August 2003
Table of Contents
  • Online Consumers 
  • E-types 
  • 100 Global Brands 
  • Direct Marketing 
  • Linked Resources 
  • MyQuiz 
  • Review: IntelliContact 

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    DMLR*Newsletter — GOLD Edition n.14
    I. Online Consumers.
    What about the types of online consumers that surveys by marketing research firms would suggest at once? Some years ago I had read a McKinsey approach to online consumers divided in Bargainers, Connectors, Routiners, Simplifiers, Sportsers, and Surfers. Is that still worth? What can help a marketer differentiate the single groups of consumers?
    a) Bargainers are always hunting for bargains, natch! They are surfing across communities and auction Websites.
    b) Connectors take part in playful activities --chats, sending greetings card-- and represent the newbies to the online world.
    c) Routiners are interested in financial and news sites and are heavy consumers of Internet delivered contents.
    d) Sportsters use the Web because they are oriented to sports and entertainment sites. They are good prospects and potential online purchasers.
    e) Simplifiers are the best group for the e-retailers. They are shopping via the Internet as they get with the "end-to-end convenience".
    f) Surfers are spending much time online and therefore visit more pages than every other group. They suffer the lack of mature attitude for purchasing online.
    This approach to the online consumers is still fairly worth, and suggests businesses should focus their marketing plans on one or two of these groups to success in their efforts to sell online.

    II. E-types.
    Having posted the question "is that still worth?" (see part I above) to an American discussion list crowded with marketing-savvy people, soon some useful tips came into my computer.
    I have to divide with you the reply of Jim Sterne, author and consultant, who simply noted:
    "have you looked at ?"
    Before you visit the eTypes location, I list here in advance the 7 main etypes classification categories, as resulted from aggregating 23 sub categories!
    Wired 4 Life, the experienced Internet users
    Surfing Suits, people using the Internet as lifestyle
    Generation E, young people and hard users
    DotCom Dabblers, mixed group and undefined use
    Silver Surfers, older people oriented to the online
    Virtual Virgins, the new kids on the Net
    Wireless Wonders, people uninterested in the Internet.

    III. 100 Global Brands.
    The annual "Global Brand Scoreboard" by BusinessWeek is available in the new issue of August 4, 2003.
    It offers a panorama to the world's 100 most valuable brands from Coca-Cola (1st) to Apple (50th) to J.Daniels
    (100th). Europe is present among the first 10 global brands with two manufacturing giants --Nokia, Mercedes-- and other 8 within the 50th position of the rank. Internet and IT related prevalent brands are Microsoft (2nd), Intel (5th), and Cisco (17th) and, in the second half of the list, the real Internet icons such as AOL (64th), Yahoo! (65th) and (74th).
    More details on

    IV. Direct Marketing.
    The DIRECT MARKETING glossary is available since July on DMLR, as English text, in a 3-document edition (PDF) you can browse here or easily download onto your desktop. It consists of 19 pages as a whole, 311 paragraphs/terms, 236 Kb, 7450 words, 44772 types!
    Select and print the three parts of the glossary in English on
    Sure the Internet has been changing the traditional snail-mail based direct marketing. And yet the Internet marketing is a consequence of the old direct marketing somehow. Many terms you'll find inside the DM glossary are suiting for the e-marketing too (see GOLD n.10). Let's consider another example:
    PERSONALISING means the "individualising of direct marketing piece by adding the name or other personal information about the recipient".
    Personalization is as important in direct mail as in email dialogue because if you have the correct name it increases response!
    The sooner your prospect recognizes herself and her wants or needs in the words a direct marketing letter uses in its headline, the more she will buy from that. This is the same reason one has to personalize the copy of email message too (!) by writing headlines or opening sentences from your reader's point of view and making the receiver feel comfortable with your email message.
    PS. Start sending personalized email newsletters to your prospects and customers today. To learn more about IntelliContact Pro email list management software and start a 15 day free trial, click here:

    V. Linked Resources.
    IntelliContact Pro gives you the ability to easily send out professional and personalized email to your subscribers and create as many newsletters, ezines, and lists as you desire.
    Just put a form on your website and IntelliContact Pro will do the rest. It will manage your subscribe and unsubscribe requests when you are ready to send a message to your lists you can select your list, type it, hit send, and walk away knowing that your personalized message will go out in moments to all your subscribers.
    And if you want to send the same message to more than one list just click a checkbox and your message will be delivered to exactly the recipients you want.
    IntelliContact Pro not only gives you the ability to send personalized email by mail merging the first name and last name fields, it also provides you with ten custom mail merge fields. Imagine the power of being able to mail merge on the fly variables such as products purchased, amount spent, date, report requested, username, password, mother's maiden name, birthday, date of last contact, and web site among unlimited possibilities.
    Visit IntelliContact and start the step-by-step product walk through,

    VI. MyQuiz.
    Answer: the five most important tools in testing web pages are:
    Browser compatibility
    Load time check
    Link check
    Spelling check
    HTML design check.
    All these testers check wheter a page is set up to be viewed, read, uploaded and used to the max by the average user!
    Cf. DMLR*News 1ite n.5,

    VII. Review: IntelliContact.
    On this issue let's look at: "IntelliContact Pro, the fully web based, easiest to use, and most powerful email marketing and list management software available anywhere".
    - Web location is
    - Type of site: product promotion, trial and sale.
    Owned by Broadwick Corporation, this Web site enables you to take information on IntelliContact Pro, an email list management software. It has been addressed to businesses willing to send out professional email communications.
    The core section is offering examples of the professional emails every business could be sending using the software reliable features to personalize each email whether in text or HTML. This section provides six titles --from the "About" to the "Order"-- and runs IntelliContact down until the decision to buy or try it.
    - Means: demo, 15-day free trial, newsletter and FAQ are offering the visitor many options to be aware of or able to start building a list, sending messages, managing an e-marketing campaign. The affiliate partner program is a step ahead toward the co-operation in promoting this Web-based program conceived for email marketers.
    - Web site: essential, clear, coming to the point, easy to interface with wheter you are interested in trying the software or ready to use it for your e-business.
    - Demo: I have experienced both the 15-day trial and the affiliate program in July.
    You can consider the fact that in a few minutes you may operate with a complete suite to manage an email list in a professional mode and without great expenses. In order to evaluate the software I would like to recommend you open a demo or full account and simply follow up the step-by-step product walk through. Then you will decide if this software helps make easier and more efficient your email communications (I would say YES!).
    Direct link to IntelliContact:
    - Rating: 12 out of 15.
    This US-based Web site's score would be suffering because of a lack of alternative languages other than English!
Copyright 2003 - All rights reserved (except where indicated). Issued: 01 August 03
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