endorse one website worthy of consideration? Please send your suggestion to via email.


Labour & Flowers

1961 my family lived in Turin, more precisely in Borgo San Paolo, and I was two-year-old. So I don't remember the #Italia'61 Expo, officially the International Labour Exhibition held that year just in Turin. But I remember my mother citing Italia '61 as a great event we had been witness somehow to. Then Turin was the capital of the Italian car industry, it had been reaching 1 million residents, one out of ten were employed at FIAT as low-cost workers coming from other regions of Italy (among them my father at Mirafiori foundry).
Going back to her—today it's Morher Day!—she was delighted to stroll with me at the Valentino Park where sometimes we went together to pass some hours at the end of a working week. The rock garden in the park was built up as piece of the Expo '61. Maybe some pictures of me and Mom had been taken during those hours. I ought to search for those photos!

PS. 7 million visitors have been counted into the Italia '61 Expo.


To be continued...

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