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DMLR*Newsletter — BRIEF, Sep.2001

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--D-- D-Day.
D-Day is the anniversary of the first e-mail delivered by this newsletter to a subscriber. It falls the 30th September, 4 years later... I remember this day by partying with books!
For the second year I want to advise you of the book o' the year on the Web marketing. What am I writing of? What's the matter?
You may visit the new DMLR preview on the Larry Chase's "Essential Business Tactics for the Net" book as the best choice for the current year among those books offered thru a Website directly to all us. In this case I have Larry's permission to let you read a short segment from his book really on my web site.
Read the excerpt --I choose the DM Metrics subject from its chapter 8 --Direct Marketing and Sales Support-- at the page
I have literally translated it into Italian for the most part of you supposed to be no-English. To join the full book edition follow the links and get your own copy of Larry's book via Internet (if it's a good one for you as for me;).
--M-- Manifesto.
Back in August 1997 I set up and had my first Web page on line. The project was to develop a marketing related information for all net users seeking for free resources to read and learn! DMLR was as then as today the acronym to call the breakthrough project in a short way. The first 4-year experience I summed up for you and everyone interested in such an actual website building, developing and managing at
The form I used is that of a simple HTML page where the contents are kinda of "Manifesto" to explain mission, tools and relationships which are the real value of this work ever in progress.
The 1997-2001 history is also a testimony for the new DMLR subscribers wanting to find some suggestions to start their own personal website.
--L-- Logo or No Logo?
According to Naomi Klein author of bestseller "No Logo", I took the logo away from square 1. The logo will survive on this hidden page only to remember my job of creating it --last June.
On that you will find an index of DMLR*News as Brief edition 2001. This helps everyone to build the line-up for this e-news through the months. In fact the quarterly Gold edition is spaced up by two monthly Briefs and you receive all news as regular subscriber. Brief edition copy is not available on the archive but the new index has mentioned all the titles month by month. You may also consider the DMLR Brief edition as a gift exclusevely for active subscribers!
--R-- Reclame.
To link YOUR website to I have settled down the free Joint Program so it 's very simple to insert a hypertext link or banner into a HTML page. The banner list is available on
The ad banners are displayed as both HTML code and real graphics to view. They are two new ads in standard Web sizes:
- as 234x60 pixel size the banner is a reminder to visiting;
- as 468x60 pixel size it is a response ad for subscribing DMLR*News.
The headline is "Made in Italy", the background is showing a host of ice creams as typical as Italian output. The ice-cream texture comes from AppleWork 6.0.
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