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DMLR*Newsletter — BRIEF, Dec.2001

--D-- DOC!
Denomination of controlled origin is best known in Italy as DOC. A product is DOC when the label on it says consumers are buying an original item from a typical zone or region. And its origin is truly stated. DMLR has selected for you the DOC in web statistics!
A. Number of visitors.
Since Oct. 14 one page of is monitored by an online service to count the daily number of visitors. (Note: stats are limited to hits as on the main page). In the first 5-week period they were counted 967 hits, so consider a total of 773 hits monthly. Wait a minute!
Consider that DMLR website contains today over 200 HTML pages (Italian and English sections). To estimate total visitors multiply by pondering hits! For example I count 200 x 773/8 = 19,325 monthly --with 8 standing for average hits on each page.
Or maybe 19,325 x 0.1 = 1,932* visitors monthly? Not official statistics but you'd agree the methodology is useful to count or estimate the traffic to a website.
*The rebate explains that I'm not saying all pages are generating the same level of traffic to. More: I'm saying that the home page alone should do up to the 5% of total hits, i.e. a big part!
B. Number of searches.
To compare the old stats in October, the new report lists queries from the advanced search on DMLR. Monthly results say the number of users going to the search form varies from 70 to 80 in an average month. By passing from the simple search at the home page to the enhanced search page, the result seems not change so much!
What did seekers look for? Most searched word: merchandising. Most searched phrase: made in Italy.
C. Online Poll results as of November 30th.
Your votes say the three ways to know are:
9.4% OTHER MEANS (-).
PS. Trend from prior results on brackets.
--M-- Manager...
Many readers of this email newsletter are probably managers and employees at some famous companies. I know that because of the company name on their email address, i.e. the domain after the user name. I would remember here only Agip, LaPerla, Mondadori, Sap, simply to quote the most recognizable by all. I'm supposed to do something like co-marketing! For these companies it's time to allocate advertising budget for the year 2002, sure a year of attention on money spending. You know what I mean... 2002 will DMLR offer space for a little advertising too. It's not for making money but for involving some professionals to make some real examples about their online advertising.
I have developed a scheme to reach a niche of targeted readers as marketers, consultants, students supposed to visit, read and subscribe this Web based news.
- 500 subscribers as 4-year progressive total number;
- 3 selected hot pages to display ad banners;
- a very interesting CPM (cost per thousand);
- a real game for readers to make experience on this kind of marketing;
- very simple information and sell only as EDI.
For those managers interested in buying space on the DMLR website, contact me for details and conditions,
--L-- Load Time Check.
This is an example of load time check to control your page published on a website and make it easy to be viewed by visitors connecting by a normal modem connection. Report ran on Oct. 14 and checked the online newsletter Gold VII published at
Total objects on the page: 8
Total size: 44851 bytes
HTML: 25018 bytes
Images: 19833 bytes.
How much should you have to wait for such a page to download? Time's depending on your modem speed:
14.39 seconds if you use a 33.6K modem, or
11.23 seconds if you use a 56K modem, or
1.90 seconds if you get connected by ISDN (128K)!
To control each page density --html plus images plus other files-- and calculate each load time see the P-control method as outlined on:
--R-- Roots.
"White men can't jump!" or how to browse the Web from a ethnic stand as black men and women used to do... To read the article see Top4 magazine:
Black's about the community of African-Americans. This issue wants to start the series of Top4 magazine dedicated to the ethnic communities over the Net.
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