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DMLR*Newsletter — BRIEF, Aug.2001

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--D-- Da, da, da... (2/2)
The AIDA method has been used in DM programs that want to get response, also and above all by non-profit organizations. The letters are standing for:
get Attention,
arouse Interest,
stimulate Desire,
ask for Action.
Part III - Desire.
Desire. The involving of a great number of members is the secondary goal of a non-business organization. Most of times the enlargement of the associated base is the only vital way to achieve the association's purposes or to relunch some essential enterprises by the organization. A balance-sheet transparency and a quick communication on actions in progress and fulfilled needs are examples of actual tools in building association belief and confidence, two main plusses to succeed on the fact that new people DESIRE to join and the fundraising goes up.
Part IV - Action.
Hospitals, univeristies, small or local governments, churches, aid programs, etc., have adopted the principle ‹typically seen as marketing‹ of the customer loyalty. Many associations hire people in charge of non-profit marketing (and Web site too). In this case they are dealing with members and protégés as real customers. They are substituting the profit objective with some other forms of target, such as the achievement of ACTION for supporting a social or environmental project.
Read the entire article --included the nonprofit web sites review-- at the page
--M-- Monthly searches.
From this issue I will inform you on the main search statistics as resulted from the questions the users have been sending through the search system located at
There were 110 searches for the month starting July 1st and ending July 28, 2001. Here is the top phrase searched:
10 for "direct marketing".
I selected other two phrases among the general queries processed by for DMLR:
"factory outlet" as the funniest o' the month; and
"consumer behavior" as the most professional.
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--L-- Links.
To link your website to DMLR read my program and establish a free banner-based partnership This month the DMLR guide is highlighting one Web site of different categories that is considered of quality, user-friendly and creates/adds something of value to your professional life. The best choice is identified by an arrow. The new list is available since August 1st on
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