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November 2004
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    DMLR*Newsletter — GOLD Edition n.19
    I. Stylist Loves Company.

    "All that glitters ain't gold."
    Learning the Web marketing from the fashion and sportswear companies means being aware of the importance that brand image represents for the stylish clothing industry. Seven trends are resulted by watching sixteen out of the main websites the fashion houses have created and managed with their own power savoir-faire... To know more about their marketing style oozed thru the Internet, consider this easygoing 7-point checklist:
    1. The first menu is usually set up in order to enter the site by language. The choice varies from three or four to nine different options! In some cases the Menu is not a question of understanding the text but a geographical matter (location). Please, select your language...
    2. Product lines appear technically at the second stage of interaction with the website. The selection is very different from one another brand. The simple menu offers the distinction between Men, Women, Kids product lines. Several lines --even seven or more-- are frequent when accessories goes with the wear products under the same trademark, so that shoes, bags, eyewear, parfums complicate the order of introducing all the branded products. This section is often oriented to the core businesses a same company is differentiating in. For example, it's not unusual to find a menu organized as follows: Mens Wear | Womens Wear | Childrens Wear | Retail | Licensing | International.
    3. The typical website looks cold with the stylist, the models and stars wearing on cloud nine. They love company in the sense of Net community where top dressmakers test or create their own trends... Customers can virtually stay in touch with them all. "Don't be afraid to join our mailing list" it's inviting on a registration page where six fields of personal data are required to become a stylin' subscriber!
    4. Therefore newsletter is used by all these sites to build brand fidelity. The favorite term for the means of communication is Email Alert Service. That is a bit threatening, but the substance is an email user is able to receive press releases, reports, announcements of new collections, website updates etc. Official email contacts are hard to be found. Most websites don't permit to interact or ask question by email messages. In other words it's allowed to use online form or registration that are common systems to get data from the Web surfers. Email addresses are limited to general contact@, press@, info@, pr@ formula. What they do reply if one contacts them is nothing or a thank-you message from an autoresponding service. See sample below at track VII.
    5. Catwalks are the notorious center of the fashion show. Viewing such an event is possible by launching the appropriate media program, i.e. Win Media Player or Apple QuickTime or Flash Player MX.
    6. Corporate areas identify the secret side of the fashion house. Apparently not so interesting to the consumer, these areas are providing important information on the business behind the glittering surface! Bottom menus are used to introduce the online visitor to the group or company that's owner of the fashion brand(s). Where you will discover that a same group could be even holding nine different brands in this sector. The Join Our Team formula seems the friendly one at this website level. Well done this chapter would offer information on real people working at the house: chairman's message, management, career, team diversity. The titles are obviously a good statement for reaching trust and confidence. Finally the financial reports are available in many websites as PDF document to download.
    7. Most websites are already optimized for a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels. Wide display is better for the kind of images these sites are rich of. Let's think to product details or models in action... But information about the company can exist contemporary in a different format (i.e. 800x600).
    Yes, the stylist loves company and says: "we'll loose our clients if we don't get the Web site on the front burner!".

    II. Primo Award 2004. is the Primo award-winning of the year 2004 because it got a fat 14.00 as final score!
    a. Motive
    " is not a fashion victim. Period. Such a Web site is turning into a real fanny bumper... The products look fine, the company behind is a solid marketer, the stylist is willing to interact online and testimonial's a total oochie. You fall for them all the first time you visit it!"
    b. Scoring criteria
    Read all details on 16 nominees.
    c. Primo::Lounge
    The story so far...

    III. Goldmember

    When I did create the Gold version of DMLR*News I was thinking to my experience as product manager on packaged goods retail sector. Where the gold color is often used to represent and name too a product sold at premium price for some reasons as the superior quality, the high designed packaging, or the well advertised brand image.
    The gold experience is now 5 years old, so I'd like to remember you how to get off on this highly targeted collection of email newsletters produced by Simply enter the Goldfinder to read the sequence of nineteen quarterly newsletters alternating the bi-monthly issues.
    At the same time I'd like to thank all the people subscribing to this newsletter for years. Everyone will find her/his name and progressive number of submission, and of course not the surname or email address, in the list called Goldmember.
    For new members willing to join this small but international community, I remember briefly how to do it!
    Subscribe (confirmation always required!)

    IV. Direct Marketing.

    FEDMA represents the direct marketing sector at European level ( It provides the FEDMA Code as an instrument of best practice for the use of personal data in direct marketing. The FEDMA Code is designed to be applied to the use of personal data by direct marketers within the EU and those non-EU countries, which have national data protection laws in line with the EU Directive. It should also be regarded by all direct marketing operators as the general standard for the industry as a whole.
    Excerpts from the FEDMA Code (Definitions).
    DIRECT MARKETING: the communication by whatever means (including but not limited to mail, fax, telephone, on-line services, etc...) of any advertising or marketing material, which is carried out by the Direct Marketer itself or on its behalf and which is directed to particular individuals.
    PERSONAL DATA: Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.
    The complete FEDMA Code is available in pdf.

    V. Linked Resources.

    "Link popularity is the total number of web sites that link to your site", as from
    DMLR.ORG provides a Link Exchange Program for some websites related to marketing.
    To create reciprocal links put the DMLR front page location ( onto your web site. Meanwhile email to m e the address of the website to be listed on the WWW Guide by
    Read the Link Exchange Program last updated in November.

    VI. MyQuiz.

    What are considered "Sensitive Data" by the FEDMA Code for the use of personal data in direct marketing? (Find answer in DMLR*News Lite, come December).

    VII. Letter from

    Thanks for dropping us a line at We are happy to hear from you!
    Please note that we are currently receiving an unusually large amount of emails. Therefore, it may take us a little longer to respond to you. Your email is important to us and we will send you a reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
    Best Regards,
    Anne D'A.
    Public Relations
    Tommy Hilfiger USA, Inc.
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