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February 2005
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    DMLR*Newsletter — GOLD Edition n.20
    I. Don.

    Forget thinking that you can't always get what you want on the Internet. Don't just get what you need, ask for everything and more...
    Whether it be searching through an inspired hommage to Philip Kotler's Marketing Management, politically re-defining the latest Hypercapitalism (Jeremy Rifkin), betraying the palpable fascination with glitz of the grandes marks (Kevin Roberts), intrigueing by the creative thinking step by step (Edward de Bono), unveiling the naked intimacy of personal strategies in one's career (Tony Alessandra), selecting the finest tactics to construct a brand-X (Rob Frankel), handcrafting lethal weapons out of unconventional strategists (Jay Levinson), embellishing the coolest culture of competitive advantage (Michael Porter), flaunting the subversive decadence of customer loyalty (Dan Janal), or (finally) donning the mask of public relations -- it's all about knowing what you want and... keep'em guessing.
    Shortly, stereotypes no longer apply into digital markets. I hope that this new attitude of questioning and interacting the best marketing 'don' will last.
    DMLR's listing of international Gurus features present champions of these principles.

    II. Marks 2 Brands.

    The BusinessWeek/Interbrand annual ranking of the world's most valuable brands shows the preferences of consumers from e-business to computers, from cars to entertainment, from beverages to food...
    Now I have processed that global brand scoreboard to bring you a Top100-chart where every brand is named by web location and every brand-value is actually compared with each other!
    Watch at Marks 2 Brands.

    III. Letter from Larry Chase.

    Dear Colleague,
    I'm very sorry for this inconvenience, but I had to change my email address due to spam issues. To prevent spammers from "harvesting" my new email address, I've posted it as a graphic at the web address below.
    Please go to in order to get my new email address. Again, I'm sorry for this inconvenience, and thank you for your time and patience.
    Larry Chase
    Publisher: Web Digest For Marketers

    Subscribe and get my "Essential Search
    Engine Marketing Resource Guide" at

    IV. Restaurants.

    This is a quick guide on how to use an email newsletter as promotional tool for restaurants and pizzerias.
    A reachable objective for this kind of (local, regional) business could be expressed as follows:
    * monthly newsletter emailed to people in order to get repeat diners *
    People receiving the newsletter from a restaurant are sure the best engine to promote it to friends, but how to gather the names for the list?
    • asking usual customers to visit the Web site and sign-up by means of an on-line form
    • inserting printed flyers into bags of take-away --this should work better for fast-food and pizza makers
    • mailing cards where customers have to fill out their own data to join the list
    In any case ask for these information: email address, first name, second name, birthday!
    Before starting the email newsletter be aware of the contents inside every issue. The best way to involve the customers in reading the restaurant's newsletter is sending monthly personalized messages about
    • free and discount offers with clearly marked deadline
    • a real customer profiled who is speaking about his/her food experience at restaurant
    • news and invitations for subscribers only
    • special receipts coming from the restaurant chef --to try even at home...
    Repeat after me: such an email-based loyalty program has to help restaurateurs to get people revisit their own restaurant again and as frequent as possible!

    V. Direct Marketing.

    I was shocked to read on-line about the recent death of Ray Jutkins and offered my condolences to his family. He was a fine person even if I did catch him up in 2000 over the Net only...
    There is a double legacy by Mr. Jutkins I would like to inform you because it's strictly related to direct marketing, the field he was truly an absolute expert on. The first one is he wrote a book titled "Power Direct Marketing", published by NTC Business Group, I had bought, read, and reviewed on some years ago...
    Now the final legacy by Ray is the fact all the chapters of his book are available online so everyone can learn from that experienced salesman how to do a better direct marketing job! Please start and work it out on
    Power Direct Marketing
    PS. "By definition, direct marketing includes these components:
    1. Get your message to your select audience
    2. Persuade your audience to take some action on that message
    3. Track and record what happens—the action or lack of it.
      Analyze it so you know what really happened in the market place this time, and plan with these measurable results what you're going to do next time."
    Signed: "Rocket" Ray Jutkins

    VI. Linked Resources.

    PR & Communications Manager of FEDMA --Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing-- has recently confirmed the link to from their page dedicated to DM Magazines, Journals and Portals. Indeed an e-mail was gently sent on Jan. 4th by Catherine Brett (
    More exactly they have set up a 40-web address listing whose path is FAQs > Useful Addresses > DM Magazines etc.
    Or, if you prefer, go direct to that page here

    VII. MyQuiz.

    What guru among those listed here on track I said: "Branding is not about getting your prospects to choose you over your competition; it's about getting your prospects to see you as the only solution to their problem."? (Find answer in DMLR*News next issue).
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