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Roberto Dondi
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Roberto Dondi
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 DMLR*News Back Issues 2000::2004
Web Site:
Section: Newsletter.
Launch: August 1997 (N. 0); last addition: December 2004.
Collection: list featuring original articles published on (and sent via email to regular subscribers)
Product: Web-based email newsletter
Audience: marketers, consultants, professionals, students
Language: English, Italian
Frequency: monthly. Each issue belongs to a certain series according to the annual publishing plan. Eg. the Quarterly edition —DMLR Gold— and the bi-monthly edition —DMLR Brief, now DMLR Lite.
Apart find out about the monthly Classic News released in 1999 until Jan. 2000.
Lite 16212004 Dec.10 DMLR Lite
GOLD 19172004 Nov.30 DMLR Gold
Lite 15222004 Oct.6 DMLR Lite
Lite 14202004 Sep.2 DMLR Lite
GOLD 18172004 Aug.15 DMLR Gold
Lite 13202004 Jul.1 DMLR Lite
Lite 12222004 Jun.25 DMLR Lite
GOLD 17182004 May 27 DMLR Gold
Lite 11222004 Apr.1 DMLR Lite
Lite 10222004 Mar.30 DMLR Lite
GOLD 16172004 Feb.10 DMLR Gold
Lite 9192003 Dec.18 DMLR Lite
Lite 8192003 Dec.18 DMLR Lite
GOLD 15192003 Nov.4 DMLR Gold
Lite 7192003 Oct.8 DMLR Lite
Lite 6202003 Sep.8 DMLR Lite
GOLD 14192003 Aug.9 DMLR Gold
Lite 5192003 Jul.1 DMLR Lite
Lite 4222003 Jun.2 DMLR Lite
GOLD 13202003 May 2 DMLR Gold
Lite 3282003 Apr.1 DMLR Lite
Lite 2272003 Mar.3 DMLR Lite
GOLD 12222003 Jan.31 DMLR Gold
Lite 1192003 Dec.30 DMLR Lite
Brief DEC202002 Nov.30 DMLR Brief
Brief NOV212002 Oct.31 DMLR Brief
GOLD 11242002 Sep.30 DMLR Gold
Brief SEP202002 Sep.2 DMLR Brief
Brief AUG182002 Aug.1 DMLR Brief
GOLD 1O202002 Jul.1 DMLR Gold
Brief JUN242002 Jun.4 DMLR Brief
Brief MAY162002 May 1 DMLR Brief
GOLD 9272002 Apr.1 DMLR Gold
Brief MAR162002 Mar. 1 DMLR Brief
Brief FEB142002 Feb. 1 DMLR Brief
GOLD 8212002 Jan.3 DMLR Gold
Brief DEC82001 Dec. DMLR Brief
Brief NOV72001 Nov. DMLR Brief
GOLD 7212001 Oct.3 DMLR Gold
Brief SEP72001 Sep. DMLR Brief
Brief AUG72001 Aug. DMLR Brief
GOLD 6252001 Jul.4 DMLR Gold
Brief JUN72001 Jun. DMLR Brief
Brief MAY72001 May DMLR Brief
GOLD 5252001 Apr.4 DMLR Gold
Brief MARn/a2001 Mar. Email only >>
Brief FEBn/a2001 Feb. Email only >>
GOLD 4232001 Jan.4 DMLR Gold
Brief DEC72000 Dec. DMLR Brief
Brief NOV82000 Nov. DMLR Brief
GOLD 3242000 Oct.1 DMLR Gold
Brief SETn/a2000 Set. Email only >>
Brief AUGn/a2000 Aug. Email only >>
GOLD 2202000 Jul.3 DMLR Gold
GOLD 1162000 May 14 DMLR Gold

PS. A limited number of DMLR*News Brief issued through 2000:01 are not available as Web page because they were originally intended for subscribers only, so produced and sent to them by email mode.
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